The February issue of popular children’s comic magazine CoroCoro has begun leaking and, while lacking in game-related news so far, has shown off some tantalizing hints that the anime is headed towards facing threats from Ultra Space!

As you can see to the right, Ash and his cohorts all are wearing special suits and each Pokémon is wearing a badge-like item. The importance of both will no doubt be revealed in an upcoming anime episode, but it looks as though they’re meant to help our heroes defend Alola from Ultra Beasts. According to the article they’ll become “Ultra Guardians”.

We’ll keep looking for further scans and update if more come!

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  • NicoLito

    It’s the power rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shady

    Torracat hell yeah Muhahahaha

    • Hayley Waalen

      Litten evolves

  • Oh boy, will we finally see more of Alola?
    I’m ready to see everyone else.