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  2. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    I was hatching riolus after completing Pokemon sun to trade to Pokemon moon to have a perfect tea. I used a ditto with a Japanese name holding a destiny knot and a lucario holding an everstone, only took me 78 eggs to get a 5 iv shiny
  3. Before I go to see my folks, just a quick message to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate. Hope you have the best day, and all the best towards the new year.

  4. USUM Trainer Names

    RetroArch is the must have nintendo 3ds emulator for your android device. This is a free emulator app to play your favorite DS games and also gets a lot of features in it.
  5. GUYS! Shiny Alolan Vuplix. I'm taking a break from Poipole, and decided to carry on with the main story, and on my way to E4 I found a random Vuplix. Almost spammed A to one shot it, but glad I noticed the sparkle. It looks no different to a normal one.

  6. USUM Trainer Names

    Oh hahaha nice we share a name i guess then
  7. Soft resetting for a Shiny Poipole. Wish me luck! On 41 tries so far. :)

    1. Nomyt


      300+ resets so far, and nil shiny.

    2. Nomyt


      I have officially lost count, but I think I'm nearing a 1000.

  8. Getting USun on christmas! Ot quiet here...

  9. USUM Trainer Names

    What does shoku mean in english? I've been trying to find a translation for Eclipse and I get 3 things: Nisshoku (日食) [Solar eclipse], Gesshoku (月食) [Lunar eclipse], and Shoku (食). I've found alot of words that Shoku could mean, meal, food, and eclipse are the most common though. So my main question is, does shoku (食) mean eclipse? And if not, what is eclipse in japanese? Thanks! (Don't trust google translate)
  10. USUM Trainer Names

    Cool choice.
  11. USUM Trainer Names

    You named him Eclipse? -_-'
  12. So hows the game?

    It's okay. Basically the same but I guess it's what you'd expect from the 3rd version. If anything, it is an improvement over the first ones. But still boring overall.
  13. So hows the game? Im getting it in a bit so I wanna know what you guys think! No spoilers though! PLEASE!!!
  14. Tell that to all the Youtube channels...
  15. Why do so many trainers have only one pokemon!?! Like Seriously!!!

    1. Jewelwriter Moonstar

      Jewelwriter Moonstar

      Trust me, it's a pain at times to find a 1 trainer Mon. At least one can hope it's a high stat Poke.

  16. USUM Trainer Names

    Why not Meny for a guy and Upi for a girl?
  17. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = (Note this is before playing USun and UMoon) In this new age of Pokémon, it’s time to say Alola to the world of… a messed up family line. And a painfully long mess we get to play through in a way. Yea… this review isn’t as clean cut as the others and I have had time to play it since Christmas (to evade being on a hype railroad and to try to understand the game where I see it) and I’m glad that I did just that, waited. My review might not be what everyone wants but then again I’m asking a lot of people to listen to me on this for the count of a few things. First, sure this is a game of beauty but visuals are objective and I’ll cover this more inflow but when some basics are lost at the expense of others, I worry. Second, I’m doing another playthrough to see if having someone different helps the game feel better but I will say that I’ll never go for the “FIGHTING” type that we got. AND I WILL DEFEND THIS TO THE END THAT LITTEN’S FINAL EVOLUTION IS A FIGHTING TYPE! Pardon there. I kind of still don’t see how come people are willing to ignore what the context is on that Pokémon. And third I will be warning of spoilers where it is due, likely in story and bosses. Thanks in advance and I’ll let rip my review that goes beyond level 1 of the game Pokémon Sun! Control – (Silver) This is kind of new and yet comfy at the same time. The controls for the overworld are ALL linked to the stick to give you a free spot with the D-pad to link up with HM heroes. That’s what I’m calling them. Throughout this generation, I might as well call them that. You got running speed fright from the start and can even have a bit of fun. In battle either works which are a bleeping joy and touch helps speed up who needs a change or patch up. OF course, a bigger problem that doesn’t come to mind is how easy it is to miss the bottom screen. Say high to the thing that ate up all the swift tap buttons to try and save time going to menus and hello to the X button which will house more than 6 but 12 options. The first is the usual stuff like your Pokedex, your Pokémon, your luggage, your Save, your options, and lastly the Passport which is your trainer ID. Then the new stuff comes up featuring Pokémon Refresh (the simplified and gutted Pokémon Amie), Pokémon Pelago (your Pokémon Daycare for those who are boxed up with nothing to do.), Festival Plaza (your interaction hub), QR scan (allowing you to SEE all Pokémon in the digital dictionary), Quick Link for local play, and Battle video…which I haven’t gotten anything yet but would go for it if I get some video recordings. I clearly enjoy how there’s a lot to take in but yet feel it stepped backward. So sorry the Silver rating is needed for this section. Story – (Silver/Gold) Spoiler Warning take effect here! A normal game of Pokémon has a story that is stolen by a crazy FAMILY! Let’s see… the first you met stolen a legendary to be and yet it was also a caring gal that would likely not to be a trainer that we’d see. And get such a taste of the new challenges of the story where we see a gang wanting to jack things up and an organization that wants to care for those that were hurt…which flipped into a rescue mission and finding out that in the saviors is a really TWISTED b!tc# and she’s the reason her son and daughter ran from the place. By the GODS what a way to push the story into the spotlight! Also with how she insults the player char in a way kind of hurts for those that are dedicated to a team. It felt like she was aiming to the competitive players which I would get a laugh about so I feel it’s silly. And the final battle with the evil President is a bit annoying since her team is “BUFFED” thanks to her ultra-beast infusion though I did use a bit of a smart rear tactic of having a defense jumper up front to make it harder to fight and slow them down with Bulldozer which helps to make a strong combo when it is clear they are unable to get their first move in. And also a moment about the Gang Leader Gozma (I’ll take him down, take him down and never let up all about town!) with the stupid wrapping of him and his crew could have done more but gods, at least they were more entertaining until I found out that HE was in on the stupid plan of “perfection” and on that I am feeling like the island challenge was a roadblock to try to get to the end of the story and also reach the goal of the Pokémon league. Though the big surprise to the end is that who is the big battle is a great mix up for the final battle of the story as it can change it up… by going against more than just one obvious char. The professor, the electric trial captain, Gozma’s Poisonous gal, even a Kahuna and a KID FROM ROUTE 1 WANT YOUR CHAMPION BELT! That earned this gold barely but I’m also giving silver due to the story to get to that point. Spoiler Warning ends at this point! Content – (Metal) As we know, things might not make it back in a new gen and this is one of them, a favorite of mine: Rotation Battles. Though this in and of itself doesn’t mean it’s at all bad. It has given us a Pokémon Pelago to allow us to grind levels and raise mon how you want (I got all the island updates as of February.) in which is handy for those that play calmly and want to have help while playing the game. THAT being said, the mini-games are just… nonexistent here that it makes me sad because there’s almost NOTHING to really enjoy and Your only means of coinage gain is either by having your Pokémon explore their cave in the Pokémon Pelago or take down trainers and the daily Pukumuku flinging. It makes for a bad feeling for those that want to play something more to connect to the Pokémon world. SURE it is streamlined but it will leave someone empty. I’ve rethought this and went with giving this Metal instead for even a veteran trainer would get bored of all the none events in the game once you did them all. Flow – (Silver) For once I have to talk about the graphics since they kind of bog the game down in a way. With trainers now kept on screen during battle you are likely slowing the game down and makes one groan at how some battles can take a long time and could even make you feel trouble arriving in the worst of ways: by costing someone more time to play by tournament standings. For the casual player or someone who is going into doubles/Multi/Battle Royale, it will be a nightmare. Especially when waiting likely two minutes for the turn to end. Have fun with some of that and how often the story might interrupt your exploration if you need to do an island challenge. Speaking of, I find them silly in a sense but they do mostly involve battling. Trial 1: Battle 3 locals and their totem, Trial 2: Take down a fish 3 times with the last one being a Totem fight, Trial 3: Answer and battle 3 answers with the last one being the totem, Trial 4: Find the items and defend yourself be ready for the totem Pokémon, Trial 5: Audio quizzing and fight 4 Pokémon to turn the lights on when you see the totem Pokémon, Trial 6: Photography with ghost Pokémon and you end up finding how unhealthy the Totem Pokémon is obsessed with Pikachu. And Trial 7 is actually a remix of the trial you did in the DEMO of the game. The only familiar feel of former gameplay I obtained came from the four Grand Trials, they felt like real gym leaders to me and I got to enjoy those battles. Especially when it is not an SOS Pokémon come in. With certain gamers then it’ll be a pain but for others, it is a required wait to get through the game in certain manners. Bosses – (Bronze/Silver) Spoiler Warning take effect here! Is it odd that I feel like the totem Pokémon, the very thing Game Freak and the Pokémon Company highlighted in the game’s advertisement were not the real boss characters? Yea, they aren’t. IF I added them they would be a brought the game down to a bronze here. The saving grace was the Grand trials, Team Skull, and the large twist before you get to the last island (Poni island and no friendship isn’t magic there) and after you gotten through all the trials of Poni Island. The favorite for this gamer was the final battle of the first Elite Four. To me, it felt like the REAL rival was hidden in the back and trying to be sure you reach the top to see where you stand with you and your Pokémon. And for once it will not happen often as you’ll have to defend your belt from as mentioned before your true rival who you only would fight here, various chars that you took on like Lille’s Brother, Hau, and even the former Team Skull babysitter and as said before a current Kahuna. If one were to add those together and not the totems, you’d earn the rank of Silver solidly at the least. Well, that and spanking the President’s behind while she had her team jacked up. Spoiler Warning ends at this point! Overall – (Bronze) On the personal side, I’d go give this a Bronze since it means that Pokémon has started to slip and in no way can I sugar it to myself. For a competitive scene I’d keep with Gen six for a while longer though happy times trying to fight in the new gen without having a big issue and I’ll be the stick in the mud to say Pokémon isn’t going onto the Switch as a mainline game but if a new handheld is revealed one can hope but it is for sure isn’t the Switch as I am using the logic that I got from watching for ages to get a good guess. [-|-|-] I almost can’t wait for this generation to be corrected.
  18. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = You know you’re up to the test! There’s only one way to tell this story! At last, we have reached the famous and stylish Kalos Region! Customization, personalizing, showing WHO you are here is what this region is all about! There are no real mini-games that are in the main game but you do have something to not only make you competitive but show you are business or just have fun and advertise yourself. The world is ready to see what you can do close up. SPOTLIGHT! Control – (Platinum) They finally made it an 8-way movement. That is so sweet, and NOW you can even roller skate to the area’s that normally came up. Granted it was mostly used in very few spots but it works. Of course, I can’t wait to see how they allow you more motion. Also, this is where you can shuffle things with your stylist. Story – (Bronze) This villain Team…fabulous style, stupidity as high as Team rockets. SO FAIL. FAIL. FAIL! I mean Giovanni could do better with minions than this and why you want to pull a Cyrus in a dumb way is beyond me. This was going to be metal but I gave it credit on the fact a little after game story saved it. Granted it is all in one city but better than zero. Content – (Silver) Not too bad on it. You got ways to train Pokémon without a battle, play with Pokémon and have them do things abnormal to Pokemon games, and even advertise yourself WITH your Pokémon. Not bad but could have added more bleeping beef to make this a fuller experience. It makes one wish for stuff from Gen 4 and Gen 5 help out. Though you can get some with the Friend Safari to get Pokemon that you can’t normally get, it is not as bad as back in Generation 4. Now if only one can tame the outrageous trading. Flow – (Silver) It’s at least easy to keep up with the story in a sense. You can’t miss going through the entire arc of the story and ignore the few side routes unless wanting a few Pokémon and not get the Pokémon wanted to miss the chance to catch all the Pokémon possible. You almost can get by just by playing the game and revolve teammates with a Pokémon just caught. Electric-type, Fighting/water type, flying type (Halacha), then ground type, poison type, then dark type then you are covered from there on. Bosses – (Bronze) This is a tricky one but the gym leaders mostly didn’t stand out a lot. They didn’t even feel as memorable so far so in a sense, it wasn’t a good thing at all. In fact, you only met on…¼ of the gym leaders outside of their gym that has a personality that is a lot more clear. That’d be the Korrina and Wulfric. I got a lot more soul from the brothers of Striaton than the villain and most of the gym leaders. Overall – (Silver) If anything this has been a good journey through all the regions and each generation rated in each part. It’s too bad some of the things might not stay with the next generation. [-|-|-] But that’s what gen seven has gotta do, right? That’ll be a fun ride to see.
  19. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = It’s not always Black or White but your heart always knows what’s right…but let the Journey begin! We are in a full reset here in Pokémon at this point and also another experimentation of Pokémon. With the introduction to triple battles, Rotations, and improved wi-fi and communications that make for a very interesting experience that no other game can relate to. Yet this took out some of the stables of Pokémon and replaced them with…other stuff that isn’t as relatable as one can imagine. Let’s run down the world of- correction… TWO worlds of Pokémon and see how Gray this game is. Also due to this being a SEQUAL generation, the sequel is going to get rated on what it has over the other. And with that, we are on the way to seeing the truth of such ideals accomplish. Control – (BW = Gold/B2W2 =Gold) If you’ve played Pokémon Gen 4 then this shouldn’t be too complex. You can move in the 4 compass directions and run after you get some shoes. Though of course, you can touch to battle through in this there was at the least it isn’t too bad as the controls are simple. Though one can hope it can get better. Story – (BW =Silver/B2W2 =Gold) Black and White had the story of the villain team wanting people and Pokémon to part ways. This honestly could work in concept… except in this game. (Spoilers Zone =>) Of course, N didn’t seem like the real villain but the puppet for who was really in charge. When N left the group, the real villain went to a pure terrorist mode and was fighting to try to make the world into a never-ending winter. (<=Spoilers Zone) In this the story, you obtain quite a number of twists and even have the gym leaders out and rocking a bit more than normal. And give cheers for the fact you can get character growth in this than most other generations. The bigger difference is kind of where you get certain things from the region. Content – (BW =Bronze/B2W2 =Gold) In Black and White, while you have the capturing, outside of it wasn’t much. You got the train station and seasonal Pokémon but that’s mostly it. In B2 & W2, they gave you Pokéstar Studios, a lot more Pokémon and the best drama and action-packed arena of all time: the Pokémon World Tournament! Players are pitted one on one with the all-stars of Pokémon, of ALL kinds, and against Gym Leaders, the Champions of the Pokémon league and for a time, against REAL players. Pure unfiltered, GOLD quality found right in that one spot. Flow – (BW =Gold/B2W2 =Silver) This is where I will refer back to the story section a bit, in the story, you are given more of a free-flowing story since you have to literally fight the villain team after getting issued a challenge to stop them by getting all the badges and becoming stronger and searching for the legendary Pokémon of the game and it gave you dire want to at least get to the gyms and stop the trouble before it is too late. On the other side, the story is not as dynamic and more exploding into your face as things happen and yet you need to make a detour before you are able to take on the big bad. Trust me when I say the flow of the first outpaced the second in my opinion Bosses – (BW =Gold /B2W2 =Gold) You’ll get a big kick out of the fact each of them got a personality in their gyms, in their battle talk and how they make the story grow. But be ready to not be in for a good ride if you think it’ll be easy at about gym 4 or so. Overall – (BW = Silver/B2W2 =Silver) A good Pokémon game has always been tricky to gain and in a sense this was supposed to be a reset to the world and have everyone experience things that were once upon a time new to everyone, not fluffing it up with pass Pokémon. Though this might have done a bit too much in the process. [-|-|-] And as we leave the Unova region there is only two region left to go. Get ready to stay fresh.
  20. USUM Trainer Names

    Either my real name, or Nomyt, or if I choose a girl character then it's Alice. (Shrugs, I guess I'm just unoriginal.)
  21. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = We will be heroes. We can change the world if we try. Yep. We have reached the point where Pokémon, especially legendaries got into a VERY larger scale as we gotten the chance to battle with the gods of Space, Time, alternate realities and more. Lore of the Pokémon world is likely centered in this generation and oddly fitting with the location of Hearthome City having of all things a church. But it’s here we can at least get a feel for this since this was the first of the generations to introduce the world of WI-FI to Pokémon. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. And for those paying attention, due to all the generation being together in one, unless/until a remake is done, this game will be counted as one so no splits here. Control – (Gold) This is a good system to move about, pick your moves via touch screen which really should be done with more and even applications that should be in every Pokémon game. Too bad this forsaken in later generations but there’s hope for it. At least you can keep track of legendries without needing to open the map in your dex and go looking for it. That I will give credit where it is due since personally some of those were GREAT. Story – (Gold) This is where the fact there’s so many legends here. The main story specially says it as the villain team is set to get the god of time/space/dimensions to make the world their own. For the most focused and dangerous of villains then look no further than with the one and only Cyrus. He’s thinking he’ll be the hero if he altered the world and at times, one can feel sorry for the guy…UNTIL you realize that the guy is trying to even upstage the god of Pokémon by making a world of his own and even using the beings of Emotion, Knowledge, and Courage (willpower but courage works considering.) and making the chains that could potentially capture the gods of Pokémon. A word of advice people: DON’T LET PEOPLE LIKE HIM GET POWER! Content – (Gold) There are contests, the final breath of gambling which can distract you but also there’s a lot of Pokémon that could catch. Of course, there’s plenty to do thanks to Wifi and fun too. This will be one to really sink your teeth into if you care about content, especially in platinum where the 5 battle symbols are ready. Flow – (Silver) As far as the story goes, the experience is roller coaster styled in a bad way that we do get a story but some of the gyms they aren’t strung together and it kind of saddened me since a story writer could see the gyms that aren’t linked to the storyline as fluff. In fact, it would benefit if there were fewer gyms at times if it can work with the story. Anyone that can stand how it is running is a good way I applaud you. Bosses – (Metal) I’ll say this now. The gym leaders were more of humor and the like and were kind of easier to understand that what they gave us when looking back to them. The thing that kind of saves this from stone is Cyrus and Cynthia battle-wise and Platinum for designs. In the original Gyms had a little flavor in a sense that kind of was a bore in some places and even annoying. In the Platinum version, they boosted some of this up and made it better. In battle, Cynthia was a champion you can’t be fully prepared for and Cyrus is the kind of monstrous character you’d love to have met your Home Run Bat. Overall – (Silver) This was a rocky start in trying to pull Pokémon into the online world but it is something to remember for sure. Get ready to get back to basics in a sense when we go to the region of Unova and discover how deeply logic can go. [-|-|-] And by the by ladies and gentlemen… Arceus is better than lord Helix from a lore standpoint.
  22. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = Take a step and I’m on my way. Gonna start all over again. For many of us, the line I used to open this is from the anime’s opening and in a sense, it is how we ALL started to decline from Pokémon. This has introduced a new battle style that is used in this world and yet pulled a few punches in ways. Get set to have some worlds rocked. Control – (RSE = Gold/ ORAS = Platinum) This is the generation that the mechanic of Running was introduced. A very simple thing but it was well worth it. Also in the remix (ironically), the idea of sneaking up on Pokémon came into view too. One can only imagine how handy some of the stuff is in this generation and minus the controls normal bumpy roads it was well worth the exploration of the region… even if you’ll need a Lapras to carry you to the last fourth of the way. Story – (RSE = Silver/ ORAS = Silver) The story is a bit different and in a good sense. You got two rival groups trying to either make land on earth at the expense of water or make Seaworld 2 appear in a children’s game and we know how that went if you saw that movie. Even if the story is about the same, there is the temptation to make the metal rank lower for the fact the rival’s story wasn’t good at all (thank Wally’s growth for this. If you discover the fact he beat some gyms before you after you trounce him in another city and then somehow caught up to you/blocks your way to the Elite four to give you one more battle for a time. For best results, listen to the song that plays during the remix). Content – (RSE = Gold/ ORAS = Silver) There’s a lot to look about but the fact ORAS gets the silver is because of the end game in a sense. Emerald pushed RSE into gold for a reason that honestly was fun and challenging: The Battle Frontier! Pokémon had more than one championship battle style back then. Tournament Mode, Battle Tower, The Pyramid quest, Lady Luck, relying on your own Pokémon to battle on their own, and of course… the Dojo! ORAS has…the Battle Resort. This is something that has happened in Gen 6 (which you’ll see when we get to in part 6.) but it’s not improved or given variety. And rant all you want, but there’s content you gotta see in Emerald to enjoy more than ORAS. Flow – (RSE = Gold/ORAS = Gold) If you mind the fact you’ll be exploring a lot for Pokémon in places where one TM is needed then this is a bit of a stretch for you but then again if it was perfect then try backtracking to certain places on foot. (A bit of a fact: if you do see the map, then you’ll be able to travel to at least 4 and at best 5 of the gyms via footwork and able to kind of back to them easily with not needing the move required for going over water. The challenge: name them.) In the Remakes you would at times get automatically transported to your next location but be sure to be aware of what is said since if you are saying yes to a quick transport you might need to backtrack after a bit to train. Something to keep in mind. Bosses – (RSE = Gold/ ORAS = Gold) There is a special quirk to this that I do like in these games in the fact they got a personality in their gyms a lot more than normal here. Brawly with his gym wanting to challenge you in the most out there way, the Winona and her lock you out gym, Norman’s simplicity, Flannery’s steaming pathway to-…I’ll stop there before I give fan writers something to work with there. And let’s not forget the ONLY double battle in Gym History so far. I’m waiting for my Rotation battle Gym Leader Game Freak. MAKE IT SO! And Don’t make me wait for too many generations for it! Overall – (RSE = Silver /ORAS = Silver) The generation that introduced us to double battles, better Pokémon breeding, and even some concepts not done any other time was a rare one, though for some this was the point they jumped off and never came back for a while. For some, this was a new adventure and despite the difficulties, it was still fun and minus a fact you needed a LOT of the games to catch almost all 386 Pokémon was where it was about just reaching the highest you can go and work with the ones that make sense to you. [-|-|-] But be ready to go from legendary monsters that sculpted the planet to …a very odd place to find the epicenter of Pokémon.
  23. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. === Everybody wanna be a master, everybody wanna show their skill. Everybody wanna get there faster; make their way to the top of the hill. Pokémon’s Generation one was a hard thing to top. But then again somehow they managed to do this in a way no one can deny was a mark in the world. For many it was the peak of Pokémon, adding 100 new warriors to pick from just from scanning the grass, exploring caves, and more. Just be ready for some backtracking. Control – (GSC = Silver/HGSS = Gold) The compass directions are still in full swing and a lot easier to get some of your precious gear than ever. Battle controls are the same but now you got a number of other things to do. The Pokémon technical advancement this generation being your all in one of it being own phone (No… your Rattata isn’t in the 1% of them all.), your Radio (DJ Mary and Pokeflute Radio), and your map (Hopefully you won’t lose it while going in caves). You still get your Pokémon dictionary but it is at least more filling than the last one at least. And in a way, it was easier to control in a way. Though now you got the ability of not holding a button to run! Sure it is only for one gen, but still, it was great! Story – (GSC = Silver/HGSS = Silver) The story hasn’t changed too much but to recap. Several years after the hero of Kanto took the title of Champion time passed. We are now with a different hero that has arrived in town and asked by the local professor to gain something special from Mr. Pokémon. And no sooner did you get the special item that you have a disaster to get to from the professor. Afterwards, you are on your way to not only be a champion but try to clean up the mess of both your Rival who clearly grows during your adventures and a headless team rocket. Content – (GSC = Gold/HGSS = Gold) Puns unintended, the content here is plentiful and not locked by rare events for… almost all of the content in there. With over 100 Pokémon and now Breeding introduced, it is clear that getting the Pokedex full without having to trade a lot and even have starters be able to sire new mon is a big boon and allow for more to be done and even more complex battles. And in HGSS, the Frontier is a very fun place and very difficult in a sense with their different battle styles. And the big bust in favor of the originals is that you can still gamble in a sense and have some fun while the remixes are…flipping tiles. Flow – (GSC = Platinum/HGSS = Platinum) It’s still at your own pace and it allows you to grind, grow, and train for things. The story isn’t too complex and you can understand what is going on. If you are kind of lost, look at your badge collection and look for where the new badge is and try to obtain it or find out what is going on so you can get it. All of it is onto your pace at least and it’s good that you won’t get too lost for it all too. Bosses – (GSC = Gold/HGSS = Gold) Gym leaders are still the goal and they are mostly your typical one type, but get ready for a few delays in getting what you want. Mainly with 4 gals: Misty (on a date which I gotta flinch at when her date runs off when you show up), Whitney (To a soul named Silver August I’m sorry but she’s got a Miltank that is a pain in the * for many. And Insert your word where the asterisk is), Jasmine (Though I will give her deep credit since she was taking care of the ill), and Claire (who’d I’ve gotta give DOUBLE fury for how she is pissed you kicked her dragon tail). Otherwise nearly everyone you get to is a brawl to remember. And of course the big boss of the game that everyone is climbing to the hero of the past game. Though a thing about HGSS, they at least improved the teams of the gym leaders…though it’s in the rematches at least you can battle them for more exp. Overall – (GSC = Silver /HGSS = Gold) The hardest thing to do is to improve the game that launched fans all across the globe. This generation, generation 2, has proved that things can get better when developed in the right of ways. [-|-|-] And then the third Generation happened. Bring the parachutes and scuba gear, the dive into generation 3 will be a ride.
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