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    • Nomyt

      On the 50th egg, shiny grubbin get!!
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    • Nomyt

      223 eggs for shiny caterpie, 2 shiny growlithe and a shiny Magnemite (all found while hatching eggs. Get in!)
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    • Nomyt

      It's been over six months since getting my last shiny (Litten through MM+SC breeding), I've hatched billions of Popplio eggs (as some of you may know.) A couple of days ago I got two new shinies (not counting tapu koko) a Sandygast, and a Pikipek, both in the wild while trying to hatch eggs. Very happy as once I got my Popplio, Pikipek was next.
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    • Nomyt

      I'm sure everyone knows, but don't forget to get Shiny Tapu Koko.
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    • The Last Kurusu  »  StarStorm

      Star, if your really making a small scale Jade Jungle then here take some of my Fakemons for it! 
      (You can make movesets for them and stat totals) 
      -Venkamoi- Flying 
      Ability: Aerilate, Huge Power 
      It's Yellow and jet like in looks with Teal outlining.
      -Bralf and Brak- Grass
      Ability: Thick Fat, Sap Sipper
      Bralf evolves into Brak at lvl.35
      -Guardall- Steel 
      Ability: Wonder Guard
      -Mantimp and Shrimpout- Water/Fighting 
      Ability: Iron Fist, Vital Spirit
      Mantimp evolves into Shrimpout when it learns Mach Punch at level 22
      -Lunacoon and Stellaroon- Dark
      Ability: Skill Link 
      Lunacoon evolves into Stellaroon at level 27
      I'll post Pictures of designs in a bit when I finish them and I hope you decide to use them
      · 0 replies