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  1. What Are You Watching?

    I'm on the 3rd series of Dexter right now and I'm losing interest, does anybody have a recommendation that's similar? Really into the whole crime scene theme but it's hard to find a show that does it right.
  2. Ahhhh the ever popular message board classic. It's simple, show everyone what you're listening to! Who knows, you might meet someone else with the same music taste, I bet we don't have just Pokemon in common. Today's tune has been stuck in my head since I woke up, I think it's something to do with the way the sun's coming through my window -
  3. I use /vp/ mainly for news as although it's not the most reliable source it's damn funny when it's not. A few of the "leaks" this year have been pretty cool but they have nothing on the fakes that came out around Gen 3. I don't think much will be shown in the trailer, most probably trainer art and if we're lucky then a box legend. I'm starting to become doubtful as to whether there will be many new Pokemon or if there is then the style they'll take. I hope they continue with the France theme as it feels like there hasn't been enough done with it, but I would be very happy if the game is Hawaii based like is being speculated everywhere.
  4. New New New

    Hey guys I'm KinesisQ or just Kinesis, I was on Mt. Moon on and off a couple years back under a few different names. I experimented with other sites but none of them had the same homey feel that that place used to have so I'm hoping the forums are much the same. My favourite type is Poison, my favourite Pokemon is Weezing and my favourite genre of music is drum and bass (of which I am a DJ) Looking forward to meeting you all, big respect.