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  1. So I'm currently soft resetting for a shiny Giratina in Platinum. It's taking a while (obviously) and suddenly I got the idea for this thread, haha. So what are your most amazing shiny pokemon stories? Or if you don't have an amazing story attached to any of them, what's the coolest looking one that you own? I have a little story I can share. So I hadn't touched Platinum in years. Not sure how many years, but I randomly decided to turn the game on for no particular reason. I was on Victory Road, so I just wandered around for a while and the VERY FREAKIN FIRST encounter I had was a shiny Steelix!
  2. While interesting, that would put the stolen pokemon behind the rest of your team and then you'll need to halt progress and break the flow of the game to catch it up.
  3. I really didn't care much for Team Flare. Their batte music was catchy but that's about it, really. The two factions of Team Plasma in BW2 were fsr more inferesting.
  4. I'M BACK. It's been a little while. Life...

  5. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Because IVs can already be completely maxed. EV spreads have always been limited. Not saying it's impossible, but I'm sure Gamefreak would know better than to render HT useless by limiting the amount of points you can add.
  6. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I am in love with Mimikyu. It's backstory is so godamn tragic, aw. It just wants to be loved!
  7. Seems like Pokemon Go is REALLY catching on. 

    1. Malco


      It really has if even the businessmen can see it. Nintendo's stock just went up 23% today in Japan.

  8. Pokémon GO!

    Well I was having no luck logging in with my Trainer ID, so I switched to using my Google account, meaning I had to start over from scratch. But I already passed the point I was at with my Trainer ID account ao it's cool I guess... I'm liking it a lot so far, which is a pleasant surprise because I wasn't very hyped for it. It looked pretty bad in the promotional videos and their demonstration made it look even worse, seemingly confirming my fears. But then I tried it out and it's actually pretty addictive and fun. I'm currently trying to raise my trainer level enough to start seeing things other than Rattata, Pidgey, and the early game bugs, and I finally figured out wtf Pokéstops do. They're actually EXTREMELY useful and you want to stop by as many as possible so you can put off having to spend money for as long as possible. I tried challenging a gym but even though they had an Oddish and I had a Pidgeotto, I lost because they don't explain how to battle at all and I had no idea wtf to do, and couldn't take the time to learn at my liesure because my Pidgeotto was busy getting its ass kicked by a FUCKING ODDISH. Ugh.
  9. Pokemon from Important OT

    Oh, lol. As you can probably tell I never pay attention to those events.
  10. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    A new pokemon just dropped! Salandit, a Poison/Fire type who can poison steel and poison types! This thing is gonna be a nightmare for steel types. ALSO IT'S LITTLE BANDIT LIZARD IT'S SO CUTE
  11. It was fun when I was able to play it. Now it suddenly doesn't want to let me in. I've been trying all day. Redownloaded the app (lost everything in the process). Nothing. I'm becomeing very irritated.
  12. Pokemon Go STILL isn't available here in the US, but I downloaded the apk for my android so it's cool.

    But I haven't been able to log in all day...

    1. Nomyt


      It is now out in us, but not for me. :( I'm a lonely European with an iPhone. :(


    2. Malco


      Oh, iOS!

      Well you can make an Australian/NZ account easily.

    3. Nomyt


      I could, apparently it's going to take another day or two at least. I think I may just wait it out.


  13. Pokemon Pet Peeves

    Oh. OH. OHHHHH. I'm sorry! I somehow missed that you were talking about held items? I'm not exactly sure what I thought you meant but I get what you're saying now. In fact I just ran into this exact issue today when I couldn't tell if I should have my Krokorok hold a ground gem or soft sand.
  14. Well it's going to be compatible with Pokemon GO, so we'll see what comes of that. I do 't have particularly high hopes for it, though.
  15. Attack the Light

    I played and finished this game. I don't play a lot of mobile games because for the most part they're garbage, but I really enjoyed this one. Being a huge Steven Universe fan also helps, lol.
  16. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Those are my three favorites too.
  17. Pokemon from Important OT

    Iirc the prize for participating in the tournaments this year is Cynthia's Garchomp, isn't it?
  18. PokéScribbles!

    I would rather the tails stick out of the frame just a touch than have them awkwardly defy physics! I just realized I'm actually accessing this site on a computer instead of on a phone so I can post the pictures I WANTED to post before (which led to accidentally quoting myself before) No scenery this time. Backgrounds are a rarity coming from me. I drew these to celebrate that shiny Shinx I got in Platinum! ....The black bits are way too dark. On my 3DS though they look fine. *sigh* Colors!3D has this problem where colors look great on my 3DS, and then when I upload them and grab them on my phone or computer, the colors have been altered and the picture looks wrong.
  19. PokéScribbles!

    It's extremely difficult to keep things centered and in proportion when using Colors!3D on my 3DS, since the app doesn't give me the luxury of selecting and manipulating individual lines like, for example, SAI. It's actually a miracle Buizel ended up as centered as it is with only the tip of it's tail poking out of frame. As for Wooper, now that you mention it, it does look kind of googley-eyed, huh. Oops. I'm just plain terrible at backgrounds and scenery. Honestly the fact that I managed to make it look vaguely like they're actually underwater is shocking to me. As for the little yellow-ish thing peeking out from the top left, DeerlieDeerling is correct and that is indeed a shiny Luvdisc I decided to sneak in just for fun.
  20. PokéScribbles!

    UGH I'M SO SORRY I accidentally pressed "quote" and my phone won't let me edit out the picture or even remove it from my text box so I'm forced to post it AGH.
  21. Pokemon Pet Peeves

    Not to be that guy, but this thread is for things about Pokemon that peeve you off, not things you would like to see. Unless not being able to see stat changes really bothered you enough to be considered a pet peeve. Than you're in luck the gen VII games address just that!
  22. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Still not even remotely a fan of the weird-ass troll fish design-wise.
  23. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I do like Grubbin's final evo and the electric warrior thing.
  24. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Aw. We were doing so well with the designs. I guess they can't all be winners...