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  1. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I'm hoping the new region is connected to Kalos, either via the eastern edge, southern edge or both. It would be interesting to see a Moon Shaped region surrounding Kalos (star shaped), like an inverse pakistani flag. If you look at a map of Kalos, you can see mountains, and usually a continent doesn't end in mountains and sea/ocean is on the other side. Mountains are typically formed either from volcanic activity (Volcanion) or traditional good old fashion seismic activity such as tectonic plates mashing and overlapping. Clearly there is something south of those mountains, and maybe east of the mountains that are home Terminus Cave, Anistar City and Snowbelle City. I'm also hoping they finally give us a Flygon Mega. Flygonite must be mine! I would also like to see the Gen II starters get Megas, or maybe the ability to sync like Ash and his Greninja. Imagine doing that with Typhlosion
  2. Competitive Battling

    Highs: Knocking out 3 Pokemon with a single Sylveon. Sending a Physical inclined Malamar with the Contrary ability out in the middle against 3 Intimidate Pokemon and getting 3x boost to attack. Lows: running into 5 trainers in a row using darkrai, or multiple trainers with shiny legendaries that are not possible.
  3. the chaotic guy

    thanks, I hope I don't cause too much mayhem. I'll try to censor myself and not mentally scare others.
  4. the chaotic guy

    I'm Chris or as you may call me Yami, I like to cause Chaos and dismay. Some interesting Trivia about myself. I Helped coin Mortality Duo's name, albeit as a placeholder (Pokemon Z was meant to usurp that place holder) I also helped discover and investigate the Protean Self Curse glitch (using my Sylveon I bred to fight as a ghost type)