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  1. I have come to a personal decision. I am going to take a slight break from the site. Need to try and get my life under control with everything that has happened. I just want everyone here to know I really appreciate Putting up with my upsetting statues and everything and talking to me. i really do appreciate it and that is why I love this site. it feels like home kind of where i can actually share my feelings. I just don't like doing that personally so going to take a little hiatus for a while to clear my head and hopefully come back myself. So until then I will see all of you in the future.

    1. The Last Kurusu

      The Last Kurusu

      Ok I will await your return

    2. Nomyt


      No worries, friend. Don't worry about making any type of Statuses. Sometimes it's just good to vent, and get stuff out onto paper/web. See you soon.