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  1. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    Don't worry, my parents would do the same thing. how goes it pokejungle, long time. Again. Gonna try to be a lil more active now. I like the new forums
  2. MMORPGs: What are you playing?

    I had to take a break from it while I figure out my new area. Just moved to another state, so I gotta watch my funds... But once I get funds going again I will be back to playing my all time favorite mmo, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn/Heavensward. The story is amazing, the community is mostly helpful (obviously some douchers here and there but my friends are really nice) and I love love love DPSing the crap out of bosses as my Dragoon lady
  3. *looks at everyone* Hiiiya:P

    Haha, that's ok I totally get it. It was just really throwing me off just because I'm more used to MMc Lol. But I remember you from back then. At least, I remember the name!
  4. How Do You Play Pokémon?

    Aaaah, playstyle...since XY I have found myself in the competitive play a lot. Helped run Facebook based Leagues, got really into VGC too (omg, I loooove VGC so much, the mechanics are so different and more you need to think through), but with those playstyles...I have become quite the breeder. Perfect IVs, Nature, and training for EVs. I love the process But I do love a regular play through now and then
  5. Hiya! I'm kinda surprised to see a big change here! I went to MMC and about cried it was down but I'm RanDumb! I was around for a while...like 5 Or more years ago what with Go, Sun/Moon, and all the other new stuff coming thru soon....I figured why not try and see if people are still around if not, I'm down to make some new friends though.