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  1. A Question

    If you have a youtube account, you already have a youtube channel! You just need to use it.
  2. Ithsme seems to have a problem replying to this thread, so here's a testing post.
  3. Pyukumuku by itself in Singles is a painful gimmick that stops any setup sweeper cold. Max out HP and Defense. Taunt to stop them from setting up too much. If they're a physical sweeper, Counter = dead. Even if they kill pyukumuku in one hit, they're still dead. If they're a special sweeper, just die = sweeper dead. Use Toxic just in case they switch.
  4. Toxapex is better off with Regenerator and in Singles, IMO. Also I wouldn't do Merciless Toxapex or toxistall in general because Tapu Fini. Here are some doubles strategies you can look at (and watch out for): 1. Ninetales Aurora Veil 2. Oranguru sets up Trick Room... then Torkoal Eruption + Oranguru Instruct 3. (the obvious) Koko + Raichu 4. Marowak + Gyarados 5. Marowak in general since it beats Ultra Beasts other than Nihilego 6. Lilligant After You + Torkoal Eruption 7. Tapu Lele no-priority fast team 8. Pelipper by itself 9. Celesteela is everywhere coz Wide Guard 10. Double Intimidate teams (usually Salamence + Arcanine)
  5. Contrary Snivy/Destiny Knot

    If you're talking about a trade in Sun & Moon, you can't get Hidden Ability of Island Scan Pokemon, BTW. I'll let people who are interested in trading their destiny knots take the floor...
  6. Munchlax Nintendo Network event for SUNMOON

    Ok I tested it: trading a Z-Crystal makes it disappear.
  7. Hello Malco :)
    I'm looking for friend codes
    Add my friend code please I am Tunisian
    Pseudo: E-monta
    Friend code: 3411 1248 5353

  8. Now that Gen 7 is out, I'm adding Gen 7 after 5. So my order now is 2 1 4 3 6 5 7 (worst to best) Also I have probably made some lists where 3 and 6 are swapped but that's OK.
  9. Munchlax Nintendo Network event for SUNMOON

    Well, once the event ends in January... I wonder if we can attach a Z-Crystal and trade it to unlock it in the recipient's game? I haven't tried that...
  10. Favorite Pokemon!!!!

    Well, I'd just post on the top 10 favorite Pokemon thread... there's a lot of other peoples' lists to read there also if you like. Some of us gave pretty detailed histories about the Pokemon we like.
  11. PokéScribbles!

    Latest pic: Halloween pic - Fairy Tale Sisters Also have a sketch: Buizel, Hau and Raichu
  12. First memory about Pokemon

    I started late with a GBA SP and Sapphire. I also had a bootleg Emerald too, which was obviously a fake since it didn't come with a wireless adapter and the battery was always "dry" so I couldn't plant berries. I just preferred the Sapphire since the clock worked and I was afraid of losing saves. I picked Mudkip and finished the game once. Since I had no one to trade with I did replay it a couple of times, and the last time I stopped restarting, I finally evolved a Milotic and it became the star of the contests. After I lost the GBA SP to some freak accident, I gave up on Pokemon until the DS and Pokemon Pearl, where knowing it was a sequel, I was wondering why I couldn't just choose Mudkip as starter again? And of course, I eventually recaptured the Milotic contest glory.
  13. Spoilery discussion

    It would be awesome if any of the slow rock types gained the priority rock move.
  14. Hmm. Suggestions: * Ringmail * Armor King * Duel Discs * Dinobot * Reptar * Claptrap
  15. Request-a-Trade

    That epic autocorrect typo though... Well I was mostly just getting its HA since I missed it, but I'll have to make a hail team for the Battle Maison (or whatever it is in Sun and Moon) sometime and see if it's better with Abomasnow or Aurorus. Would you need another copy of it though? It sounds like your only one.