And calling it a game might be a bit of a stretch. With much sorrow in my heart, I have to inform readers that this Japan-exclusive title is more of an ad for the upcoming movie Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages than anything else.

As the trailer suggests, this game is slow. Sloooooooow. Sadly it’s made very clear that only small children will be engaged with its geriatric pacing. You also have to repeat the same slow stages in order to earn berries which can unlock new characters and, I guess, new songs. Unfortunately, I had to tap out. Even if this does hit Western app stores (iOS/Android), it won’t be worth the space on your phone. The screenshots below were taken while I played.

<3 PJ


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  • TheOmegaMonster6893

    This….is……AWESOME!!!! Those Pokemon kno how to move!!! The way they dance is just so silly u HAVE to like them! I’m surprisingly deeply saddened by the fact that this will likely never come to other countries…….

  • EarthenWarrior

    Wobbuffet dancing… quite odd

  • MenacingCascoon

    Lol this is silly but I think it is kinda cute

  • MenacingCascoon

    Sorry I know this isnt the pjt article but I have a suggestion!!
    We should conduct a swiss style tourney then the top 8 move on to the typical single elimination bracket
    I think this would be good and creative so we don’t have to do brackets the whole way, and there isnt a set a number either you just need an even number of people and it will work 😀
    So think about it please and tell me how you feel!!

  • Ultron

    So are we gonna get a Jirachi event or not? I feel like they’ve done nothing for ORAS since the release. I really couldn’t care less about Hoopa. I never liked the design and this extremely long wait to get him has made me lose complete interest. DLC for a single pokemon should not take this long to release.

  • CoolGlaceon

    The amount of people trying to inflict a status effect on Mega Diancie on Battle Spot is too damn high