Ever wanted to relive memories of your childhood, but in full 1080p instead of 2006 YouTube resolution? Now is your chance! Ash’s iconic Indigo League challenge has been remastered and is now available for purchase digitally!

You can check out all platforms it is being sold on Pokémon.com’s official post.

  • TheUltraMonster6893

    I’m very tempted, but I wonder if it’ll be a waste of money on my part…….If only I wasn’t such a Pokemon whore lol

  • Monkeyfuzz

    If it was on Blu-ray I’d get it.

  • Umnei

    I thought it was already on Netflix

    • mcfilmmakers

      You don’t get it.

  • Sassy Shelmet


    • Annmperry

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  • Looking forward to watching these during the holidays!