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    • Josh Omega

      You know what a lot has happened this year. I was upset at first but now I am at the point I know it was all for the best. I have had multiple people tell me that I am back to my old self and happy again. Things are never going to be the same again and in a way I lost two friends but at the same time I saw who my real friends were. people I had not talked to in well over a year checked on me and we have been regularly talking again. its great.
      · 0 replies
    • Nomyt

      Darn it. I think I used all my shiny luck with Rowlett and Litten, Caterpie has also taken over 12 boxes & counting. (And I can't get rid of the extras by wondertrade)  Please Shiny Arceus, shiny some luck on me please.
      · 1 reply
    • Josh Omega

      So I decided to go to gamestop today and found something i have been wanting. needless to say I for once had money on me and jumped at it because i was overdue for a new jacket since the one i usually have is nearly 7 years old lol was well worth it and i absolutely love it!

      · 2 replies
    • Josh Omega

      Today is my first valentine's day alone since 2014. so much has happened this year. Me and Violet broke up and I don't talk to her or john anymore after what happened. this year has really been hard for me so far and I hope it gets better soon.
      · 8 replies

      ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! 😄😄😄🎂🍰🎁🎉 
      · 6 replies