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  1. Request-a-Trade

    Hey sorry I've had stuff happening. Just added you. FC: 4785-6752-9873 IGN: Asis Let's discuss time on messaging, yeah? (Also I can totally help with some Pokedex completion too if you want.) Oh and for anyone who might be interested, I have a bunch of Vanillites and Happniys, and smaller bunches of Gibles, Porygons, Dratinis. Most of them are nothing special potential-wise, but like if anyone is missing them in their dex or whatever I've got lots I'll happily part with.
  2. Request-a-Trade

    That would be lovely! (The only Sun thing I have left is Solgaleo and I dont need that for the Shiny Charm anyway :P)
  3. Masuda method still works if one poke is a Ditto, right?

    1. Nomyt


      Yes. It'll still work. Just need to have one poke from a different region (Fra, Spa, Ita, Jpn, Chi, etc)

  4. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Well, Beast Balls add a 5x to catch rate. And the UBs don't have as low catch rates as some legendaries. Pheromosa and Kartana literally have 255, it's ridiculous.
  5. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    i know!! Very annoying. I've currently grabbed my Butterfree to exploit Compound Eyes. Worked like a charm with Skarmory (first go!), Jangmo-o I've had two with no claw so far (and they're such a pain to find!)
  6. Seriously I'm at 92% I need trade evos, anyone willing to do lots of back-and-forth?

    1. Wes


      I'm sorry I can't find time to trade, but I have a suggestion. Unless they're Pokemon you've raised and prefer to keep, the GTS can be very helpful for item evolutions. For example, deposit Slowpoke w/ King's Rock and request Slowking. 

    2. Oza


      I've been considering that but then I lose the items :(
      (and I definitely want to keep my Cosmoem)
      Anyway, I might just have an arrangement with someone now, so I'm hopeful.

  7. Need to trade lots. For once I will conquer the dex!

  8. Request-a-Trade

    I need like a bunch of trades: -A few trade evolutions I need doing -Buzzwole and Kartana (will happily trade Pheromosa and Celesteela in return) -Solgaleo (Ideally I'd like to send my Cosmoem to someone in Sun and have them evolve it for me) -Other version exclusives of Sun (except for Rufflet and Vulpix)
  9. Every time I try watching Generations, it says "This video is not available." I'm going to have to find some alternate way to watch...
  10. I'm on like perpetual summer break that's gone on from summer to monsoon and will possibly continue into winter.
  11. Finally working on X Pokedex before SuMo release. Anyone willing to help me with trade evolutions please tell. I've got a handful rn and then I'll gather more as time goes on.

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    2. Green


      Ok. I will not be available today, sorry. I've got to go to my brother's school.

    3. Oza


      It's okay, I've been forgetful and distracted anyway.

    4. Malco


      Just remember to include which time zones. 

  12. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Well, everyone's multiple island theory was right. I don't get why game freak would do two sets of sun/moon Pokemon and make both sets of Pokemon Psychic. Like fine they added secondary typings for these two, but was psychic really necessary???
  13. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    That's what I saidddddddddddd. Just thinking about it makes me want to time travel to the point where I can play that.
  14. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    This is what I was thinking too! I just really have a feeling there's going to be enough underground areas as well, because a lot of the island just seems very raised. So much potential. One or two caves and at least 2 cities, would just be amazing.