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  1. thanks for the follow


  2. I have come to a tough decision. I am going to be leaving the site for the foreseeable future due to personal reasons. I may come back in the future but at the same time I may not. I just want to thank everyone here for the past few years of being on here since mmc and especially thank you to the ones who sort of helped me through the start of the year. anyway everyone have a good life and see you in the future maybe. 

    1. The Last Kurusu

      The Last Kurusu

      Ok then I guess this is maybe see you again? Anyways if you don't come back do good on your future endeavors and live yourself a rich and fufilling life buddy! 

    2. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      thanks i really appreciate that. maybe I will come back one day. never know what the future holds. 

  3. well it looks like I may have Finally found a job. going to fill out forms forms tomorrow.

    1. SyupendousStufful101
    2. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      very nice! can finally start making money again. and since its going to be a good ways away from where I live I don't have to worry about running into certain people. 

  4. Just realized that pokemon diamond and pearl are ten years old today at least in the U.S. I remember getting it the day it came out and having trouble deciding on my starter. Really hope we get remakes one day! would love to explore the sinnoh region again!

  5. Who's buying a Nintendo Switch?

    I plan to buy one before the year is over with. planned to get it on launch day but that didnt work out. I will most likely buy it once I get a job and closer to when splatoon 2 comes out.
  6. Anyone here excited for LoZ: Breath of the Wild?

    I am really excited for it! now if only I had a nintendo switch lol
  7. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    well going by my preference of the starters from each gen its. bulbasaur, totodile, treecko, turtwig, snivy, froakie and litten so thats. grass- 4 water- 2 fire- 1 so all in all I lean more towards the grass starters. if I had to choose 1 from each type it would be Treecko( my favorite pokemon) froakie and litten
  8. well I am on may to losing some weight. just last week weighed in at 211.5 pounds. weighed myself 3 days later and I am down to 206 pounds. and if i read right yesterday at hotel i am now down to 203 pounds. I am losing alot faster than i expected and all it has really took is being more active and watching my calorie intake. on top of that where the heck is everyone? it's like they all disappeared lol

  9. well time for a little mini vacation. going to nashville for a few days. should be a lot of fun 

  10. trying to decide which pokemon game to play through next. cant decide between x or moon. hmmm tough choice. on another note my oldest niece recently began her first pokemon journey in pokemon y. she chose fennekin. also showed her and my youngest niece the alola starters and they are both team litten! On one note I am thinking when I get a job I may get my nieces sun and moon as a surprise present. not sure yet. may also wait and see if they announce new games soon and get that instead. 

  11. well nintendo direct later today. would be nice to get a new game announcement. probably won't happen but fingers crossed I guess. 

  12. well that was unexpected. marshadow has already been officially revealed. wonder if we will get new game news soon now. now that the last gen 7 pokemon has been revealed I am going to say we get one last pokemon game on 3ds this year (alola sequel or kanto sequel perhaps) then gen 8 on nintendo switch maybe next year or in 2019

  13. my first profile picture change since sometime last year I believe. Litten has quickly became my favorite fire starter.

  14. So I just watched the newest episode of the sun and moon anime and dang I was not expecting that. happy that ash caught a certain pokemon though.

  15. what a wrestlemania. Kind of upsetting it was most likely undertakers last one though.