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    • Josh Omega

      Just realized that pokemon diamond and pearl are ten years old today at least in the U.S. I remember getting it the day it came out and having trouble deciding on my starter. Really hope we get remakes one day! would love to explore the sinnoh region again!
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    • Accalia_Luperca

      Man I haven't been on here since the beginning of February. In that time my dog died, I took a road trip to a grad school interview, and I got a new job. It's amazing what can happen in a few months.
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    • Josh Omega

      well I am on may to losing some weight. just last week weighed in at 211.5 pounds. weighed myself 3 days later and I am down to 206 pounds. and if i read right yesterday at hotel i am now down to 203 pounds. I am losing alot faster than i expected and all it has really took is being more active and watching my calorie intake. on top of that where the heck is everyone? it's like they all disappeared lol
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    • Josh Omega

      well time for a little mini vacation. going to nashville for a few days. should be a lot of fun 
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    • samberry

      I am Sam Berry and I am working as a content writer at AssignmentAu. We provide assignment help in Australia.
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