In a surprise announcement The Pokémon Company has announced that Pokémon Temporal Diamond and Pokémon Spatial Pearl will be released on the 3DS in October later this year! While no further details have been announced, it’s expected that fans will see the games remade in a similar fashion to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in 2014.

Who’s excited for the new games and what improvements and changes do you want to see implemented into the games? Think of me as a fool, but I personally hope some of the story line from Platinum makes it into the game, specifically the Distortion World! Remember the date guys, April 1st: the day Diamond and Pearl remakes were announced!



  • Alice

    happy april fools day 😀

  • coco

    April Fool’s jokes shouldn’t trick and disappoint people, that’s just rude. It’s better if they’re just funny jokes.

  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    I wish this was real ;__;

  • 3dsNick

    I hope this isnt real. I just want my ACU ;~;


    • 0.o

      • Ultron

        It’s the noise Kricketune makes 😛

  • Jahu

    Not from Pokemon’s official YouTube. Faaake.

  • MenacingCascoon

    So Glad That sinnoh Isn’t come back for a while

    • 3dsNick


  • simkenno

    This is when all the “guest’s” will come out with saying FAAAKE and can’t believe you people believe this.

    Sigh arnt those guests wonderful 😛

    PS fair play to who made the trailer I like it 🙂
    Happy April Fools fellow junglers 😀 😉

    • 3dsNick

      I liked Sony’s april fools video better. With the underwater thing XD

  • i wish this was real

  • Chicolombia

    Definitely an April Fools joke. Everyone knows that Sinnoh isn’t even a region…

    • MenacingCascoon

      Also no one wants a Sinnoh Remake Lol That’s like asking i you want pokemon to end
      Nobody wants it to happen

      • I do…

        • X-Bat-Master

          I do too…
          Sinnoh is the best Region forever! 😀

      • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

        Many people want it to happen. Please don’t speak for everyone.

    • Turtwig

      Sinnoh was a better Region than Unova, Sinnoh is my favorite Region and I would be very happy about a remake one day. Well you can have your opinion and I mine.

      • Lando The HoennChamp

        Calm down, Unova was way better…

    • Armaggedon16

      Sinnoh’s better than hoenn tho

  • 3dsNick

    Lucas in smash yassssssss

    • MenacingCascoon


  • Well. Direct was meh. Glad to see lucas back. But really no Zelda? No Starfox? NO XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X?


    • MenacingCascoon

      I loved the direct

      • Yeah, but come on. Half of it was amiibos

    • But 200cc for MK8 was awesome.

      • It was the worst time to put it when everyone was expecting Zelda or Starfox.

        I kinda understand no zelda but really? No Starfox?

        • TheOmegaMonster6893

          I completely agree with u…….

        • I understand your frustration, but E3 is right around the corner. 🙂

          • Yeah. I’m excited about Rumble World though. Glad to see we get stages back after the disappointment that was Rumble U

          • A bit disappointed about the microtransactions, but according to Nintendo they will only speed up gameplay, not making it a total necessity. 🙂

          • Yeah. I hope the micro transactions doesn’t leak into the main series games

          • As do I.

          • Pay .99 for a pokeball

          • Pay $13.37 to fight Wallace as Champion

          • I’m sure people would actually buy that

    • I will say the new fire emblem looks great. Not that anime one, the 2016 one

    • Ultron

      I have a feeling they’re delaying Starfox or something. They haven’t said a word about it since E3

    • Smurphy

      Zelda was delayed, it’s not coming out in 2015 and it’s not gonna be at E3, so I don’t know why you thought it would be in the direct. As for Starfox, it’s probably coming out fall this year if it comes out this year, and the direct was more focused on things coming out before E3. Same thing with X probably.

  • TheOmegaMonster6893

    Can’t say I’m surprised about what the Direct offered…….as my brother said to me:”U want a new Fzero game? Well here’s a new speed on Mario kart…….”……great………..

  • Ah the comments finally show up on my browser again. Anyway I can’t wait for this game 😉

  • MenacingCascoon

    Best Part of the Direct???

  • 3dsNick

    Amiibo cards tho.

    • More ways to steal our money.

      • 3dsNick

        They better make Animal Crossing U-topia and then make cards for all the villagers!

  • List of characters I will vote for in smash.

    1. Masked Man (Mother 3)
    2.Skull Kid (Zelda)
    3. Fiora (Xenoblade)
    4. Zero (MegaMan)

  • Ultron

    So pissed at this AC designer bullshit. Give us a WiiU game. We know you’re developing it!!!

    Also, I think King Boo would make a cool fighter for Smash

  • ShinyXatu

    This is not a funny prank. I am very angry about the Animal Crossing designer bullcrap. The only thing that really surprised me was Lucas in Smash.

    Speaking of Smash, everyone vote for Jill! Because with Jill, you’re in for a Thrill!

  • Lando The HoennChamp

    Um vote this please 😛

    • Jamie Tocholke

      is there going to be a mega Arceus? is arceus,darkrai, and shaymin going to be catchable without event cheats trade or glitches

  • Solar-Sceptile

    For the vote a smash character, I go for Sceptile, I know the chance is low but I think some other people will vote for Sceptile.

    • MenacingCascoon

      I am voting for Sceptile

    • Cwas

      Lets convince people to vote for sceptileeeee pokejungle comunity please show some support it takes just one minute!! Go to the smash websitee

  • Lando The HoennChamp

    But seriously I want Mighty No. 9 just to fuck with Capcom

  • King Phoenix

    Lies or not?

    • Let today’s date answer that for you. 🙂

      • Fathdris

        Well, it WAS posted on April 2nd…

        • Kriffix

          It was 1st where I am :p

  • Apologies for the delay, but a Pokemon Rumble World article has been posted. Come check it out when you guys are ready. 🙂

  • j.mblaq

    Oh my Arceus!!! Is this for REAL!!!

  • Fathdris

    I for one am dying to return to Sinnoih. Question is, will this be a gen 6 game or a gen 7 game? I am assuming 6 since AFAIK, no new region game was announced.

  • CoolGlaceon

    I’m actually disappointed in the Mewtwo DLC for Smash.. 3.99 just for Mewtwo? MK8 DLC costs 7.99 and includes a crap ton of content. But I’m still getting it tho T.T

  • Moldis

    Lol this might be an April Fools thing

  • shady

    that strange ….why serebii didn’t announce this ???

  • Armaggedon16

    The Direct was pretty bad imo
    Half of it was amiibo, and the only things that stood out to me were the two fire emblem games and smash DLC

    SMT x FE and FE3DS look freaking amazing and the Yoshi amiibo is adorable…. the rest of the direct was meh.

  • Oyoy Lange

    well im very impressed i love this games and the games was announced the same day of the announcement of pokemon zero and pokemon infinity but i will buy this cool games just i love the pokemon games

  • SMT x FE was disappointing, Fire Emblem if wasn’t. AND LUCAS AND MEWTWO WERE HYPE! …. that’s about it.

  • Bye.

    You people are never happy.

    • Amen to that. That is an extremely valid point.

    • Soggy Auggy

      Idk who you are but I will find you and give you bananas

    • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

      Not all the fandom is that whiny and dissatisfied. Unfortunately the whiny fans are usually louder than the contented fans…

    • The 2017 Kurusu

      You a Rowlet troll for a reason boi

  • Yts12

    Let me say to you guy’s it’s an April fools prank and it’s not real ok lol

  • As i said on deviantart, it’d really great if it was real, but it is almost surely fake.

  • Ithsme

    A little off topic, but is anyone else collecting amiibo? I missed Jigglypuff this morning, and I hope to get greninja pre-ordered tommorow.

  • iLotus

    Sounds like a prank to me. Not going to get excited over it until I se actual footage.

  • DylanFrench15

    This is April Fools. People fall for it every year lol

  • Gentleman of Unova


  • Gentleman of Unova

    wait. This is….fake……..
    I need to go cry now….

  • Gentleman of Unova

    to prove it’s fake just go the account that uploaded it.

  • Gentleman of Unova

    one more thing. I hate you for doing this to me moveing.

  • DefensiveSharpedo, Defender of

    For you people disappointed from the Direct just because you’re spoiled, here. Found this while snooping around.

    Nintendo is going to be big at E3 this year. Just wait.

  • mart96

    I want this to be true. Please tell me it is true. Cuz i swear to cheese and sprinkles if this is just an April fool’s day joke imma be sooooooooooo pissed.

  • Precious Scott

    Is This TRUEEEEEE❔❔❔

  • Jp

    whats up everyone!! I’m almost done with this semester and about this post the name “temporal diamond and spatial pearl ” it looks so fake to me and honestly i don’t think its true! its too early and the hype didnt felt real like when oras was announce

  • Esti

    I want Pokemon to get more romantic, huehuehu- *gets slapped*

  • DatOneGuy

    If nintendo were smart they’d take this April Fools joke and make it real then claim the joke was that it wasn’t a joke at all ;D

  • DTK


  • Cee Mcneil

    um…isnt this fake?

    • The 2017 Kurusu

      Its fake we’ve been deceived

  • Ashlie Davis

    Fucking Finally!! D:

  • evilwilldawn

    Is this real

  • Burstbusterz


  • clay

    omg diamond and pearl remakes announced my dream comes true 😀

  • clay

    I read that if u catch dailga/palkia bring the spatial/temporal orb to the spatial/temporal temple then go 2 turnback cave and chase girantina into the distortion world 😀

  • The 2017 Kurusu

    I want this to be a thing still with a dying passion

  • Mags

    Its 2017, sorry but not sorry, it will come out in April of 2017. The exact same date as Sun & Moon.

    • Mags

      *day but in April

    • Chen Jun

      Hi. You posted 12 minutes ago.

    • I am Kurusu!

      Umm its May and nothing yet

  • LOL
  • Dude-e

    I fell for this twice now…

  • Serenaaaa

    i havent seen any sinnoh remake tho