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  1. Competitive Battling

    Yeah, my whole life has been Rocket League recently, Pokemon isn't coming back until the next Generation.
  2. Competitive Battling

    2016/15 VGC was terrible, 2014 was great! Also, Smogon was way better than VGC. I just can't enjoy 7th Gen competitive, I'm just going to wait for 8th gen to play any Pokemon game besides Go.
  3. Competitive Battling

    High: 6th Gen Smogon Low: 7th Gen Competitive and Smogon
  4. Also I will release each gym badge separately, do you guys want a specifically colored background for the badges (depending on type) or just white.
  5. I agree, @Ithsme , tell us how to set up our "Gym" or at least some guidelines.
  6. My Team Before Bank (Singles): Golisopod (Ace) Gyarados Milotic Sharpedo Gastrodon Turtonator
  7. That was looong ago for you! Did you just install browserhax and never system update? How do you continue to do it?
  8. Oh I forgot about Gen 5! You got me there. Anyway, I agree, and I think they will be gone because you were supposed to 'destroy' them soooo...
  9. Hey, not all of us like breeding, I used to but it got old and repetitive... also Cubic Ninja was only 10 bucks at GameStop who wouldn't pass up a deal like that?
  10. If only I could say the same, I have PKHex but I just need to load them in at this point.
  11. Yeah true, I think someone should get on that
  12. That last statement, I think that will fix this garbage once and for all! Sinnoh remakes will fix everything! THANK YOU! They will fix the wormholes, UBs will be gone, Anabel gone, and other stuff all gone. Also the only returning characters in SuMo were Anabel and Wally and the Kalos people, the rest were all brand new people. Red and Blue are different from FRLG and HGSS
  13. Why did Gamefreak have to include this multiverse garbage, please, why did you have to? It makes my head hurt, it's worse than the Star Wars Expanded Universe. So I will be referencing the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) as an analogy for this, a lot. By no means do I hate Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it did what I wish they didn't, tried to make the lack of Mega Stones in games prior to X and Y make sense. And I think they sorta kinda made it a huge mess. Now I'm gonna use an analogy here. In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back there is a scene where Darth Vader tells 6 Bounty Hunters to find Han Solo. Boba Fett tracks him down to Cloud City and finds him. Now in a scene in Cloud City you can see a discolored IG-88 (one of the other bounty hunters) as a prop in a scrap-room. Why was this here? Because they needed filler props and had something called, ahem, a freakin' budget. Now, the Expanded Universe tries to explain why something so trivial is there, they say that Boba Fett killed him while on Cloud City, and that there was actually 5 IG-88s and then somehow one of them was also the Death Star- Yeah, it sucks, and this is exactly what Pokemon did to their storyline. So apparently games prior to XY didn't have Mega Stones, and then they came out with ORAS, a remake of a game which originally didn't have Mega Stones. Now I overlooked this, as it was so trivial and had nothing to do with the story... besides another trivial storyline... that tried to explain why Mega Stones were in ORAS and not RSE. Now GameFreak didn't have to try to connect the dots when you really don't need to, but they did and here comes along Sun and Moon. -=SPOILERS STOP READING HERE IF HAVEN'T FINISHED POST GAME=- UBs show up and say "Oh different dimensions exist" at first I was like "Cool!", and then Anabel shows up, "Oh no". Now you may be asking, what about Anabel? Well, she apparently was from another dimension, where Emerald was the main game and not ORAS... excuse me. This is worse than the freakin IG-88 story said above! Now we are stuck with a confusing, headache inducing Multiverse because of the most trivial gimmick, Mega Stones. One trivial gimmick they could've glossed over and no one would care, but they had to pull a good ol' SW:EU! Thanks for reading all the way through this, I want to know what you think about this, do you like the multiverse? If so, why? Also this Cynthia isn't the same one from DPPT, because, ya know, MEGA STONES. Due to there being infinite universes, every Fan fiction, Lewd Picture, Rom Hack, and other things, including the errors in the Ultimate Handbook are all considered... CANON.
  14. Here is the updated image, if you are going to share these use this updated one:
  15. I recently got PKHex running again, only using Alola Dex Pokemon tho, I'll wait for PokeBank to get other Pokemon so I don't have a clear advantage (Well, besides time) compared to others. If you need some genned Pokemon I'll be glad to help!