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  1. Pokemon Gold & Silver Party?

    I'm trying to do the same thing, also use Pokemon I never used before. My very first time playing Silver I started with a Chikorita, but got stuck after Whitney so I restarted.. Didn't know English back then.. Never used Chikorita again until now. So my team plan is: 1. Meganium 2. Arbok 3. Poliwrath 4. Ditto (or Standler, definitely never used that one before.) 5. Forretress (or Shuckle, I've used Shuckle competitively but never really ingame.) 6. ?? I would like to use a Murkrow for Fly but again, only catchable in Kanto, there aren't that many Fly Pokemon, I used them all already. I guess I will use Togetic.. Or I will torture myself and just not use Fly.
  2. Does it matter which pokemon you knock out in a SOS chain? Do you have to zigzag between them or can you just keep attacking the same side?

    1. Nomyt


      Either side, it doesn't matter, ideally you should keep one side in for a bit. Usually for about 20/25 turns so it doesn't run out of PP and struggle itself to death.




    2. SyupendousStufful101


      IM BACK, YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. At the heart in the bottom right corner, if you hover over that you get the Sewaddles!
  4. Gen 8 VS ReD/P

    I would be surprised if the first game is a remake, I know multiple people that own a Switch but never owned a DS. It is still more a console than a handheld. On the other hand I also don't see them creating a game with new Pokémon/moves/abilities for only the Switch, and that the DS'ers have to wait until the next DS games. Maybe it is an middle way? A new region above Kanto and Johto? That doesn't add anything new really just introduces the Pokémon core games to the console?
  5. I like always with every new game hope for following Pokémon once again.. Other than that I hope they have a better breeding road this time, the running in circles one isn't that handy. I hope that there will be Pokémon at the start of the game that I haven't ever used yet.
  6. So with the new release on the Virtual Console, what teams do you have/ are you going for?
  7. Tiny Tourney

    Anyone also signing up? Seems like an interesting concept.
  8. Is there a better egg hatching place in SuMo other then right before the daycare?

    1. Nomyt


      Pretty much. I usually run to the beach, and do the Puku-chuck job, but other than that, not really. Not even a circuit area like Lumiose Tower.

  9. Sorry guys, don't be afraid to message me about spammers. :)

  10. Worst Sun And Moon Showdown Vol. 2!

    Pyukumuku?! Really?
  11. Casual Pokejungle Tourney, Start!

    Are there any VS recordings of the matches? Would be interesting to see how it all went down.
  12. So has there been more clarity about how to get the max EV drinks?

  13. Who's buying a Nintendo Switch?

    I seems really interesting, but I too will be more likely to buy it if Stars becomes a thing. Something I would want to buy is the yellow pikachu New3DSXL if it comes to Europe.
  14. I only ranked 30,790 in the Alola Battle Contest, ^_^

  15. Thanks for the follow!