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  2. Pokemon Fortune Telling

    I know this was posted quite some time ago, but I'd like to learn my Pokémon fortune, too! My birthday is 9/16/1994.
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  4. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Why the hell does Qwilfish have Sacred Fire?
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  6. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    You might also want to take a look at the Viridian City map as I've encountered an NPC who is literally walking on/thru the bushes
  7. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    As far as I've gotten they've appeared in Rad HQ, and going out of Viridian City. I would advise checking the map files to make sure that nothing that's supposed to be walked on/through acts like a wall instead.
  8. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Where is the invisible barrier? I'll be sure to fix that.
  9. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    I actually downloaded it last night and started playing, it's pretty good but I've got a few things to ask: 1. Glitched item in Rad HQ: when I found this item just laying there I went to pick it up and found that I couldn't, is that intentional or what? 2. Invisible barriers: are you just trolling or is it a tile error? 3. Why make the beginning of the game so easy? I mean, I'm not complaining but... 4. Holy F*** why are there Celebi in Viridian forest! (Still caught one tho;)) as an extra here's my team so far: Tindalos(Houndoom), Yang(Meditite), Archimedes(Noctowl), and Redwood(Grovyle)
  10. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Any other stat changes we should know about?
  11. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    *Inhales deeply*... BOI!!!!
  12. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    The same as Primal Kyogre
  13. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    OMG! HAHAHAHAHA... *3 Hours Later*... Ok I'm good now, what are the new stats? 200 base everything?
  14. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Well he is sort of the legendary? Lol
  15. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    What exactly is meant by Buffed Qwilfish?
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  17. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Well you only visit up to Cerulean City and they do have small changes other than Cerulean which has some major changes
  18. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    So has the overworld map been edited to reflect changes you've made to the game? Is the game the same or more difficult than the original?
  19. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Well it's not even really "comedy"? It's just me being stupid mostly
  20. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Exactly how desperate is the comedy on a scale of Simpsons to Family Guy (Not bashing the shows but you gotta admit they've gotten pretty bland with the comedy in the last few seasons.)
  21. Yo mah dudes. So after months of not working on it here it is! Pokemon Rad Red. Pokemon Rad Red is a rom hack of Fire Red. It is a short story where you must stop Team Rad from releasing the beast of ultimate coolness onto the world. Use your own emulator. Pokecommunity link: COMING SOON Temp Download Link: Google Drive RAD FEATURES Prison escapes! Protesters! More gym battles than ever before! And by that I mean only one gym. There's a dog starter. Haphazard self-insert characters! Entirely new Pokemon encounters! Buffed Qwilfish! At least 2 fourth wall breaks Desperate attempts at comedy! So download today and experience the rad world of Pokemon Rad Red!
  22. Sorry guys, don't be afraid to message me about spammers. :)

  23. I have come to a personal decision. I am going to take a slight break from the site. Need to try and get my life under control with everything that has happened. I just want everyone here to know I really appreciate Putting up with my upsetting statues and everything and talking to me. i really do appreciate it and that is why I love this site. it feels like home kind of where i can actually share my feelings. I just don't like doing that personally so going to take a little hiatus for a while to clear my head and hopefully come back myself. So until then I will see all of you in the future.

    1. The Last Kurusu

      The Last Kurusu

      Ok I will await your return

    2. Nomyt


      No worries, friend. Don't worry about making any type of Statuses. Sometimes it's just good to vent, and get stuff out onto paper/web. See you soon.

  24. Guys I just want to thank you for the posts you've given. Know that I have read and appreciated the compliments of my words. Although I deeply hate the Pokémon anime, the truth is I don't want to. The potential for a good Pokémon anime still exists despite the disastrous one we have now. I hope the anime writers and staff are aware of our complaints and backlash and one day have the heart to give Ash the league win he deserves.
  25. Okay, I got a switch. Nintendo, please announce Stars....


  26. Anyone here excited for LoZ: Breath of the Wild?

    We all know Earthen is obsessed with it.
  27. Competitive Battling

    Yeah, my whole life has been Rocket League recently, Pokemon isn't coming back until the next Generation.
  28. The "...." Region

    I've added a few more additions into ot only 5 more till I fill in the entire background -Lemur Pokémon turns into an Ape Mozmur>Leafmur>Sprigrape Grass>Same>Grass/Fighting -Bull Pokémon Matabull>Kindbull>Frymox Fire>Same>Fire/Ice -Flamingo Pokémon Flethingo>Flindace>Jetingce Water>Same>Water/Flying Regionals -Kingfisher Pokémon Kooluter>???>Kiningsher Normal/Flying>Same>Electric/Flying -Shrew Pokémon Scavrew>Jagagerew Normal>Same -Salmon Pokémon Salpuy>???>Slamalon Water>Same>Same -Silverfish that turns into a Cockroach Malzil>Titanalis>Chromroach Bug>Bug/Steel>Same -Chipmunk Pikaclone Chipine Electric/Grass Version Exclusives Quake -Wallaby Pokémon Petallaby>Wallabloom Grass>Same -Hairless cat Pokémon ???>???>Pharless Ground>Same>Ground/Psychic -Aardvark Pokémon ???>??? Ground/Fairy>Same Thunder -Kangaroo Pokémon Combaroo>??? Fighting/Fairy>Same -Fluffy Cat Pokémon Kittana>???>??? Normal>Normal/???>Same -Carmael Camel Pokémon Camarel>Carmalumps Ground/Fairy>Same Fossils -Veloco Raptor Pokémon Obsiditer>Velocidian Rock/Fire>Same -Diatryma Pokémon ???>??? Rock/Ground>Same Random -Snowball Pokémon Snobalee>???>??? Ice>Same>Ice/Psychic -Marten/Tenrec Pokémon Shocry>Kilocious Electric>Electric/Dark -Nectar Elephant Pokémon Elesap>Nectaderm>Frigiderm Grass>Same>Grass/Ice -Bog Pig Pokémon Boglett>Barbiwine Grass>Grass/Dark -Gravity Pokémon Orbiner>Gravitor Psychic/Steel>Same -Anemone Pokémon Anemonate>Glonema Water>Same -Cow Pokémon Brak Grass -Theif Pokémon Thievie Normal/Ghost -Guard Pokémon ??? Steel -Toad Pokémon Toaxin>???>Punkoadom Poison>Same>Same -Corrosive Urchin Pokémon ???>???>??? Poison/Steel>Same>Same -Platypus Pokémon Platilly>???>Platcid Water/Normal>Same>Same -Mantis Shrimp Pokémon Mantimp>??? Water/Fighting>Same -Toy Pokémon Tinkertot>Tinkerbot Steel/Ghost>Same -Sand Dollar Pokémon Doliave>Dolscle Ground>Ground/Fighting -Kakapo Parrot Pokémon ???>??? Grass/Flying>Ghost/Flying -Rubble Pokémon Grubble>Devouore Rock/Ghost>Same -Blobfish Pokémon Bouyanish>Gelobber Water>Water/Flying -Lunar moth Pokémon ???>??? Bug/Ice>Same -Spider Pokémon Dualnid>Quadrach>Octanid Bug>Same>Same -Dachshund Pokémon ???>??? Normal>Normal/Fire -Volcano Rabbit Pokémon ???>??? Fire>Same -Bubble Pokémon Bubla>???>??? Water>Same>Same -Snowshrew Pokémon Shrewix Ice/Ground -Skull Pokemon that turns into a Pirate ???>???>??? Ghost>Ghost>Ghost/Water -Embryo Pokémon ???>???>??? Dragon>Same>Dragon/Fire -Iguana Pseudo ???>???>??? Dragon>Dragon/Psychic>Same -Beetle Pokémon Frilldibeast Bug/Ground -Emotion Pokemon Cubernate Normal -Yeti Pokémon Yetice>Glayeti Ice>Same -Wind Pokémon Venkamoi Flying -Shrub+Scrub Pokémon Schrub>??? Grass/Steel>Same -Ouroborus Pokémon ???>??? Dragon>Same -Decision Bear Pokémon ???>??? or ??? Fighting/Psychic>Fighting or Psychic -Racoon Pokémon Lunacoon>Stellaroon Dark>Same -Gazelle that Evolves to Addax Pokémon ???>??? Electric>Electric/Fighting -Cheetah Pokémon ???>??? Electric>Same -Mystery Alien ???>???>??? Normal>Same>Normal/Fairy -Sugar Glider Pokémon ???>??? Fairy/Flying>Same Legendaries -Wolf Trio Amartion, Faerqirn, Aqulut Psychic/Dark, Psychic/Ghost, Psychic/Water -Virus Pokémon ??? Dark/Poison -Thunder Legendary Tonzurgon Electric -Quake Legendary Bebardle Ground -Scorch(third Game) Legendary Quelinfer Fire/??? So what'cha think?
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