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  1. GBA Style Tourney!

    Honestly, if GBA is too complicated How about a Monotype tourney? We can do it on showdown too. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gQHXpFMnTi42xdNIDWfIyFDwndSiMRn1VBBjgjrYzZY/editPlease only fill out if you plan on joining. Also, Monotype CAN be done on showdown since it's just easier If I receive more people for Monotype I will do monotype.
  2. GBA Style Tourney!

    I would like to announce my tourney 2.0 The style this time is GBA.ONLY FILL OUT FORM IF YOU PLAN ON JOININGhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1a9RUps1JWoZyiGOiJmutfrbxlY3cZql_7ltqpYGOBnA/editIt won't be AS in depth as they do in official GBA, but we will be just following their Banlist and Ubers and Megas.Please consider joining, GBA draft style is very fun.I know GBA style is new to most, so if you have any questions. ASK THEM!
  3. Casual Pokejungle Tourney, Start!

    Yes I plan to post all the match Recordings at the end
  4. Happy days!! The Casual Pokejungle Tourney has started!! Everyone has until March 4, 2017, to complete their Round 1 matches. Unfortunately my Friend Code forum didn't receive enough replies, so everyone will have to manually ask the person they will battle for their Friend Code. http://challonge.com/CasualSm - Here is the bracket Please note you CANNOT switch pokemon on your team between rounds. If I discover you have done this you will be disqualified! If you break any of the 3 original rules (use of banned pokemon stated here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mOXt0A-Wpp6xxR3UOxdIzPNx6AhXYaPz99VhIxf8KgU/edit ) you will be disqualified! Please save each battle you do! Battle your heart out and try to have fun!!!!
  5. Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

    Nope sorry its in game only
  6. Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

    @Wes If this goes well, Definitely! I will try to make them as unique as possible too!!
  7. The tournament sign-ups are over! There are 10 contestants If your name is on the list please fill-out the survey below: StarStorm, *The Impatient Matenou*, SpectralSeraph, Green, The PinSir, Armageddon16, bannana316, Ithsme, The Retro Kurusu (Last Kurusu), MenacingCascoon The tournament is confirmed to be double elimination and in game Battles for first round must be done from February 26, 2017- March 4, 2017 (if this is not ok there is a question in the survey to delay)!! Prepare your teams!!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17Fgd0_NXn7kurtvMXxdBUTF1TG5LmQ134-cRfKae2IE/edit.. One last only for people who joined!
  8. Totally agree with this post. Honestly you could start this show from any region and you won't be missing out on anything. And the Kalos league battle made me so mad. It was all in Ash's favor, He shouldn't have lost. I lost motivation to watch Kalos episodes because he didnt win.
  9. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    Well, my favorites of each gen is, Squirtle>Cyndaquil>Torchic(Treecko was my first)>Piplup(chimchar was my first)>Oshawott>Chespin>Rowlett. So, I'm pretty split amongst all the generations. However, I strongly dislike Emboar, and I really don't like Infernape, so those unfortunately push fire types back. Personally, Meganium may be cute, but its just so useless, and I really don't care for turtwig line. So my choice is definitely water. I have a problem with very few water type starters. Grass is a close second though.
  10. The tournament will be pushed back to Sunday February 26, 2017. This is due to the low amount of individuals joining the tournament, and partaking in the poll. This will also give a week of decisions whether tournament will be in game or on showdown. The battles for the round must be done within the round week or else you will be disqualified. Many people have wondered now that many OU pokemon are banned what about the Uber's non legendary pokemon (Mega gengar, aegislash etc.) I have decided since this tournament is leaning more to the diverse side of pokemon, I will BAN ALL UBER POKEMON. This includes: Mega Gengar, Mega Blaziken, Mega Lucario, Aegislash, Blaziken, Mega Kanghaskhan, Mega Mawile NOTE: If the pokemon stated above has mega in front its name, ONLY the mega variation is banned. (IE You can use regular Lucario, but not Mega Lucario, but you cannot use Blaziken under any conditions) If you are still interested in participating. Register by taking the following poll. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mOXt0A-Wpp6xxR3UOxdIzPNx6AhXYaPz99VhIxf8KgU/edit
  11. Pokejungle Casual Tournament

    @Green Pokemon battles are can be done anytime within the week after the 18th until the next Saturday! I should probably add that. You can battle any time from Feb 18-Feb 25
  12. Pokejungle Casual Tournament

    I am pleased to announce a casual Pokejungle Tournament (as the name implies). This is a fun tournament to bring some action to Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, to spice things up I surveyed disqus on two rules they'd want to see, and I picked the top 2. The battle style is 6v6!! Most people can agree 6v6 is best way to play. This tournament will be exception! So prepare the whole team!! NO LEGENDARIES PERIOD!!! Many individuals can agree legendaries are on most team in the competitive scene. To add variety, the tournament bans all legendaries. This includes box art legendaries, Legendary pokemon available to be used in battle tree, EVEN PHIONE! None of them are allowed! BANNING OF THE TOP 12 POKEMON IN OU TIER Best way to add variety? Banning everything common. I could not everything common as some OU pokemon are pretty cool, but the top 12 that are seen on every team gotta go! These include: Mamoswine Marowak Magnezone Metagross Greninja Toxapex Mandibuzz Pinsir Scizor Garchomp Mimikyu Skarmory You like these rules and want show everyone how good you actually are?? Join in on the fun! Take the following survey, and prove to your family that you can accomplish things!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mOXt0A-Wpp6xxR3UOxdIzPNx6AhXYaPz99VhIxf8KgU/edit
  13. Your Pokemon Gym

    It's a simple question. "If GameFreak came to you one day and said you get to design a pokemon gym how would you design it?" This topic has been a big on Poketubers lately, and I have to say it is an intriguing concept. The amount of details some Poketubers put into their idea is amazing. It's pretty cool seeing type choice anne pokemon choice. Some people are quite specific on what their gyms would look like, and what number gym leader they would be, but majority of people choose 6-8th gym with 6 pokemon. If GameFreak came to me and asked me to design a gym for sun and moon (first I would ask for them to autograph my forehead): This is really hard question for an indecisive person like myself but I would choose Electric type . I would be the 6th gym leader. Once you enter my gym it would be pitch black. The only light is lightening flowing around the whole gym and the puzzle is to redirect the currents of electricity to generators to produce enough energy to light up the whole gym. The gym trainers pokemon will consist of charjabugs, Luxio, Pikachus and last one having galvantula. One you reach me my personality will be happy-go-lucky but very insulting. For example, I will call you a weak trainer and say you stand no chance all with a smile on my face. (like this) My team will consist of: Lanturn 34 Volt Absorb: Thunder Wave/Thunderbolt/Surf/ Ice Beam Rotom 33 Levitate : Thunder Wave/Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball/ Confuse Ray Luxray 35 Intimidate: ThunderFang/ Ice Fang/ Crunch/ Fire Fang Vikavolt 36 sitrus berry : Levitate ThunderBolt/ Bug Buzz/ energy Ball/ Thunder Wave (went off of galvantula moveset) If you beat me I will also insult myself still with my never fading smile(). You also achieve the Current Badge And I will give you tm for thunderbolt Now your turn. "If GameFreak came to you one day and said you get to design a pokemon gym how would you design it?" The more details the better
  14. I definitely see myself as a Rising Star from Pokemon XY, I know I am not he best battler but I try as hard as I can with the little skills I know
  15. Pokemon Pet Peeves

    This is my first forum post so lets start with some annoying things in pokemon. What are some pet peeves you guys have in pokemon. Being a very agitated person i have MANY: Hax all and anyform When your pokemon faints itself from hitting itself (especially when it initially was in green) When youre training a pokemon and it constantly faints When gamefreak removes a feature for god knows why When your iv breeding and you just cant get the ivs/nature you want but you have no trouble getting every other iv/nature When you are looking for a certain pokemon in the wild, and no matter how common it actually is, it's SUPER rare when you really need it. When you are trying to synchronize catch wild pokemon to have the same nature as the synchronizer but they constantly dont! (It's 50% chance to sync natures so why does it take 10 pokemon to actually work?!?!?!) When you lose SOLELY to hax These are making me angry just thinking about them!!