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  1. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I totally agree. I'm watching the video now, and looks like they've really thought this game through. The animations look awesome, the overworld is beautiful, and the new Pokemon are fantastic. I can't wait for November!
  2. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I'd prefer Fire/Electric, as it helps to cover the Fire type's weakness to Water. I'm not sure whether Cosmic type is plausible, but certainly a new type IS a possibility.
  3. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    There's always room for an exception, though.
  4. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Funny, I started having that very same premonition around May the 10th. They may change the typing though (there are owls that burrow into the ground, and stuff like that).
  5. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Joking aside, what typing would you suggest is likely for the starters?
  6. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Sorry, I take things literally sometimes. Often a little too literally, if truth be told.
  7. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Are you sure your uncle isn't trolling you? I mean, three starter evolutionary chains ending with the same typing is pretty unlikely...
  8. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    And, this info comes from where...?
  9. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    No, there hasn't. I'm hoping they'll introduce some cool typing for the starters and legendaries. At the least, I hope Nintendo surprises us. If there is another Fire/Fighting-type starter come November, I may just chuck my copy of the games out the window.
  10. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    You may have a point. I could live with those flaws, though. As long as they don't roll out another Fire/Fighting type...
  11. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Yeah, that is a cool idea. What do people think about the possible starter evolution typing leaks? Personally, I like the idea of a Fire/Ground type Pokemon. Although, so long as they stay well away from Fire/Fighting, I'm good.
  12. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Yeah, an underground city would be awesome. I wonder if they'll include it? I hope so...
  13. I've defeated the Pokemon League in Yellow in the last week or so. Still only have about 37 Pokemon (pathetic, I know), but my team is pretty strong: - Mewtwo (Lv. 70) - Charizard (Lv. 44) - Pikachu (Lv. 30) - Moltres (Lv. 53) - Zapdos (Lv. 52) - Articuno (Lv. 60) Does anyone have any advice on catching more Pokemon?
  14. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I suspect Alola is made up of multiple islands. It fits with being based on Hawaii, and the island shown is just too small for a whole region, when compared with previous ones. Also, multiple caves are a given. Cities always feature prominently, so I don't think you'll be disappointed. Now, THAT would be awesome!
  15. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Yeah, that could be true. What do you think the travel mechanics will be? Since it's probably got more than one island, they'll need some way to travel between them. Me, I'm hoping they'll keep the soaring mechanic from ORAS.