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  1. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    Oh god, here it comes. Pokemon pearl Shiny Voltorb (or electrode, I forgot over 7 years) Then a wild Michael Bay appeared It exploded the end. But after that, and the next generation, I got tons of shinies! I found a wild Amoongus in the wild, and named it Shineshroom. And I bred A shiny honedge and a shiny torchic. I also caught a shiny Articuno and named it FrostChicken. I fished up a shiny Goldeen. I horde chained myself a shiny Stunky named TheRedStink, a shiny Murkrow named Nightwing, and a shiny Gligar named Piercer. And then I got Pokemon Pearl again after losing my old one. I found a shiny Misdreavus during a normal playthrough! I threw all three of the pokeballs I had, and with the third one, I caught it, and named it GhostShine. In ORAS, I really didn't do much shiny related. I did catch a Shiny Excadrill named Shinedrill, a Shiny Masquerain named Velvetier, and bred a shiny Rattata named toofhy (Please don't question it.) That ends my story ;P