great-detective-pikachu-posterThe title, translated from Japanese, is Great Detective Pikachu ~Birth of a new Combination~.  It will be released on the Nintendo 3DS via eShop on February 3rd in Japan. The game will retail for ¥1,200 or $10 USD. Download requires 6,400 blocks or 800mb of free space.

Translated version of the trailer’s text:

In a city full of hidden riddles, a mysterious meeting. A new tale emerges.

(Pikachu) “I smell a new case” (to male protagonist) “Where do you think you’re going?” “Let’s look for answers!” “Are you alright?!” “Let’s go, partner!”

Their adventure is just beginning. The protagonist this time is (Great Detective Pikachu). Excellent, talkative, can’t-help-but-love-him Great Detective Pikachu. The Pikachu you’ve never seen before is here.

<3 PJ

  • Ultron

    At first I thought Pikachu found a dead body on the ground at 0:23. Anyway, it’s weird to hear Pikachu talking. It seems almost like a parody or something

    • PJ

      Why do you think Ash isn’t starring alongside him? Probably started detective work after his grisly murder.

      • EarthenWarrior

        *crosses fingers* Please please please please

      • Ultron

        That actually sounds like it’d be a great story hahaha

  • ShinyXatu

    Hmm, interesting. This looks fun to me, and the art style is cool as well. Obviously we’re getting a lot more than just the R/B/Y re-releases this year. It’s only a matter of time when we get the big announcement!

    • G-SANtos

      “The big announcement”? Was it stated before there is a big announcement coming? Or are you expecting Pokémon Z to be announced soon?

      • ShinyXatu

        It’s always speculation from me. Nothing about the main series has been announced so far. I do think Pokemon Z will be announced by the anniversary, though.

        • DefensiveSharpedo

          I’m starting to think we’re not going to get a Z. They’ll probably have a short season for XY&Z and announce gen 7 after July for an early 2017 launch.

  • Chicolombia

    I thought this game would be stupid when it was revealed to be in development…

    After this trailer it actually looks pretty cool haha

  • This game is obviously appealing to children. I still think that it’s creepy to see Pikachu talk. I hope that demon Pikachu from the past screenshots is nowhere to be seen.

  • EarthenWarrior

    yeah it kinda hard to take you seriously you being a !@#$ing Pikachu in all

  • Holy shit it wasn’t cancelled?! This is awesome! Holy cow! Haha. I want this so bad. Haha. It’s out so soon too… Wonder when/if it will come over. I’m buying it so fast if it does.

  • DefensiveSharpedo

    Holy crap. I thought it was cancelled. I’ve been seeing a screen shot going around but I thought it was from Pokkén. I may get it. If it comes to US.

    • DefensiveSharpedo

      Holy shit it looks good. But why is Pikachu’s voice so deep?

      • TheOmegaMonster6893

        I love that his voice is so deep. Small animals that have deep voices r pretty adorable hahahaha I hope that if they do end up dubbing this they keep the deep voice lol

        • EarthenWarrior

          It be better if it was voiced by Patrick Warburton or Diedrich Bader

  • TheOmegaMonster6893

    I’m actually really looking forward to this. I really hope it comes out in English. I don’t even care if the only thing that’s in English is subtitles. I wanna play this sooooooo much!!!! I think it’s adorable that Pikachu speaks a real language hahaha

  • Surprisingly really like this. Getting major Sherlock vibes from it though.

    Even the song in the trailer sounds like the Sherlock soundtrack, with the Pokémon theme melody in there.

  • MenacingCascoon

    Not gonna lie, this game looks pretty good. I might have to check it out

  • Here are some gameplay screenshots! It seems like it’s going to be similar to a point-n-click game.

    • TheOmegaMonster6893

      I’m actually super excited for this game. It looks great and seems like it’ll b fun both story and characterwise. Pikachu seems like he could b one funny mother f’er hahaha

    • ShinyXatu

      It looks great, but I’m a bit concerned with the 800MB file size. I don’t think I have that much room left on my current SD card. They’ll probably end up releasing a physical version, anyway.

  • Reece

    Was so getting Sherlock/Professor Layton vibes from this. I must admit, was a bit creeped out by the deep voice of Pikachu and also slightly the animation models cause it does look a tad…creepy. Would be nice if Looker had a cameo in this!

    • OMG! They seriously should have used Looker in the game! Looker would make an amazing protagonist.

  • I’m screaming, I was about to joke his voice should be gravelly film noir and then it’s literally the jp equivalent onscreen. Puberty hit like a truck

  • CoolGlaceon

    Damn. Have you guys seen the teaser for what’s to come in the anime? It’s HYPE. I really feel like 2016 is Pokemon’s year.