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  1. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    Well, my first shiny wasn't technically mine. My sister was playing Pearl (I had given it to her since I already had Diamond and didn't really need another game), and while traveling with Cheryl she encountered a shiny Wurmple alongside a Cascoon. I took the DS from her so I could get Cheryl's Chansey out of the way and catch her that Wurmple. Eventually, it evolved into a cool yellow-winged Dustox! My own first shiny wasn't until I got HeartGold. I was on Route 46 for some reason (I had beaten the game) and, to my surprise, the Pidgey that appeared was green! It's still on my HeartGold as a golden Pidgeot. I didn't catch another shiny until a Weepinbell in X, and from then on my luck has been insane. I caught another Weepinbell, from a horde this time, and not only was it shiny but it had Gluttony too! I've found two shiny Trevenant from hordes, and on OR, I found not one, but three shiny Oddish in the span of a week! EV training really pays off in more ways than one!