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  1. I have come to a personal decision. I am going to take a slight break from the site. Need to try and get my life under control with everything that has happened. I just want everyone here to know I really appreciate Putting up with my upsetting statues and everything and talking to me. i really do appreciate it and that is why I love this site. it feels like home kind of where i can actually share my feelings. I just don't like doing that personally so going to take a little hiatus for a while to clear my head and hopefully come back myself. So until then I will see all of you in the future.

    1. The Last Kurusu

      The Last Kurusu

      Ok I will await your return

    2. Nomyt


      No worries, friend. Don't worry about making any type of Statuses. Sometimes it's just good to vent, and get stuff out onto paper/web. See you soon.

  2. I really hate it when I am trying to get to sleep at night and my mind wanders which makes it impossible to sleep. especially when I take my melatonin which is supposed to help me get some sleep.

  3. You know what a lot has happened this year. I was upset at first but now I am at the point I know it was all for the best. I have had multiple people tell me that I am back to my old self and happy again. Things are never going to be the same again and in a way I lost two friends but at the same time I saw who my real friends were. people I had not talked to in well over a year checked on me and we have been regularly talking again. its great.

    1. The Last Kurusu

      The Last Kurusu

      Thats good Congrats!

    2. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      it really is. the saying you don't know who your true friends are until you lose everything comes to mind. I really don't deserve all the support I got from people considering I had not attempted to talk to them when i was in my relationship but they still did it and its just nuts to think honestly.

  4. So I decided to go to gamestop today and found something i have been wanting. needless to say I for once had money on me and jumped at it because i was overdue for a new jacket since the one i usually have is nearly 7 years old lol was well worth it and i absolutely love it!


    1. SyupendousStufful101
    2. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      I do to!! Litten is my favorite of the alolan starters and by far my favorite fire starter as well! now I just wish I could find something with treecko on it lol

  5. Today is my first valentine's day alone since 2014. so much has happened this year. Me and Violet broke up and I don't talk to her or john anymore after what happened. this year has really been hard for me so far and I hope it gets better soon.

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    2. Nomyt


      Can't wait for the Power Rangers movie too. Looks so good. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is out near my birthday, so that's my birthday plans sorted. xD

    3. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      guardians is another movie i want to see, and logan and the new transformers and spiderman.....there are way too many movies i want to see right now xD

    4. Nomyt


      Same here. Can't wait for Homecoming. Love the new spidy in Civil War. Didn't know Logan was coming out so soon until the other day, thought it was a june/july release. So will be going to see that as soon as possible.


  6. Just want to thank everyone who has talked to me on here in the past week or so. honestly been so much going on i don't even know how long it's been since everything happened. but really thank you everyone for putting up with my posts the past week or so even though they may have been kind of a downer.

  7. I have to say things seem to be getting a little easier with the break up for me. Sure i am still upset and I had a little spout of anger over it the past 2 days but I am making it. A big reason i am making it is thanks to family and some really good friends being there for me. i know they wont see this but thank you ryan and kristina for being with me through this every step of the way.

  8. Life is so weird right now. On one hand I am happy that she is happy but at the same time I have to ask myself what did I do wrong in the relationship to cause her to fall for him.

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    2. Accalia_Luperca


      Being angry is completely understandable. It's definitely better to let yourself feel angry and work through it rather than bottling it up. I've learned the dangers about doing that myself ^^; .

    3. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      yeah i bottled it up for about 2 weeks to be honest.

    4. Aurora Fae

      Aurora Fae

      things happen unfortunately. My ex-fiance and I were together for 7 years and it was over in two days. I still miss him everyday but figured out how to cope and make everyday a little easier by focusing all the love I had for him, onto myself. Things can only get better and look up for you from here on out. It will be ok eventually. Just keep swimming

  9. well its been a while since i have been here. the big difference is that I am now single. 

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    2. pokejungle


      Aw :( Also... I guess you found how to post statuses?? Sorry I missed your message on FB earlier

    3. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      its fine. and yes pj just took me a while to figure out that i didnt set it up where i could.

    4. SyupendousStufful101
  10. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    They are such cool pokemon. really excited to see rockruff and rowlets evos as well as the other two starters. actually I am excited to see how all the new pokemon evolve lol
  11. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I think this may be my first post on here. would have a long time ago but have been really busy. anyway I must say i really love the new pokemon shown so far. top 3 are rowlett rockruff and vikavolt for sure.