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  1. PokéScribbles!

    Absolutely stunning it matches it so well, here's a fresh one from me too: Enjoy~
  2. PokéScribbles!

    On regard to this topic, i love that you guys are finding use of it, it makes this Deerling very happy~ Also, if you want a cleaner design, may i suggest using layers and making to create bumpers for your design? It gives you much cleaner control over the look of your works, and if you do it right, it's very easy to match up the masking because as long as the masking is good, you cannot physically go over the line, even if you mess up. When I do coloring work, I usually Make 3 lays linked by Masking. A base layer of a lineart, which is the mask. Above that is the color layer, which is not a mask. and on top is the outlines only, the reason you put the outlines with no fill above is so they look like they show through the colors, it's an artist trick that has severed me well for many, many years. I will make an example to show you what i mean later, but for now... Here is an Example of an Alolan Version of one of my OCs, Gracie Shaymin, who went from grass to steel type and has the ability filter. Enjoy, ~Deerlia Deerling
  3. PokéScribbles!

    Here is my OC's Evolution, Folia Sawsdoe, she works like the Super mystery Dungeon Series with evolution, it's only temporary in times of crisis. Also, regarding the Shinx Evo line, i like how you did the shine effect, like a heavy colorful glow, the colors look good, but the big reason they might change is because you are using most likely a jpeg version, which loses quality each time it is saved, if it is coming from your 3ds. To avoid this, you might need to make more drastic color changes or consider getting some editing software, like gimp, and adjust the colors and convert to PNG format. PNG is loseless and allows transparency, like my stuff, and it will never lose quality as long as you don't change it's true size. Just keep that all in mind when making your works. Also, there is nothing wrong with cut off limbs in a pic, especially for closeups, but if you are presenting a main focus in a background pic, it is still wisest to include the full look inside the pic, also, if you ever do a pic with transparency, never cut off the edges, it will look like the picture is cut off in the wrong way, so work smaller if you can to avoid this, or expand your canvas, if possible. Just helpful tips from a Deerling~
  4. PokéScribbles!

    Looks like a shiny Luvdisc to me, considering that is the color and there are others there.
  5. PokéScribbles!

    Hope you don't mind Malco, but: A little gift from me to you~ Enjoy~
  6. PokéScribbles!

    You can link it or share it with us though, you can use links via insert other media > insert image from url. By doing that, you won't use up any of your limit and can have bigger and more pictures. Here is a little joke i started between me and Earthenwarrior on the main site, after he tried to assault me with Megahorn:
  7. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    I just got one today, a shiny hatched Honedge, within 10 eggs~ I named her "Rufa Macula" which in Latin, means "Red Stain" Cheers to my first hatched shiny~
  8. PokéScribbles!

    Very good work, Malco, I love the uniqueness to it, the inkling boy is a perfect touch for a tropical region, and the use of types and species is very diverse. One slight suggestion i may recommend, you should maybe make this a bit more depth based, add a bg and some shading and you got an inkling ready to say Aloha to Alola~ Take your time, no hurry there, my deer~ Here's another one from me: My OC, Gracie Shaymin, is ready for a long day at the beach in Alola!
  9. Looking to show your Pokemon Artistry? I have started a new topic just for that! 


  10. PokéScribbles!

    We all have or have seen some great fanart in Pokemon, it drives us, moves us, and at times even makes us think deeper about the species. I am here today presenting the idea of sharing Pokemon art you made in this topic, for all to see! The idea behind this is to inspire Pokejungle fans to get creative about the species they love and know so well, or tell into the realm beyond the lore of the strange and amazing monsters with pictures, artwork, animations, and other visual medias that can be shown here. Because this is listed in the Pokemon set of Categories, I would like to ask if you only share adaptations of pokemon confirmed to exist in some way from the anime, card games, video games, or other official elements. In other words, no fakemon, fusions (other than the known and confirmed) or gag pokemon. OCs and Pokesonas are welcome as long as they are based on real pokemon and do not detract or take away from the chance for everyone to enjoy. (No spamming stuff about you OC or Pokesona, you don't wanna have it pushed in your face, so don't do it to others.) Also, I would recommend if you do post, offer at least one art for us to observe, so the next person has something meaningful to comment on, if you are not an artist, share something inspiring to you! So to start us off, here's my Version of The Rotom Pokedex: And begin~