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  1. Just curious about who here is going to be buying a Switch. Wish I was, but I've got other stuff to buy in my life :'( Maybe when Stars comes out though, eh?
  2. Bugs. I'd be a professor studying bugs.
  3. Hello, Pokefans! SilverNinja17 Here!

    We are happy to have you! Welcome!
  4. Virtual Console Exclusive Moves

    Very helpful! Thank you!
  5. Pokéjungle Family Portrait Survey ^-^

    Where's my portrait??
  6. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    Yeah I've only got about a week left myself. Honestly, I'm ready to go back to work... otherwise I just stay home all day because Japan is super hot in the summer and I don't feel like getting all sweaty
  7. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    So... what's up everyone?
  8. Hello!

    WELCOME! We're happy to have you. Enjoying the games thus far?
  9. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    Glad we finally tracked down that issue and got it fixed I want to go on a cruise. My family went on one when I was in Japan during my high school exchange year, can you believe that?!
  10. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I love Grubbin lol; but I guess that was probably expected...
  11. All hail Overlord Grubbin

    1. Smitje


      Could it become the new mascot of Pokejungle during the launch of S&M?

    2. Nomyt


      Agreed, although Pikipek needs hailing too. :D So hope Grubbin evolves into a Electric. He sort of looks like resistance capacitor. :)

    3. Malco


      Excluding starters, I'm more on the Pikipek hype train, though...

  12. Help on posting statuses?

    FOUND THE ISSUE. I guess if you go to Profile -> Edit Profile there's a setting to enable Status Updates and for some reason yours were set to be disabled. Should be working now
  13. Identified as spam :(

    I added you to the "trusted users" list; hope that helps. You were not on the banned list. It may be a Disqus support issue, but hopefully at least on our site it will auto-approve your stuff now.
  14. Identified as spam :(

    I will check into this! Thanks for letting me know
  15. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Almost time for the new info... getting excited...