Today an anonymous imageboard user 4chan poster uploaded what appears to be Alolan forms for Mantine, Cubone and Persian. Although both exciting (Alolan Mantine) and underwhelming (Alolan Persian), we urge fans to not believe everything they see on the internet and file these away as false, for now.

There are a number of strong reasons why these are fake, including normal Cubone seemingly evolving into Alolan Marowak and some wonky scanlines on the screenshots above.

I’ll also leave you with this Alolan Jigglypuff.


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  • AdamH06

    Jigglypuff and Drifloon had a wild night and one thing lead to another

  • knightwik

    lol wtf y so little comments?

  • The Queen of Peace
  • Oza

    I definitely remember seeing regular Cubone evolve into Alolan Marowak in a Japanese trailer, so yeah, unless there was some trickery involved, fake.

  • UnburdenedLegume

    Got a Volcanion code but it sucks they only give away one per person here

  • The 3d images look legit, but they’re probably texture hacks.

  • GameDevDan

    I think Alola forms will probably be Kanto pokemon only. So far all revealed alola forms are Kanto pokemon which didn’t receive an evo/mega in a later gen. So adding Mantine immediately makes me go… Naaaah

  • Aly el Din Mohamed

    I wish alolan cubone was real

  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    I wish we *were* getting Alolan Cubone, it makes a lot more sense than non-Alolan Cubone evolving into Alolan Marowak. GF kinda dropped the ball there.

    Anyways, don’t we have news coming today? Wheres the countdown article for that?

    • Aly el Din Mohamed

      Alolan cubone means alolan pikachu…which will.never happen

      • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

        I don’t see why not, tbh. We’ve had surfing Pikachu, which made a special one-off appearance in the anime as Puka and then was never mentioned again. Don’t see why Alolan Pikachu couldn’t do the same. It wouldn’t ‘ruin’ original Pikachu.

        I feel like GF introduced a really cool concept with Alolan Formes and then messed up, because there’s no reason that one part of an evolutionary line would adapt but the other stages wouldn’t. It’s silly.

        • Nintendalek42

          I agree about pikachu, but only some part as opposed to all of the evolutionary line adapting makes complete biological sense in some examples, especially Exeggutor.

      • PenguinBand1t

        Why Alolan cubone = alolan pikachu? If you meant no alolan pre-evos, we already have alolan sandshrew, vulpix, grimer, meowth, etc.

        • AlolanSandschrew

          I think he means if they are gonna give all the prevo’s also the alolan treatment that means pikachu is getting it aswell.. & well..For the most recognizable ever… They wouldnt do that.

        • Review Reviewer

          If Pikachu gets an Alolan form then PICHU will have to get it.

        • Pharap

          If Cubone gets an alolan form, that would leave only Exeggcute, Pikachu and Pichu without alolan forms, which would seem odd since they’re currently in the same category as Cubone.

    • Review Reviewer

      They picked the ball back up.

  • UnburdenedLegume

    Only inclined to believe Persian tbh

    • AlolanSandschrew

      Imo the mantine is more believable. The persian is only blue, thats the difference…

  • Chaos

    Alolan Jigglypuff is the only legit one really

    • AlolanSandschrew


  • Fairy

    Say what you want but that Alolan Mantine concept is on point, even including a subtle lightning design on the line separating the colours and really cool antennae.

    • Vincentk

      I like too myself grew on me real fast.I wish there was some way to make this real or atleast a fan game out there that I can enjoy in 3d glory of fakemon that are good enough to be real

  • Pharap

    I was first to bring these up ftr.
    *totally not a credit whore*

  • zess

    So glad that’s not Alolan Persain would’ve hated a re-colored pokemon after all that’s what we have shiny pokemon for.

    • Pharap

      90% of the alolans are recolours/retextures with just one or two features changed.

      • zess

        Yeah but that’s just to close to the original with no physical features changed.

  • Nintendalek42

    Aww, some of these would have been pretty cool (mantine especially, persian is eh, jigglypuff is horrendous and so painfully fake)…

    • Pharap

      Jigglypuff was from a different thread.

      • Nintendalek42

        Yeah I assumed so, clearly thrown in for jokes haha

        • Pharap

          The explanation started with “I used to be friends with Junichi Masuda in high school back when I lived in Japan”.

          I’ll say no more XD

  • agomon26

    I need that jigglypuff xD

  • Pharap

    The thread the originals are from:

    The continuation of that thread:

    The thread with Jigglypuff:

    My Favourite bit about number 3 is “I used to be friends with Junichi Masuda in high school back when I lived in Japan”

  • Pharap
  • Vincentk

    That aloan jigglypuff can be a Pokemon on itself,another balloon for aloan cubone well it would makes sense even though they did show a normal one evolving into marowak alolan form, it could be an edit for trailer sake no that is 99.9% unlikely

    • Vincentk


  • AlolanSandschrew

    that muk though xD

  • Akiran Drake (Nightshade)

    We have to get an Alolan Persian at some point. That’s just the way it is.

  • Jon Idoncair

    i believe all of this is real…….besides alolan jigglypuff for obvious reasons…..

  • Genki

    I really want to believe that Alolan Mantine exist, but I am not sure if I can believe this leak, since it seems that normal Cubone evolves into Alolan Marowak. I approve of alolan Jigglypuff, though I think its most likely fake. As for Alolan Persian I guess we could see it in the first of the month video that they do during early November.

  • LordTerminal

    Please at least let Mantine be real. I’ll truly bitch if its only Gen 1 Pokemon that get Alolan forms. I want my Alolan Octillery, Lilligant and Hawlucha!

  • Nightvalzin

    Well, it is pretty much expected that Alola Persian is simply going to be a regular Persian with a lick of paint.

  • Bob the builder

    Everybody thinks that normal cubone will evolve into alolan marowak because of the jp trailer but the jp trailer showed cubone evolving then it cut off and came back to alolan marowak. its obvious trickery. Then people are saying “if alolan cubone exists, then so doe pikachu,pichu and exsecute or however you spell it” Not necesarilly. A ground type evolving into a fire ghost type simply does into make sense but an electric type evolving into an electric psychic type makes sense, or a grass type evolving into a grass dragon. its darwinian evolution people its very simple. sorry for the bad grammar but i seriously can be bothered

  • PumpkinLord

    Alolan jigglypuf left me speechless.

  • Jackattack72

    I for one love the Mantine! It makes it look more like a sting ray than a manta ray though. The blue spotted/tailed sting ray. Plus with its angry face it kinda seals the deal on it being more sting like.

  • InariKT

    Alolan Jigglypuff looks demented AF!!!

  • InariKT

    but Mantine isn’t kanto ): ……….

  • Rocke

    LMFAO I actually busted out laughing at the jugglypuff

  • SixthSun

    Alolan Mantine is decently original and I wish it didn’t have to be fake.

  • DaiShogunNB

    I really wanted the mantine one to be real :/ that pokemon needs more love