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  1. Preliminary Sun/Moon Teams

    Moon- Litten, Bewear, Drampa , Alolan Raichu and Bruxish Sun- Popplio, Bewear, Vikavolt and that's it so far
  2. Mine is for X & Y even though the game is already finished. You work against an evil organization called Team Resurrect who seek to the destroy the world. reason- the leader Chandra, is enraged at the world because of the amount of death in her life. She lost her sister at a young age. And after being married for a year and having a baby, a group of rowdy teenagers set her house on fire killing her husband and baby. this enrages her and causes her to establish Team Resurrect, an evil team planning to use Xerneas' power to bring her loved ones back from the dead and Yveltal's power to murder everyone else on earth. Character development- at first she will be any generic evil boss saying what she believes is right and sending her grunts after you because she sees you as a waste of time for her to handle. After you get half way she'll come and knock you down a few pegs before walking off while you run to the nearest pokemon center. From there on the battles with the grunts will be harder as she is angered at the fact that some kid took down half her forces and their scared of her so they try harder. you think she is doing this for her sick twisted entertainment until you discover her reasoning. after this point, she will start to soften as you determined attitude reminds of her sister and after defeating her in the final battle battle she will say... "We must respect and honor life while it is still here and know that death is a natural, no matter how young or who the recipient is, even if it is a sibling, a child or a husband... we must respect the natural occurrences of life." "I need to go take down the monster that I've created. Young trainer, I would give you my pokemon but they refuse to leave my side." "Farewell Young trainer, please get as far away from this place as you can. And remember to let the natural occurrences of life take flight" How she… disappears- after that she will walk down a hallway and into a door. after you leave the building you will hear a large explosion and notice the entire building falling in on itself leaving no survivors as she used her excutive power to lock the doors so no one could escape. what happened once she was inside- she attempted to disband the organization peacefully before her minions turned on her forcing her to react violently, she runs to her office where she locks the building down seeing as their is no hope for her formor minions and chooses to take them down along with the organization in a blaze of glory. ANYWAY.. what's yours?
  3. What do you think of Team Flare?

    (wow i'm late) Team Flare is an evil team I didn't take very seriously, which surprisingly made the game more enjoyable to me. Whenever I play a video game where to antagonist is super dangerous and evil, I feel bad for not rushing to stop them as quickly as possible and then I end up rushing through as fast as possible to stop them so I can relax. With Team Flare, I felt like I didn't have to rush with stopping them because their probably shopping for clothes or something so I enjoyed the game more..
  4. Sun or Moon?

    I'm getting both like I always do.. For Moon I'm going to pick the female so I can play as me (thanks for darker skin tones :D) and then for Sun I'll just gender bend myself
  5. I find the male rangers very attractive I don't know maybe i's because they wear my two favorite colors red and black and have a beret on. Preferibly the male because I couldn't help but think "how are you not covered in bumps from bites!" whenever I saw how short the female ranger's shorts were.
  6. Do you nickname your Pokémon?

    I nickname every pokemon I catch, they're never bad names but they're always humorous
  7. Replayed Pokemon Y. Thoughts/Review thing

    Your ending team was pretty cool.. heres mine Xerneas- Jewel Meowstic- PJ Azumarill- Pooly Raichu- Blitz Delphox- Blister Charizard- Burn I don't have very creative names (as my friend told me multiple times) but here they are, the team that helped me WRECK the elite 4
  8. Where's the love for Hau?

    that's why i'm so confused as of why he's overlooked in favor of the other two... I mean he has tumblr page but most of that is him with characters but not by himself (personally, I found Shauna Kinda annoying as well)
  9. Luigi Wants to Know-Kalos

    my favorite starter is fennekin because of Delphox my favorite 6th gen pokemon is Meowstic or Xerneas my favorite gym is a tie between Olympia and Valerie my favorite elite 4 member was Siebold and Drasna I think Mega Evolution should continue so that pokemon who aren't used can have a chance I want to see Azumarill(my favorite pokemon), Dunsparce because it needs some love and Raichu because it constantly gets put in Pikachu's shadow and I'm sick of it Mega Evolve my favorite badge is The Iceberg Badge for no reason.. I just like it
  10. How Do You Play Pokémon?

    I play causally, choosing my favorite pokemon and having fun. I'm also rather good at leveling up pokemon in a short amount of time so what would that make me... a leveler?
  11. Pokemon Pet Peeves

    *moving down a road when I see a small tree in the road* "oh well, let's climb over it." this tree looks like it can be CUT down... "but it's literally 2 feet." this tree looks like it can be CUT down... I don't mind HMs but make the tree look a little larger to make it look unpassable.
  12. Where's the love for Hau?

    While browsing through the internet I noticed a lack of fanart for our friend in sun and moon Hau. I've seen a bit for Lillie, an enormous amount for Professor Kukui (half of it NSFW) but only one or two for Hau. My only question is why.. I like him more then Lillie and Kukui but it seems that they get more attention then him. Am I the only one with an objection to this lack of love for this adorble rival(I would do it myself but I don't have a drawing program or a tablet to use)
  13. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I'm personally excited for Sun and Moon because the region based off of hawaii