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  1. [CLOSED] Shiny Pokemon Giveaway

    Awesome, I've added you now so look forward to it!
  2. [CLOSED] Shiny Pokemon Giveaway

    I agree, to an extent. Trading someone for a shiny is a much less satisfying feeling than having been hunting for the little so and so and finally catching it after many many hours. However, since people either don't have the time or patience for that I think trades are also satisfying. That's because you would obviously trade for something that you love. I.E I traded my rayquaza for a shiny Ninetales. Ninetales is my favourite gen 1 pokemon but rayquaza is a sick pokemon too, so I think that trade was still "fun" in terms of a tradeoff occurring. Fair enough here Wes is giving the little critters for free, but in general that's my feeling
  3. [CLOSED] Shiny Pokemon Giveaway

    Ummm... Could I get the shiny umbreon? FC: 4828-8477-7744 IGN : Saladin For Alpha Sapphire
  4. Maybe just choose your 3 favourite gen 2 pokemon and only play with them? So like, if I wanted to do this for oras, I would have Flygon, Camerupt and bellossom. Try it, I want to know if it's possible! I mean, if you beat elite 4 you'd be like those ace trainers on victory road with 2 pokemon and think they can beat the champion.
  5. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I agree. Ash greninja sounds quite clumsy and goofy. I realise I'm talking t about a cartoon monster but still, they should take my cartoon monsters with the utmost seriousness! Tbh, I'm very disappointed with the second evolutions. Rowlett looks kind of too human, litten is just a bigger cat now and popplio still looks like a doofus. Cool new features doe
  6. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    Aren't Arceus and Giratina supposed to be a God pokemon and devil pokemon respectively? Also, Pokemon live and death? Not only is that dumb sounding, but wouldn't it be life and death or live and die? Not to nitpick of course
  7. Official PokeJungle League Tournament

    Me neither, I was hoping someone on Pokejungle was like a 360 no-scoper and had all the gear to record or something. TBH, I have no place asking for this as I don't know the first thing about recording or live streaming
  8. Official PokeJungle League Tournament

    Please take me out of the standings, never got my team together so has to drop out! Sorry if I caused any inconvenience and such. Anyways, where can I see the current standings? Also, wouldn't it be cool if the semi-finals and finals were live streamed on YouTube or something? Like worlds! I'd tune into that!
  9. Request-a-Trade

    Holy cows, a Ninetales? Oh my lord, want do you want for it?
  10. Request-a-Trade

    Yo yo yo, I'm back from vacation and in need of trades! So, I am looking for shinies of either Camerupt, Vibrava, Ninetales or Kingdra. For any of those the pre-evolution is fine (even better in fact) Essentially, I want to trade over to Sun when it comes out and start my journey with one of my favourite shinies and I'm too disheartened after shiny hunting to continue on...
  11. Smogon and Competitive Play

    I think I understand it better now, thanks a bunch!
  12. Official PokeJungle League Tournament

    Sorry sorry sorry, I'm at a wedding so forgot to post my absence. I won't be able to participate so will be spreading merciful bys to all of you.
  13. Smogon and Competitive Play

    But how does get quantified?
  14. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    According to the new Sun and Moon trailer, the totem pole fight in either game will feature a different battle. Since alolan raticate features in the moon version it got me thinking. Would they lock certain alolan pokemon to sun or moon? Like alolan rattata to moon and alolan sandshrew to sun? Would you be in favour of that?
  15. PokéJokes

    Pyroar. There's your joke.