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  1. Dang, I was late to the party.
  2. I like polls and knowing things, and I thought it's about time we had something definitive tracking people's opinions about some of the Sun and Moon pokemon, so let's start with the starters. Specifically the leaked final forms.
  3. Ah, fair enough. A word of caution though, when it comes to programming, the more you learn, the more you realise you don't know
  4. Completely or just the Jade Jungle style version?
  5. Yeah, I've been programming for 4-5 years now and I've got a BTEC in Video Game Design and a HND in Computing. I have experience with (to varying degrees) C++, C#, Java, Lua, Visual Basic, Gamemaker Language (awful thing), Haskell, False, Brainfuck (I'm not even joking), Python, Perl, Batch and Powershell. I'll admit I've never used Unity for anything full scale, but I've helped debug stuff and read the API reference.
  6. I don't like phone 'apps' either. (Why the hell did Android choose to use Java and Dalvik?) I'm more of a traditional PC programmer. I like C++ and C#. My favourite library for making game prototypes is SDL2. (It used to be XNA until Microsoft scrapped it).
  7. Pokemon Go being made with Unity makes me like it less, not more. Unity's hasn't got a very pretty API for a start. Not to mention I don't like it's "MonoBehaviour"/"GameObject" architecture.
  8. Request-a-Trade

    Yes. And Ad block is disabled.
  9. Request-a-Trade

    I looked and couldn't find it. All I can find is a share button and a report button.
  10. Request-a-Trade

    Disregard this comment. The posting system double-posted when I pressed save, so I'm editing it to prevent a double post.
  11. Request-a-Trade

    Yep, sad days for the GTS. I think they need better screening and banning mechanisms to prevent these sorts of things, even if it's overzealous and results in people not being able to trade pokemon with unoffensive nicknames or even a ban on GTS-ing any pokemon with a nickname. It might spoil some people's fun, but it's better than letting trolls keep doing this stuff.
  12. Let's Talk About James...

    So apparently this conversation got featured in this article: http://pokejungle.net/2016/08/12/pokejungle-reviews-alolan-raichu-marowak-meowth/ Despite which there's still only 3 people here. Awkward n_n'
  13. Request-a-Trade

    Far too much faith in the GTS. It's flooded with absurd requests for rare stuff. Besides which, scyther and metal coat aren't that rare.
  14. Request-a-Trade

    I can probably acquire most non-legendaries given enough time. I've been IV breeding a lot recently as well so I can relatively easily get my hands on pokemon with 5 IVs.