After our article yesterday decrying the lack of news regarding Pokémon Bank’s update to support Pokémon Sun & Moon details have finally started to make their way to the public. We’re not going to take credit for this, but we’re not not taking credit either 😉

The big news is mostly in regards to how Pokémon from Generation I games (digital 3DS re-releases) will be handled; they seem to be assigned at least three max IVs, have random natures and also have a chance to posses a Hidden Ability. They also are given a special mark that resembles a Gameboy to show their origin.

Games will also sync with Bank to update the National Pokédex and don’t need to be deposited to count towards it. We’ll bring more details as they appear.

UPDATE: Newly mined data from the Transporter update includes a special new mark which seems to denote Pokémon transferred from… Pokémon GO! The icon may be hard to decipher, but it looks like an ‘O’ inside a ‘G’ and it’s Japanese filename also hints that it is related to the smartphone game. Interesting! Credit goes to ReiKeima.

  • Tiago Silva

    Still no release date…. sad times

    • flarn2006

      Bet you’re happy now.

  • The Last Kurusu returns

    No its still not out….

  • agomon26


  • EarthenWarrior


    • Fairy God Mom It’s Not A Phase


  • Fairy God Mom It’s Not A Phase

    I just hope glitch mew can get through

    • Poketard101

      You and me both, I have three of them, seeing as I have red, blue, and yellow versions. 😀
      But I guess we’ll find out. Same with the Missingno. glitch. I hope that because its something that’s directly on the game and you don’t need an external source (game shark, power save) to get it, that it wont be counted as a cheat, and the pokemon can still be transferred to sun and moon. LOL I used that glitch to get several rare Pokemon from the safari zone, that I normally would never actually get to catch. 🙂

      • Veiland K

        What if glitch Mew somehow turned into Marshadow?

    • James


      it’s tagged as a “problematic” pokemon that can’t be sent lol

  • Ithsme

    Are you sure it’s just a chance to have their HA, and not just that they all transfer with it? What if someone got a no guard fissure machamp through?

  • Ultron

    Still no release date…

  • Ooooookay then I really gotta get my shiny charm just in case they change the way you get it

  • EarthenWarrior

    Also i propose we have a Battle Royale with our RBY teams
    Original Moves
    No adding TMs (even if they were in gen 1)
    No items

  • Spetsnaz

    So what you’re saying is, if I transfer enough machop, I’ll eventually get a no guard fissure machamp?

    • temporario23

      Yes, but you’ll also have to transfer more Machops if you want a no guard fissure machamp with the nature you want. Good luck with that.

    • EarthenWarrior

      One, one machop, Fissure is a TM and only one per customer

      • Hellyeah

        You can use the item glitch to get infinite TM27 🙂

  • temporario23

    The dataminers also found the Mewnium Z will be unban for future battle competitions, meaning it might be available soon. With that in mind, I wonder if the way to get it is by transferring the Mew event for the VC releases (although if I’m not wrong, that was a Japan event only). Either that or it has something to do with the 20th movie.

  • SpectralSeraph

    Ground/Fairy Genie
    Thoughts Plzzzzz?

    • EarthenWarrior

      Crap, why not just pure psychic I mean what other than desert cultures would a genie have with Ground

      • SpectralSeraph

        It is a ground one my guy

  • Ben

    Calling it now: All Machop/Machoke/Machamps will have Hidden Ability. That way there can’t be No Guard Fissure, even with an Ability Capsule.

  • The Last Kurusu returns

    Yay down to #7 already

    7.) Noivern
    I must admit this was the first Dragon Pokémon I ever used and other than Turtonator probably the only one. This Pokémon was always a joy to have battling along side with a useful barage of Dragon Pulse and Flamethrower, and the Infiltrate ability a powerhouse Flying type, a good friend, and the 5th lvl.100 I ever had Good cheers to this guy, but we still have 6 to go till the end so be alert!

    Hint for 6: A Kalos Pokémon that shares its type with only 1 other Pokémon that lives in Kalos

    The list so far
    10. Ambipom
    9. Turtonator
    8. Reuniclus
    7. Noivern

  • Riku0493

    The dude just hacked in a bunch of Eevees with invalid data and that icon popped up as a result.

    Nothing special. Definitely not a datamining of the Transporter app.

  • MissGracie88

    Why would they even bother with the long dead failware that is pokemon go?