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    Let's hear your thoughts on the follow-up to Pokémon Sun & Moon! I bet they're gonna be ultra fun
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    So with the new release on the Virtual Console, what teams do you have/ are you going for?
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    The thing is, I am trying to use pokes I've never used before, but the game makes it kinda hard. For example, I'd love to have a Houndoom as my fire pokemon, but it is only available in Kanto. A Lapras would be nice, but I need to surf for it, so by the time I'm able to catch one, my water pokemon will be way up in level. And that happens with almost all of my pokes.
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    At the heart in the bottom right corner, if you hover over that you get the Sewaddles!
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    Absol-utely! I've spend over 200+ hours in platinum and HeartGold and the new frontiers were so stylish, fun and challenging. The tree seems so underwhelming, I thought at least you might reach the top or something. The subway and PWT were exciting, but I'm biased since I love trains and it felt like it had more heart to me. In comparison, I've spend hardly a quarter of that time playing every other game without a good BF or equivalent, the battle factory for instance was amazing, I loved using Pokemon I wouldn't ever have used and coming to appreciate them. I dont even even hope for a new BF anymore nowadays. I stopped wishing for one after we got so many, many games without any... Curse you ORAS, it was just a tease. Bleh. Boy who cried wolf and all that. Edit: where are mah promised emoji sewaddles? T^T
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    Hello everyone, Haven't been here in quite some time, but I wanted to share this... After a really long time, and almost a year since Sun/Moon came out, I was able to beat the Battle Maison and obtain the Expert Battler Ribbon on my Scizor. I then transfered it to Alola and got the four new ribbons they had in there. Here's the picture: We are officially ready for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon !
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    True, but back then they didn't really have a Game plan. G/S was meant to be the last games of the series, and they likely didn't have a game plan (get it) until 4th or 5th gen.
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    Sorry for this mega bump but I've updated the list to included GSC, which are now coming to virtual console this year! Plenty of fun GSC exclusive moves like Confusion-using Blastoise or Pay Day Jumpluff. New List (GSC moves now included): http://hello.danjohnston.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/RBY_GSCExclusiveMoves.txt