Those achievement medals in Pokémon GO have more rewards to offer!

Starting today Niantic is finally introducing something fans have been asking for since Summer 2016: clothing based on main series NPC trainers! Currently only the Fisherman, Battle Girl and Jogger styles from Generation 3 are available, and can only be purchased once you earn the respectable medals in game. No other trainer class styles have been announced, however more clothing based on the in game achievement medals are bound to be released over time.

Personally, I think these should’ve been simple unlockables and not “unlock to purchase”, but that’s just me. Which Trainer class would you like to dress up your avatar in?

If you haven’t already, check out Pokémon GO’s incredible new nature documentary-style promotional video narrated by Stephen Fry that was uploading earlier today:

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Gavin has never really been good at writing bios, nor does he think he ever will be. When he's not playing Pokemon he enjoys long walks on the beach and reading romantic novellas by candlelight. He's in his Sophomore year of his Marketing Major.
  • UnburdenedLegume

    I wonder if they making anime Lillie a competitive battler. We know that Snowy is getting Aurora Veil, thats something at least.

  • EarthenWarrior

    Meh I want something more…explorery

  • Monkeyfuzz

    Trailer is better than the game. Blue Pokemon Planet narrated by Stephen Fry please.

  • Daedardus

    I hope the Switch graphics look like that.

    But I know they won’t.

  • Ultron

    Ew these are…ugly clothing

  • TheGentlemanMonster6893

    Does anyone have a gif of Buzzwole sucking the life out of Snorlax? I’ve seen it on Twitter, but Twitter doesn’t allow for downloading gifs

  • EarthenWarrior

    Still no shiny Celebi this is 3 1/4 days on this thing at full odds
    If I can’t get one by Sunday I’m gonna try coin casing one…

    • MenacingCascoon

      ? You used to trash talk me for not shiny with full odds, but now you cant seem to do it with full odds…

      • EarthenWarrior

        This doesn’t concern you so butt out
        And FYI this is for a trade with Star

  • ShinyXatu

    Kimishima said that he wants the Switch to be supported longer than 5 to 6 years. This means we probably won’t get a new generation until 2026 at least. Imagine the kind of technology they’ll have at their disposal by then…no wonder they’re looking into AR and VR.

    Oh yeah, and GO is a game that exists too.

    • belmad


    • Wait… What do you mean 2026? Do you mean a Gen.9? Or Gen.8?

      • ShinyXatu

        I mean a new console generation. So the console that Gen 10 of Pokemon may appear on.

        • Oh alright. I was very confused at first thinking no new Gen till 8 years from now… I don’t think the fanbase would survive that long lol

    • Daedardus

      Support Switch =/= bring out new consoles. The 3DS is still supported and it released 7 years ago.

      • ShinyXatu

        That is true, I was just assuming he was referring to first-party support (which is basically almost done with the 3DS). I’m still pretty sure they’ll release a new dedicated handheld generation in a few years to bridge the gap between the Switch and whatever comes next, much like the 3DS did with the Wii and Wii U…and Switch.

        • Daedardus

          Nah he meant selling Switch / keeping services and stuff up.

  • TheGentlemanMonster6893

    If I don’t find another shiny Registeel really soon I’ll be pissed. It’s bad enough that the last one killed itself, but if I have to wait forever for this I’m not gonna be a happy camper.

  • I have started my next adventure in White 2 as Sarah (Its one of my favorite female names :p)

    Team thus far:
    Dave (Snivy) lvl.7

    But this is what I got for a plan so far
    Any suggestions for the other half?

    • Monkeyfuzz

      Galvantula, Scrafty, Chandelure

      • I was torn on a few like

        Darumaka or Litwick or Numel
        Joltik or Shelmet

        So I’ll think Litwick and Joltik could work (Though I may swap for Crustle just because I’ve never used one)

        Scraggy I’m iffy on only because its just so cliche to me. I’m thinking maybe an Excadrill or Klingklang

        • Monkeyfuzz

          I don’t understand your last point, Scrafty is cool.

        • Monkeyfuzz

          Oh and I think use Darumaka instead of Litwick if you’ve not used it before.

          • I’ve actually used neither (unless my Nuzlocke counts which then I did have Darumaka)

          • Monkeyfuzz

            Well use which you prefer then.

    • Ultron

      Excadrill, Volcarona, Drifblim

      • Volcorona would be nice, but isn’t it post game?

        I hadn’t thought of Drifblim either and Excadrill I am also considering

        • Ultron

          Nope. You can catch it as soon as you get access to the PWT

          • Interesting 🤔

          • Ultron

            It’s a blast to use since B2W2 is pretty much the only feasible time you can use it in a playthrough

      • EarthenWarrior

        You can’t go wrong with an Excadrill

        • I honestly think Excadrill will be a great team member

          Always want to use it, but never have

          • EarthenWarrior

            I’ve raised many a Excadrill and every one of them is a potent teammate (granted you find one damn dust encounters)

    • belmad


  • Schlong Shrub Seraph

    Wow no Masquerain still?

  • Oh my god, I hate my Chromebook mouse. It’s always getting stuck and it’s annoying

    • Lucky, my school didn’t give us Mice for them just the small pad built on them (which has no right click feature I may add)

  • PumpkinLord Screw USUM, This is the S&M third version we deserve.

    • Ultron

      I dig the purple/aqua/turquoise

    • Daedardus

      Is this going to be reposted every day on here?

      • PumpkinLord


  • Monkeyfuzz
    • That’s an awesome name Butterscotch Dragon

      And Congrats on both of them

      • Monkeyfuzz

        Thanks 🙂

        • Christina

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    • Jessie

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  • EarthenWarrior

    Bored I had this Fakemon on the brain

    Hostile Pkm
    Hyper Cutter/Sturdy HA: Anger Point
    A small compact navy blue crab Pokémon with a dense spiny carapace, short arms with large pincers and a six pointy legs, bright red angry eyes peek out of its armor

    HP: 40
    Atk: 80
    Def: 110
    SpAtk: 10
    SpDef: 55
    Speed: 20

    Mud Sport
    Metal Claw
    Focus Energy
    Bubble Beam
    Hone Claws
    Iron Defense
    Metal Sound
    Swords Dance

    “Their bodies are covered in sharp spikes making them unpleasant as meals allowing them to live predator free, they’re extremely aggressive scavengers”

    “Quick to anger and even quicker to fighting, their presence alone has shut down many beaches from the public”

  • Shady
    • EarthenWarrior

      Hate the designs
      Hate the names
      Hate the region

    • Ultron
    • The Bull looks alright and I’d take

      The Opposum I don’t think fits and the sloth thing? Isn’t the best

    • Schlong Shrub Seraph

      Oshan man

    • The Dazzling Rad Scientist

      Ok but like… Paddlum is so cute but Slachen is my favorite animal so I say this can’t happen because I don’t want to be conflicted thank you very much (for real tho these are awesome)

    • Schlong Shrub Seraph

      Oshan Man

  • Daedardus

    Y’all want Labo yet? Check out the vids in this preview:

    • ShinyXatu

      I already pre-ordered both, simply because I want to support Nintendo in these bizarre endeavors. I also really want to play on the piano, especially if they include a Guitar Hero-like minigame alongside it.

  • InfinityD4

    Bad Plot Twist Ideas: It turns out Palpatine, as a Force ghost, was Possessing Kylo the whole Time..

  • DarkySG

    check last thread for 5 new fakemon, didnt realize this existed when i posted :'(

  • ShinyXatu

    I’ve been watching some old Nintendo Directs featuring Mr. Iwata…it’s made me feel a lot more sad and retrospective than I expected. I remember writing a Disqus comment on IGN on that day he died citing one of his famous quotes and it got 1200+ upvotes from what I can recall. Sometimes I wonder how all of our lives would feel a bit different if he were still alive, you know, with that connection to our childhoods. Now everything feels all new, which isn’t really bad, it’s just…different. Now it’s February 2018 and I’m still sitting here hoping for a Direct which brings those old feelings back, with Animal Crossing, or Pikmin, or Luigi’s Mansion, or Smash Bros, or something. This year could use a little bit of that spark for me.

  • Josh Omega

    do switch owners what do you think of people who call the switch and over glorified tablet? Had someone on YouTube tell me that in a comment because I hope 2k does a better job on wwe 2k19 on switch. They are saying it’s the switches fault that there are so many issues with the wwe 2k18 when this has mostly happened because 2k rushed the damn game out lol

    • Schlong Shrub Seraph

      Why do people play sports games when they could play sports irl or play actual games?

      • Josh Omega

        I am mainly talking about the wwe games lol that’s the closest I play to a sports game because I am a big wrestling fan. Now you got me on sports games like mlb and nba

        • Josh Omega

          That said I do get your point. I wonder that same thing myself with people that obsess with the nba nfl and mlb. Why watch it when you can actually play it outside lol

    • People calling a Switch a glorified tablet don’t know what a Switch fucking is lol

      2k18 sucks because it’s a shitty game that was rushed out to milk microtransactions out of consumers

      • Josh Omega

        Pretty much lol I just want it so I can have a freaking wwe game on the go. I am hoping that once their contract with them ends that wwe finds another company to work on their games.

  • EarthenWarrior

    Nrrrrgghhhhh STILL no Celebi… I could’ve used this time for different hunts…or play something else like…Minish Cap or ALBW

    Well one thing I gotta add to my list of crap is in Wow it starts Love is in the Air! Where evil apothecaries are adding dangerous chemicals to the festive perfumes and colognes. Beating them give me a chance to get a extremely rare and flamboyant prize

    The Big Love Rocket

  • Holy crap, this takes me back. I remember I saw the one with Krillin performing the Destructo Disc. I miss the original score, Yamamoto was such a great composer. Too bad he ripped off so many songs with his godly music