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  1. can you follow me plz, cuz im following you, too!

  2. Spoiler Question

    No there isn't.
  3. Pokegods: A Better Understanding

    Awwww.... I'm nostalgic for all of these, those were the days I was so happy when they revealed Megas because they were a very similar concept, especially with the mega starters.
  4. Replaying X and Y and my life is so busy that I don't have to worry about filling time
  5. What Would You Want to See Pokémon...ified?

    I would love legendaries based on the Greek gods, animalized of course. Also a comb jelly and a cuttlefish.
  6. Yaas! I just figured out how to make my profile work again!!!

    1. Ithsme


      Just in time for me to be confused. How do I do a status update?

    2. Ithsme


      Nevermind, figured it out.

  7. Wow about 10 years now?

    Hi, I'm one of the new faces you'll probobly see around here, I look forward to hopefully having good discussions with you ps. We have the exact same favorite foods, wow
  8. I finally figured out how to post a status update¬¬

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      Would you tell me how? I can't.

    2. SesquipedalianPokedex


      Go into your account settings and allow status updates, then if you want to post one you can type them from your profile or near the resent status updates.

    3. Green
  9. Team Magma weren't the bad guys

    I don't know that that's true though. There is no indication that Kyogre makes rain out of energy instead of calling natural rain. You can't just make matter from energy, with our current technology anyway so it would make more sense to using existing water for water attacks and such, as diancie does with forming diamonds from carbon in the atmosphere, although it's a pointless argument. I'm also pretty sure that you wouldn't get a small river of lava by doing what Maxie tried to do in Emerald and pour rocket fuel into a volcano, in that generation he was definitely more on the stupid side.
  10. Team Magma weren't the bad guys

    I think that you are missing that if Maxie had managed to cause the volcano on Hoenn to erupt it would probably do a lot more harm than help, I mean a volcanic eruption on such a small island would probably kill a good amount of its residents and destroy most all of the cities and ecosystems, just to make a small island slightly bigger. A reason why Archies plan sucks BTW, is that rain comes from water in the ocean (and other bodies of water) evaporating and then falling back to earth so all of the rain that he was trying to use to expand the ocean already came from the ocean and he wasn't filling it anymore. I think both of there plans are short sighted and stupid personally.
  11. The Steven Universe Thread

    Definitely! I loved seeing them work off each other! Also I've been so happy seeing more Sardonyx in general BTW, who are your favorite fusions? Or how would you rank them best to worst? Mine would be: 1-2 Sardonyx and Smoky 3 Garnet 4 Opal 5 Alexanderite 6 Ruby X 5 7 Sugalite 8 Malachite 9 JasperXCorruptedJasper 10 Rainbow Quartz
  12. The Steven Universe Thread

    They are super adorable, they are tied with sardonyx for my favorite fusion now! I'm happy to see StevenXGem fusions and I can't wait to see a reformed rainbow Quartz.
  13. The Steven Universe Thread

    In Back to the Moon I loved Eyeball SO MUCH! She was acting really cute the whole time, trying to impress Jasperthyst and getting jealous that Doc got to sit in her lap. JasperXEyeball I ship it now!
  14. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Aaaaah! I love team skull! They look so fun! I can't wait to beat their Pokemon into the dirt while they dance in the background