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  2. Cant wait for alolan pikachu!

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  4. USUM up what you want in this game!

    What happens when you get one with natures, and stats you don't like. What happens when the game gets data corrupted, and the person has to start again? What happens to the people that can't get it on release day or able to get it at the holidays? Having a Special rockruff with unusual moves is okay, but making it the only one that can evolve into Dusk is a disappointment. Agreed, SuMo is let us down with new pokemon some of their designs are great, and didn't mind the regional variants, but there could have been more. UB's are like some weird Psudo-Legendary rubbish. Hoping the new storyline gives them better appeal.
  5. Alot of people here aren't getting the game before Christmas, as they are getting it FOR Christmas. So please don't post any potential spoilers about Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon until Christmas. Thank you.
  6. This site is dead... :( 


  7. How do I post a status update?

    Nvm i found it, it was set to "off" thanks
  8. My status updates were set to "off". 8m an idiot. Thanks TeeJay for posting that question.

  9. USUM up what you want in this game!

    I chose New Pokemon. I want compleatly new pokemon!
  10. USUM up what you want in this game!

    I like how they did it because you'll know you'll get dusk lycanrock.
  11. Liven the place up

  12. Ribbons? Yay or Nay?

    I actually dont...
  13. Gen 8 VS ReD/P

    I like the new gens
  14. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Ultra Easy?

    The diamond a pearl remake better not be like this
  15. As you know, Pokemon games have been getting easier by the gen, and based on what I have read, this ones just gonna be easier... What do you guys think about this?
  16. Is lilly bad in it?
  17. Earlier
  18. So I saved and turned off at the same time on my Omega Ruby game, three shinies, all the event legendarys x2 (I moved everything legendary over from AS.) all gone. I'm gutted. Anyone suffered from Corrupted Data? Did you loose anything special?
  19. I'm looking forward to USuMo more so than SuMo. Necrozma city, more story for UBs, battling Lillie (I don't want to, but I have to. )
  20. Pokemon Gold & Silver Party?

    Cydnaquil, Wooper, Ekans, Noctowl, and Mareep is my current team. I'm thinking of Girafarig or a Heracross/Pinsir/Scyther for a final member.. *shrugs*
  21. Gen 8 VS ReD/P

    Hmmm, might be a great way for an up to date version of Kanto, with new 3D graphics, possibly adding new pokemon from the pokeworld, and adding Megastones. Going on the idea of the multiple timelines theory, it would be good for Kanto to have a Mega stone story added to it, maybe set 10 years later, or similar. Some new gym leaders, some new E4 members, new areas, possibly Kanto Variants of some alolan pokemon maybe?? Whatever they do, I hope it'll be amazing.
  22. Pokemon Gold & Silver Party?

    I'm trying to do the same thing, also use Pokemon I never used before. My very first time playing Silver I started with a Chikorita, but got stuck after Whitney so I restarted.. Didn't know English back then.. Never used Chikorita again until now. So my team plan is: 1. Meganium 2. Arbok 3. Poliwrath 4. Ditto (or Standler, definitely never used that one before.) 5. Forretress (or Shuckle, I've used Shuckle competitively but never really ingame.) 6. ?? I would like to use a Murkrow for Fly but again, only catchable in Kanto, there aren't that many Fly Pokemon, I used them all already. I guess I will use Togetic.. Or I will torture myself and just not use Fly.
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