Ah, the download-exclusive collection of legendaries. What could be more annoying than having to actually leave your house just to catch a Pokémon?! Yet this is what many of us fans have done, all in the name of “Gotta Catch ’em All”. Here’s a refresher list of all these elusive Pokémon by generation in case you needed a reminder:

  • Gen I: Mew
  • Gen II: Celebi
  • Gen III: Jirachi, Deoxys
  • Gen IV: Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus
  • Gen V: Victini, Meloetta, Genesect
  • Gen VI: Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion(?)

Personally, I prefer Grass and Bug-type legendaries so I’d have to go with Shaymin (LAND FORME ONLY) and Genesect, but Diancie (non-Mega) and Unbound Hoopa also have their own unique charm. What do you think?!

<3 PJ

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  • The Lavender Swirlix

    I usually get more excited about non-legendary pokemon then legendary ones but if I had to pick I’d personally pick Diancie because its a fairy and glamorous, but I’ve also always had a soft spot for jirachi too because its so cute. :3

  • TheOmegaMonster6893

    I’d say my favorite out of those Pokemon is prolly Darkrai. There’s something just so cool about it! Hmmmmmmm but now that I think about it……..never mind I choose Hoopa as my favorite of those Pokemon! Then Darkrai as second favorite lol

  • Godot

    “Category: Dae Asks”

    Anyways, I’d say my favorite is Victini.

  • Ultron

    Definitely Darkrai and then Mew. Wish they would give us events for those two.

  • simkenno

    I’m definitely old school love for Mew. I love the fact its ancient and considered the ancestor to all Pokemon. Knowing it has the DNA of all pokemon just seems so exciting and cool.

    Technically Mew was the first pokemon on Earth and then everything just evolved from it through the years.

    Not to mention the fact that it shows signs of intelligence aswell as being able to disappear at will. Meaning that’s the reason so few people have seen it.

    When I won my first Pokemon Battle competition I was one of the first people in Ireland to get Mew legally.

    Also I caught mew in the Amazon River during the Google Maps hunt last year. Just like it would have in “real” life.

    • Junior Einhorn Clerc

      I’m a Mew lover too!!. I LOVE the simplicity of its design n_n
      these are some of my own creations (‘real’ mew) xD

      • simkenno

        Sorry for the delay but these are amazing ! 🙂

  • DefensiveSharpedo, Defender of

    I like Celebi, Jirachi, Darkrai, and Unbound Hoopa. I don’t think I have a single favorite.

    • simkenno

      Giggle I’m tweeting you currently 😉 😛 :O

      • simkenno

        Yes giggle takes it to a new level of creep

  • Lando The HoennChamp

    Deoxys it’s so bad ass.

  • Celebi and Victini. can’t decide.

  • ShinyXatu

    Deoxys, Zygarde and Regigigas are some of my favorites.

  • MiniryuNinja

    Manaphy, Celebi, Mew, Jirachi and Shaymin and my favourites.

  • SlipperySceptile

    Unbound hoops and darkrai

    • SlipperySceptile

      Oh and deoxys

    • Godot


  • Johans Nidorino

    You missed… Keldeo! 🙂

  • shady
    • simkenno

      Croagunk -Brock confirmed 😛 😉

      • shady

        i was thinking by this way too , ans that’s mean : Torchiic – May confirmed ,Buneary – Dawn confirmed and Ash- Hoothoot confirmed so for whom this Gothita is belong ?

    • There’s that Dedenne, happy as always 😀

      • shady

        i think all of them r happy :P.

      • Godot


  • Arceus! Meloetta is second. And omg. I was catching some pokemon for my dex and I found a shiny Yanma! I’m excited! Need a nickname

  • Hero of Scotland

    Mew and Celebi simply because they felt a bit more… humble?
    I don’t know if that’s the right word, basically I like how they aren’t gods like all of the other mythical legendaries, they’re simply really powerful and rare Pokémon.
    I guess I also like Deoxys, although movie 7 kind of brings its quality down for me a little bit.

    • simkenno

      I get exactly what you mean with new and celebi and I agree 🙂

    • n_n

  • Skiddo The Survivor Fan

    Jirachi, Manaphy, and Shaymin

  • Diancie and Jirachi.

  • CoolGlaceon

    Mega Diancie and both Hoopa forms

  • EarthenWarrior

    Honestly i prefer Victini out them all, no other mythic legends possess that fighting spirit

  • Armaggedon16

    Drakrai, Arceus and Hoopa(Unbound only)

    All the others are meh

  • MrCoolViking

    I’ve got a weak spot for Meloetta… Good singer! 😉
    But I really like Shaymin, too.

  • Chaos


    Specifically Mixed Deoxys Attack with a Life Orb

  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    Mew, the original and best. I love how there were in-game hints about legendaries in the old games…but that was it. They weren’t shoved in your face throughout the storyline, and you weren’t forced to battle them (hell, good luck even seeing a Mew back in those days!) but they were there…hiding in dark places, being all strong and creepy and hard as hell to catch. Mew was the holy grail of all ten year olds back in the 90s, and I only got mine because a kind guy on the Nintendo helpline took pity on me. Bless that man. I still have my cute little Mew on my Yellow version!

  • Cure Lovely

    My favorite pokemon are miss lovely voice and the hime!
    (Meloetta and Diancie)

  • Geordan Duffy

    My Favorite Mythical Pokemon has to be Darkrai because of it’s epic design, Dark Void, stat spread and because of the awesome role it had in The Rise of Darkrai.