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  2. It's been over six months since getting my last shiny (Litten through MM+SC breeding), I've hatched billions of Popplio eggs (as some of you may know.) A couple of days ago I got two new shinies (not counting tapu koko) a Sandygast, and a Pikipek, both in the wild while trying to hatch eggs. Very happy as once I got my Popplio, Pikipek was next. :D

  3. Are you into battling? Do you compete in the tournaments from Pokémon Global Link website? Well let's discuss BATTLING here! This is the current competition The Weakness Cup and the detail can be found here: I accept battles at anytime too! Add my Friend Code: 1135-2566-4657; I'm in the Seniors Division but I accept battles from Juniors. My Instagram is HandsomeAIRhead
  4. Who needs a boost?

    Hillo its Kurusu! Listen up if any of you ever are feeling Run down, Miserable, unappreciated, depressed, pitiful, unworthy, unhappy, or anything like the above, just post here and as soon as I read it (I'm here at least once a day to check anyway) I will try and destroy whatever is eating you! Because y'all are great to me, now I wanna do something in turn for you!
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  6. I'm sure everyone knows, but don't forget to get Shiny Tapu Koko.


  7. Star, if your really making a small scale Jade Jungle then here take some of my Fakemons for it! 

    (You can make movesets for them and stat totals) 

    -Venkamoi- Flying 

    Ability: Aerilate, Huge Power 

    It's Yellow and jet like in looks with Teal outlining.

    -Bralf and Brak- Grass

    Ability: Thick Fat, Sap Sipper

    Bralf evolves into Brak at lvl.35

    -Guardall- Steel 

    Ability: Wonder Guard

    -Mantimp and Shrimpout- Water/Fighting 

    Ability: Iron Fist, Vital Spirit

    Mantimp evolves into Shrimpout when it learns Mach Punch at level 22

    -Lunacoon and Stellaroon- Dark

    Ability: Skill Link 

    Lunacoon evolves into Stellaroon at level 27

    I'll post Pictures of designs in a bit when I finish them and I hope you decide to use them :)

  8. Gen 8 VS ReD/P

    True, but back then they didn't really have a Game plan. G/S was meant to be the last games of the series, and they likely didn't have a game plan (get it) until 4th or 5th gen.
  9. Gen 8 VS ReD/P

    They actually have switched mid gen before because Yellow was for the GB color And the logic behind the they are never on the same system because 3DS is not a DS they play the same games (mostly) but they aren't the same
  10. So I just watched a theory video about the unknown Switch game, and by the title of this post it revolves around these two games? People are expecting the Switch game to be the Remake of D/P/P, but the theory video had some interesting observations about why it's unlikely to be a remake and more to do with it being a new gen completely! First of all, and the one I feel that is most important, isn't it weird to have the first RPG game on the Switch to be a remake. With Pokémon games usually the first RPG game on any handheld console is the start of that Generation. Red/Green/Blue (Gameboy) Gold/Silver (Gameboy Colour) Ruby/Sapphire (GBA) Diamond/Pearl (DS) Black/White (er....DS, again, but there's actually something more afoot with Gen5 and Gen7) X/Y (3DS) Sun/Moon (3DS again.) All of the remakes have followed each game, Fire/Leaf came after R/S. Heart/Soul came after D/P, Alpha/Omega came after X/Y, and none were on a new system. Well, that's easy, I hear you cry, ReD/P will be on the 3DS after USuMo...again, won't the remakes have never shared a system. Heart/Soul didn't come out on GBA, like Alpha/Omega didn't come out on the DS. Since we already have a remake on the 3DS, it's most likely to be on the next console for the next main series (aka the switch, and after gen 8). All very compelling, but let's drive the nail down, and rub salt into the wounds. Why don't we head to Gen 5, the weird gen. I liked Gen 5, it was based in America (or part of), and had that weird third game split with B2/W2. Which added new pokemon to the region which wasn't seen in that region before, as well as the whole fusion think with the yin yang dragons....kinda reminds me of this gen....An American region, third game is split into two with USuMo, fusion legendaries, and Pokémon that have never been seen in the region before making a new appearance! Very suspicious. And now, let's all go to the movies. I'll be honest, I don't know much about the movies, I've seen only a handful of them. (I think I've seen up to 5 in order, and then only seen one or two, so I've no idea what I'm talking about, but it sounded good on the Theory Video.) So from what I can make out, since the 3 generation the films have followed in a pattern, a film with their mystical pokemon from that generation, and then a pokemon with something to do with the next generation??? So with gen 3, Jirachi(3)/Deoxys(3)/Lucario(4), and then Gen 4's films Manaphy(4)/Acerus(4)Dialga(4)Palkia(4),heatran(4)Shaymin(4)/Zoroark(5), and then gen 5 happened, it's films were Victini(5)Reshiram(5)Zekrom(5)/Kyurem(5)Cobalion(5)Terrakion(5)Virizion(5)Keldeo(5)/Meloetta(5)/Genosect(5)MewtwoYform(6), I should add here that while Mewtwo is an old pokemon it was showcasing the Y form, which was the speciality of Gen 6, and Gen 6's films.... are Xernas(6)Yvetlas(6)Diancie(6),Hoopa(6)the primal Groundon/Kyorge(okay was seen before, but these forms are 6 gen specials)/Volcanion(6)Zygarde(6)Magearna(7), and finally 7 just has one film at the moment, which we haven't seen. We know it features Marshadow(7), and Ho-oh (2) which is coming out this year. Then if next year has a film featuring Soleago, Lunala, and Necromza, we can safely say that 2019 would have a film featuring a Gen 8 pokemon? The only downside to this theory, is that once Ultra come out at the end of this year, we'll have no main pokemon game next year, and then the next main RPG game will be in 2019 on the Switch. Maybe they'll have a side game next year on the Switch similar to Pokken, or the like? Another thing is that you can still buy D/P/P in some stores, as the DS is still being sold, so why would they remake a game, that is still kind of available to buy new? If you want to watch the Theory Video, it's by a Chap called "Bird Keeper Toby", and is linked below. What do you think? Gen 8 on the Switch next, or is it likely to be a Remake of D/P/P that'll be first on the Switch?
  11. Well something very unexpected has happened to me recently. Just as I've been gearing up for my second round of applications to vet school I get a phone call. I got accepted into a vet school last minute from my first application cycle. So starting at the end of August I'll be on my way to becoming a veterinarian. Guess talking about Pokemon during my interview didn't blow it for me. Lol

    1. Nomyt


      Congratulations, I hope you have great time. :) Although, Your next step is to figure out how to make real pets into pokemon, you can do it. Be the first ever Pokémon Professor!! (I jest, of course ;)

    2. Accalia_Luperca


      Well they've done a bunch of weird stuff with mice. Everything from getting them to release a static charge when feeling threatened to having certain parts of them glow like a jelly fish. We may be on our way to a Pikachu. Lol

  12. Hello everyone!

    Hello and Welcome to the boards.
  13. It's a girl!!!! :) 

    1. SyupendousStufful101
    2. Nomyt



  14. Which version of Ultra are you likely to get? Just based on the look of Necro-Solgeleo/Lunala? For me as much as I love Lunala, NecroSol looks so much better. Obviously, game exclusives may change this.
  15. When they say New Pokémon found in Alola. I hope they mean completely new pokemon. Old pokemon from old gens would be a let down. I'm interested to see how they made the region different? Maybe the Aether Paradise is gone, maybe the gyms are back, maybe completely new island altogether. All I know is, I want my Necrozma hybrids.
  16. 95% confirmed?? What?! Don't you know that 95 percent of statistics are made up on the spot.
  17. I thought shiny charm was suppose to help shiny hunting/breeding. Still not had a Popplio, Caterpie, or Pikipek. And talk about taking ages to get rid of non-shinies!! Gah!!!!


  18. Virtual Console Exclusive Moves

    Sorry for this mega bump but I've updated the list to included GSC, which are now coming to virtual console this year! Plenty of fun GSC exclusive moves like Confusion-using Blastoise or Pay Day Jumpluff. New List (GSC moves now included):
  19. Wrong on that Yungoos one, its based on the Indian Mongoose that was brought in to handle the Rat problem that was eating away the sugarcane plantations. And Stars on a Flag? Tons of Countries have Stars with that logic Australia could also be a prime Canidate for it And I think it could happen, not trying to argue with you on that, but I do have a theory if Stantler gets a Regional Variant of an Axis Deer, then I believe it may hint at an Indian Region because that would be two introduced Pokemon from a place that symbolizes India. But a China region would be nice too just nitpicking some small flaws
  20. A few days ago, an Italian Youtuber named Cydonia published a theory video about Pokémon Stars: This guy has made lots of theories in the past and he nailed lots of them, for example he guessed right Pokémon Sun and Moon taking place in Hawaii (even if it was obvious given the teaser) and he also got the Z-Moves theory right. Since most of you guys won’t understand Italian let me summarize the second half of this video, where he takes out this fantastic theory. The “Pokémon Stars” project has nothing to do with Alola, it’s a codename for the 8th Gen games, probably for Nintendo Switch based on the leaks. Think about it, in November 2016 the leakers received two informations: 1) Game Freak is working on a Pokémon game for Switch (Pokémon Stars); 2) Game Freak is working on a Sun and Moon’s sequel. We all thought (me too) these info referred to a single project, that is a sequel of Sun and Moon for Switch, and after the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announcements I personally thought Pokémon Stars referred to Ultra Sun and Moon, until I watched this genius guy’s video. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are for 3DS and not for Switch, so that means Pokémon Stars most likely refers to a pair of Gen 8 games taking place in China, and there is a LOT of evidence for this. The codename Pokémon Niji (Rainbow) was used to refer to the Gen 7 games, and it was chosen NOT because it has something to do with the Sun or the Moon, it was chosen because the rainbow represents the Hawaii. So if Pokémon Rainbow was a purely geographical reference, the same could be for Pokémon Stars, and you know which flag has stars on it? The Strange Souvenir was placed in Pokémon X and Y as a teaser for the Gen 7 games taking place in Hawaii, and in Sun and Moon we have Ryuki, who comes from across the sea and calls himself a Star, and he is a trainer who only trains Dragon-type Pokémons obviously dressed as a Chinese Red Dragon: he has a snake-shaped ponytail, pointed head, claws and so on. Therefore he himself could be a teaser for the next games, also because he doesn’t have a big role other than being one of the many challengers at the League, yet there is a Ryuki’s concept art in the Sun and Moon limited edition. Also, Ryuki’s name (and all of his translated names) is based off the Black Nightshade, recorded as a famine food in 15th century China. From Gen 5 on, it looks like Game Freak created some Legendary Pokémon inspired to the next generation’s region: we have Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo from Gen 5, based on the Three Musketeers and it’s an obvious reference to France, and Kalos is based on France. Then we have Volcanion from Gen 6, based on volcanos and geysers and it really fits Alola’s exotic Hawaiian environment. And in Gen 7 we have this little guy, Marshadow, a martial arts’ specialist. Do I need to say more? (Also, Ryuki’s pose in battle looks very similar to a Kung-Fu’s combat style popular in Southern China ) Yungoos’ Pokédex entry says this Pokémon is not native of Alola, but it was imported from another region: this region could very well be the 8 Gen region based on China, since Yungoos is based on the Small Asian Mongoose, which can be found in South and Southeast Asia. This is a really small thing, but Chinese’s lucky number is 8, and the China-based region could take place in Gen 8. This probably doesn’t mean anything, but it’d be a really nice coincidence if it doesn’t. China’s console market liberalized itself in 2015, and it’s not a coincidence the fact that Pokémon Sun and Moon are the first Pokémon games to be translated in Chinese after 20 years of nothing. After awakening some interest in the Chinese people, it’s a really good marketing move making a pair of games that is a tribute to their culture and try to enter a still really immature market. It was the codename “Stars” who mislead us, and it probably was done by GF on purpose, choosing a codename really similar to Sun and Moon to make us go around in circles and making us think it was related to Gen 7, but just as Cydonia said in his video, now let’s look at the REAL stars.
  21. Hello everyone!

    Hi, I'm Danny and I've been a Pokémon fan since... well, pretty much all my life. Nice to meet all of you guys
  22. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    If this happens I will literally go to game freak and say "You are the best people I've ever known!"
  23. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    Well Squirrels I think appear in Italy naturally, but yeah sounds fake, if its right I'll cancel my YouTube channel
  24. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    The new POKÉMON STARS game on switch is set in China... The firr starter is ox, water starter squirrel blue and ultimate starter is spynosaurus... Legendary is chinese dragon... Marshadow is keldeo(france) volcanion(hawaii)...
  25. Butter Geek's Poll of Starters

    I knew it... I picked the most popular on each. lol... Rowlett, Charmander, Piplup.
  26. I love the Alolan Muk Card!
  27. Tiny Tourney

    Nah I got nothing competitive for it
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