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  1. Luigi Wants to Know-Sinnoh

    Ooooh, Sinnoh is probably my favourite region and Gen IV is probably my favourite Gen! Favourite Sinnoh Starter: Turtwig Favourite Sinnoh Pokémon: Garchomp Favourite Gym Leader: Volkner Favourite Elite Four member: Probably Lucian, though they're not that great overall Least favourite Pokémon: KRIKETUNE Favorite Gym badge: Beacon Badge! Favourite Frontier Brain: Palmer I think Sinnoh was just the region that sort of had me most excited. I didn't really enjoy Gen III so I forgot about Pokémon for a little while, then I heard about Diamond and Pearl and got really excited. Platinum is probably my favourite game overall too.
  2. Luigi Wants to Know- Megas

    I quite like Mega Evolution, I just hope it doesn't subtract away the potential of completely new Pokémon in future games though... Favourite Mega: I'm not entirely sure... I like Mega Slowbro a lot though. Least favourite Mega: Probably Mega Medicham or something, even if just because I absolutely hate its stage in Shuffle. Pokémon that should gain a Mega: Rotom, Quagsire and something I was going to type but forgot! I think Mega Evolution should continue, but limit how much it decreases the number of new Pokémon.