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  2. The "...." Region

    If I may, I would suggest that since you're making the normal color scheme an Icy light blue, that you make the Shiny form a shade of black/grey to reference Black Ice.
  3. The "...." Region

    Hmm I had not thought of this yet I will first get designs then get Shiny forms I think
  4. The "...." Region

    You're allowed, I don't mind if you use it. Nice concept for the Rockruff line, but I have to ask, what will the shiny look like?
  5. Darn it. I think I used all my shiny luck with Rowlett and Litten, Caterpie has also taken over 12 boxes & counting. (And I can't get rid of the extras by wondertrade) :( Please Shiny Arceus, shiny some luck on me please.

    1. PokemonKing16


      By the Power of Shiny Arceus, I grant you a better chance of getting a Shiny!

  6. Yesterday
  7. The "...." Region

    Hmm Leafmur why did I not think of that Thanks if I'm allowed to use it and for Rockruff it will become light blue and grow lots of fur all over that even covers its eyes from view
  8. Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

    Nope sorry its in game only
  9. Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

    @Wes If this goes well, Definitely! I will try to make them as unique as possible too!!
  10. The "...." Region

    For the grass starters middle evo I would put Leafmur or something along those lines. I am also very interested in what design you have in mind for the Rock/Ice Rockruff line.
  11. Competitive Battling

    2014 was pretty good I'll admit. Smogon is great. For 8th gen competitive, play 7th gen just to get everything prepared, y'know EV Training and stuff just to have something to do. If that won't work, play something different for a while then come back to the game.
  12. Last week
  13. So I decided to go to gamestop today and found something i have been wanting. needless to say I for once had money on me and jumped at it because i was overdue for a new jacket since the one i usually have is nearly 7 years old lol was well worth it and i absolutely love it!


    1. SyupendousStufful101
    2. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      I do to!! Litten is my favorite of the alolan starters and by far my favorite fire starter as well! now I just wish I could find something with treecko on it lol

  14. Competitive Battling

    2016/15 VGC was terrible, 2014 was great! Also, Smogon was way better than VGC. I just can't enjoy 7th Gen competitive, I'm just going to wait for 8th gen to play any Pokemon game besides Go.
  15. Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

    Is the tournament on showdown too ?
  16. The "...." Region

    Oh right and added of new Forms and Evos. Of Previous ones Evos. Chatot- Same as first Pre Skarmory- Same as first Carbink- Same as first Pre Tropius- Grass maybe Grass/Flying Krickitune- Same as before Farfetch'd- Fighting/Flying Pre Stantler- Same as before Pre Tangela- Grass/Normal Spinda- Same Forms Krabby line- Water/Rock Farfetch'd- Fighting/Flying Lampent & Chandelure- Electric/Fire Combee Line- Bug/Ice Porygon-Z- Psychic Parasect- Bug Rockruff line- Rock/Ice Cinccino- Fighting Pineco line- Ground then Ground/Steel
  17. The "...." Region

    Yay I like that people like this, but I have almost the full list now here it is: Starters -Lemur Pokémon turns into an Ape Mozmur>???>Sprigrape Grass>Same>Grass/Fighting -Bull Pokémon Matabull>???>??? Fire>Same>Fire/Ice -Flamingo Pokémon Flethingo>???>??? Water>Same>Water/Flying Regionals -Kingfisher Pokémon Kooluter>???>Kiningsher Normal/Flying>Same>Electric/Flying -Shrew Pokémon Scavrew>Jagagerew Normal>Same -Salmon Pokémon ???>???>Slamalon Water>Same>Same -Silverfish that turns into a Cockroach Malzil>Titanalis>Chromroach Bug>Bug/Steel>Same -Chipmunk Pikaclone Chipine Electric/Grass Version Exclusives Quake -Wallaby Pokémon Petallaby>??? Grass>Same -Hairless cat Pokémon ???>???>Pharless Ground>Same>Ground/Psychic Thunder -Kangaroo Pokémon Combaroo>??? Fighting/Fairy>Same -Fluffy Cat Pokémon Kittana>???>??? Normal>Normal/???>Same Fossils -Veloco Raptor Pokémon Obsiditer>Velocidian Rock/Fire>Same -Diatryma Pokémon ???>??? Rock/Ground>Same Random -Snowball Pokémon Snobalee>???>??? Ice>Same>Ice/Psychic -Marten/Tenrec Pokémon Shocry>Kilocious Electric>Electric/Dark -Nectar Elephant Pokémon Elesap>Nectaderm>Frigiderm Grass>Same>Grass/Ice -Bog Pig Pokémon Boglett>Barbiwine Grass>Grass/Dark -Gravity Pokémon Orbiner>Gravitor Psychic/Steel>Same -Anemone Pokémon Anemonate>Glonema Water>Same -Cow Pokémon Brak Grass -Theif Pokémon Thievie Normal/Ghost -Guard Pokémon ??? Steel -Toad Pokémon Toaxin>???>Punkoadom Poison>Same>Same -Corrosive Urchin Pokémon ???>???>??? Poison/Steel>Same>Same -Platypus Pokémon Platilly>???>Platcid Water/Normal>Same>Same -Mantis Shrimp Pokémon Mantimp>??? Water/Fighting>Same -Carmael Camel Pokémon Camarel>Carmalumps Ground/Fairy>Same -Toy Pokémon Tinkertot>Tinkerbot Steel/Ghost>Same -Sand Dollar Pokémon Doliave>Dolscle Ground>Ground/Fighting -Kakapo Parrot Pokémon ???>??? Grass/Flying>Ghost/Flying -Rubble Pokémon Grubble>Devouore Rock/Ghost>Same -Blobfish Pokémon Bouyanish>Gelobber Water>Water/Flying -Lunar moth Pokémon ???>??? Bug/Ice>Same -Spider Pokémon Dualnid>Quadrach>Octanid Bug>Same>Same -Dachshund Pokémon ???>??? Normal>Normal/Fire -Volcano Rabbit Pokémon ???>??? Fire>Same -Bubble Pokémon ???>???>??? Water>Same>Same -Snowshrew Pokémon Shrewix Ice/Ground -Skull Pokemon that turns into a Pirate ???>???>??? Ghost>Ghost>Ghost/Water -Embryo Pokémon ???>???>??? Dragon>Same>Dragon/Fire -Iguana Pseudo ???>???>??? Dragon>Dragon/Psychic>Same -Beetle Pokémon Frilldibeast Bug/Ground -Emotion Pokemon Cubernate Normal -Yeti Pokémon Yetice>Glayeti Ice>Same -Wind Pokémon Venkamoi Flying -Shrub+Scrub Pokémon Schrub>??? Grass/Steel>Same -Ouroborus Pokémon ???>??? Dragon>Same -Decision Bear Pokémon ???>??? or ??? Fighting/Psychic>Fighting or Psychic Legendaries -Wolf Trio Amartion, Faerqirn, Aqulut Psychic/Dark, Psychic/Ghost, Psychic/Water -Virus Pokémon ??? Dark/Poison -Thunder Legendary Tonzurgon Electric -Quake Legendary Bebardle Ground -Scorch(third Game) Legendary Quelinfer Fire/??? Finally this is it and still more to come what do y'all think?
  18. Bugs. I'd be a professor studying bugs.
  19. Earlier
  20. Today is my first valentine's day alone since 2014. so much has happened this year. Me and Violet broke up and I don't talk to her or john anymore after what happened. this year has really been hard for me so far and I hope it gets better soon.

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    2. Nomyt


      Can't wait for the Power Rangers movie too. Looks so good. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is out near my birthday, so that's my birthday plans sorted. xD

    3. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      guardians is another movie i want to see, and logan and the new transformers and spiderman.....there are way too many movies i want to see right now xD

    4. Nomyt


      Same here. Can't wait for Homecoming. Love the new spidy in Civil War. Didn't know Logan was coming out so soon until the other day, thought it was a june/july release. So will be going to see that as soon as possible.


  21. What legendary was the hardest to catch

    Fini. Everything else was fine. Knock it to 1hp, send in an ultra ball or two. But Fini's recover....well....yeah.
  22. What legendary was the hardest to catch

    It took me very long to catch the Tapus, I didn't have any difficult catching Koko and Lele...... But Bulu was insane, it took me between 30 and 40 ultra balls and Fini was just the worst with aqua ring
  23. My research area would probably be about PokeBalls, I would study their catching capabilities, what a Pokemon feels when they're catched, what exactly is a PokeBall (what is it made of and such) and finally, try to build a MasterBall
  24. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    Well, my starters that I picked were: Charmander, Todotile, Treecko, Piplup, Snivy, Froakie and Rowlet. So my preferences are grass and water, especially grass (I love green). So I voted green and I surprised it got more votes than fire
  25. A Question

    i actualy have 1 now! it is called my pokejungle name, so check it out and subscribe!
  26. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! 😄😄😄🎂🍰🎁🎉 

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    2. PokemonKing16


      On my end it's not animated, but if it is for you good, if not you get the idea

    3. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      happy late birthday

    4. The Last Kurusu

      The Last Kurusu

      Happy belated birthday!

  27. Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

    Will you organize more tournaments in the future? I would've loved to participate, but the timing was very inconvenient for me. I'd love to join in in the future.
  28. Poekmon gen 8 speculations

    I believe they were referring to last year. It was said that Yungoos is not an Alola-native, so they're assuming that it comes from whatever region Gen 8 gives us. As for the Pokemon ideas, I like most of them, like the starters and especially the cobra. However, I have a few critiques: A Dragon typing on a starter, even if it's a final evolution, is unlikely, seeing as Dragons are supposed to be rare and not given to every 10yo who asks for one. The T-Rex sounds very much like a Special-oriented Tyrantrum. Almost too much like it. I'd like concept more if it wasn't based on the same dino. Legendary Fire/Dark type? Isn't that just a more powerful Incineroar?
  29. Poekmon gen 8 speculations

    E3 isn't til June....
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