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  1. Beyond Level 1 for Pokemon?

    Why not! I always like seeing what other fans think
  2. USUM Trainer Names

    If I don’t use my real name, I use Jungle. Ever try looking up a word and using the Japanese (or another languages’s) translation? I guess that’s pretty nerdy but EDIT: I saw someone on Twitter suggest Polaris, I thought that was a rather unique choice
  3. Salutations Ladies and Gents

    We're all loners here, but I'll give you directions to anything you need Happy to have you aboard! Planning on playing USUM?
  4. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Discussion

    One thing that worries me is that since the Battle Tree was confirmed back in, that may lessen the possibility of a Battle Frontier? I really miss having something like that in the game.
  5. Let's hear your thoughts on the follow-up to Pokémon Sun & Moon! I bet they're gonna be ultra fun
  6. Just curious about who here is going to be buying a Switch. Wish I was, but I've got other stuff to buy in my life :'( Maybe when Stars comes out though, eh?
  7. Bugs. I'd be a professor studying bugs.
  8. Hello, Pokefans! SilverNinja17 Here!

    We are happy to have you! Welcome!
  9. Virtual Console Exclusive Moves

    Very helpful! Thank you!
  10. Pokéjungle Family Portrait Survey ^-^

    Where's my portrait??
  11. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    Yeah I've only got about a week left myself. Honestly, I'm ready to go back to work... otherwise I just stay home all day because Japan is super hot in the summer and I don't feel like getting all sweaty
  12. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    So... what's up everyone?
  13. Hello!

    WELCOME! We're happy to have you. Enjoying the games thus far?
  14. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    Glad we finally tracked down that issue and got it fixed I want to go on a cruise. My family went on one when I was in Japan during my high school exchange year, can you believe that?!
  15. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I love Grubbin lol; but I guess that was probably expected...