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  1. Tiny Tourney

    Anyone also signing up? Seems like an interesting concept.
  2. Is there a better egg hatching place in SuMo other then right before the daycare?

    1. Nomyt


      Pretty much. I usually run to the beach, and do the Puku-chuck job, but other than that, not really. Not even a circuit area like Lumiose Tower.

  3. Sorry guys, don't be afraid to message me about spammers. :)

  4. Worst Sun And Moon Showdown Vol. 2!

    Pyukumuku?! Really?
  5. Casual Pokejungle Tourney, Start!

    Are there any VS recordings of the matches? Would be interesting to see how it all went down.
  6. So has there been more clarity about how to get the max EV drinks?

  7. Who's buying a Nintendo Switch?

    I seems really interesting, but I too will be more likely to buy it if Stars becomes a thing. Something I would want to buy is the yellow pikachu New3DSXL if it comes to Europe.
  8. I only ranked 30,790 in the Alola Battle Contest, ^_^

  9. Thanks for the follow!

  10. Does anyone by some change have an Inner Focus Drowzee or Hypno? 

  11. Contrary Snivy/Destiny Knot

    I don't have a spare Destiny Knot but getting a team of Pickup Pokémon and just battling on MeleMele will get you one. Pickup is no longer lever dependent.
  12. I always like to try to think of my own strategies before going to Smogon or similar. Fun thing is the VGC Winner from a couple of years back used a Follow Me strategy, I also had thought of that but I also included a Sniper ability, it's great feeling thinking of that on your own and later finding out it won tournaments. Not that I don't appreciate the information that is why I made the topic. If I would use one of these "Pre made" sets it wouldn't really feel like I did anything. I wondered what is better? 252EV in HP and 128EV in each defence or 252EV in each defence?
  13. The SuMo Complain Thread

    At least you can stand next to them in the castle and they will still update after each trade.
  14. Why are double battles so laggy? :(

    1. Geronimo


      Playing with Lunala in Pokémon Refresh is really laggy too!  It doesn't bother me too much in Double Battles, but the Totem Battles got pretty slow at times.

    2. Nomyt


      It's the ultra space.. it distorts reality in the game, and makes all the pokemon a little haze in the thinking department.

  15. I would do research in Pokémon Teamwork, how two Pokémon can work together to create their own strategy in double battles. Basically how two Pokémon become one working machine in a double battle.