The official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account has announced when we will get the next bit of news regarding Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon: next Thursday (November 2nd) at 10PM Japan Standard Time. This marks a rare occurrence as news leading up to the games has been released sporadically with little or no advanced warning. Must be something worth getting hyped over!

Today the site was updated with some small news, including a few new confirmations of returning Pokémon now catchable in Alola; Furfrou, Buneary, Mime Jr., Hawlucha & Inkay will all be found in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! There is also a new two-man Bewear show occurring in Hau’oli Mall… wait… who’s that third bear costume!?

In other news, Pokémon has teamed up with Microsoft’s AI Research team to power a Rotom chatbot accessible from the company’s official LINE messaging app account. Japanese users can talk with Rotom, play a word game and even see their “conversation stats”!

Any guesses as to what next week’s news might bring?!

  • ShinyXatu

    This is going to be fairly substantial, I can tell. Something tells me we could get more than one brand new Pokémon (which I consider to be VERY big).

    • Hayley Waalen

      I hope we get new Pokemon

  • UnburdenedLegume

    Omg Lopunny is back. Hands down best normal type not named Teddiursa

  • ShinyXatu

    I just opened Pokémon Go and it’s playing some crazy Lavender Town remix (since it’s nighttime). Is this just for the Halloween event?

  • ShinyXatu

    Stranger Things Season 2 is LIVE, this is NOT A DRILL!

  • zess

    Must be the last big trailer before release. I think this is going to be really good and well worth the wait!

  • Alolan Oddish will be revealed and so will the crazy post game past team bosses from alternate realities thing.

  • Sunny Mahmud

    Glad Hawlucha is catchable in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Was actually considdering using one for various reasons, one being I lacked a Flying and Fighting type, but also mainly it fits a unique motif of my team, and is a parallel to Incineroar which is nice.

  • Lazy terror

    It’ll definitely show team rocket, so I’m hoping to see if there are going to appear new teams or to see something from Postgame 😮

  • SpooktralSeraph

    Well this is important, here to mention Hawlucha is actually perfect and an amazing add to USUM
    Oh and the new images imply Lando-T will be catchable so I’m about to go Ouroboros on myself and literally eat my own legs if its true
    *swooces right out*

  • Murder Freak

    OR 6TH

    • SpooktralSeraph

      Its based on cycles
      Decline the 5th egg and the next one will be shiny
      Unless you saved after getting the karp

      • Murder Freak

        Nah It turns out I just wasn’t using the Masuda method. And just like that I’ve waisted a shiny

  • MK126

    My plan was to only use pokemon native to Alola but damn Hawlucha?! The one i used in X was great so this might just make it on my team… hopefully its an early catch mon. I can definitely see some of the trial leaders having these new additions on their teams so itll definitely add some diversity

    • EarthenWarrior

      I only use native Pokemon nowadays
      I’m thinking

      Kommo-o (giving myself one early)
      Maybe Dhelmise

      • MK126

        Well im getting both games and i cant decide if i really wanna use Incineroar as one of my starters even though ive already used Deci and Primarina in SM. If i use Incineroar im gonna use LycanDusk, Araquanid and Mimikyu but idk the rest. I hope we get more Alolan forms cause i already used Muk and Raichu

  • Josh Omega

    Well I am assuming we will get the rainbow rocket reveal in the least. I am also hoping they will reveal some new alolan forms! And I do wonder what the strange souvenir does.

  • Reece

    Nice lil additions to the Alola region, but think I’ll stick to my team of new Pokemon only.

    Got US pre-ordered, will have an Alolan form team and will start off by catching a Pichu and ditching my starter Pokemon – probably will pick Rowlet to make it slightly easier early on in the game.
    Got my Vulpix and Grimer bred in Sun with Moonblast and Shadow Sneak respectively so will trade them over probably where I could catch them normally – so will trade Grimer when I get to Hau’oli City

  • TheUltraMonster6893

    I said this last night when the announcement first came out, but it’s interesting that this time they’d announce a trailer coming ahead of time. I don’t think they’ve done that for any of the other USUM trailers. Not more than a day in advance at least. I’d imagine this trailer will be substantial. I think this will be the last big trailer we get. Then there will be a final wrap up trailer the week of release. Makes sense to me anyway.

  • Monkeyfuzz

    Probably official reveal of Mimikyu Z-move and maybe Togedemarus’. Official reveal of Rainbow Rocket seems likely. Maybe a bit more than that.

    I doubt I’ll use any of these ‘mon in a playthrough, will be nice to collect Furfrou, Inkay and Hawlucha in Apricorn Balls though.

  • Shady

    Do u think Giovannie and Mewtwo return r related?

    • Murder Freak

      Not really

  • Murder Freak