During the lead up to this week’s overwhelmingly disappointing CoroCoro leak there were a few tricksters that tried to mislead the fandom with some creative fake images. Because I was waiting for the CoroCoro leaks I didn’t want to distract anyone with misinformation before the real images came, so I held off on mentioning them. Now that we have a little more time though, let’s take a second look at what came out from fans and discuss what we like/dislike with their designs. Hopefully “What the fake?!” will be our new column until the debut of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.


Chespin’s final evolution, revealed! Although many fans have tried drawing the evolutions of XY’s grass starter, none have quite turned out like this. I guess if a sumo wrestler was crossed with a mole which was then crossed with a tree we might get a similar result to the first picture above. The picture is certainly misleading because the creator did a decent job editing the photo and it isn’t just another fake magazine scan. Unfortunately, their fakery was easily discovered after a quick reverse image search which gave my team and I the original picture. The first time I saw this picture I was obviously surprised because it was such a vast departure from preconceived fan notions of what the evolution might look like, but actually I do kind of like the design a bit. Do you like this fake? What do you want Chespin’s final evolution to look like or be based on?


The Pokémon X & Y rival surfaces! Before CoroCoro leaked this scan was making its rounds purporting to show the character we’d be playing opposite from as the protagonists of the game. Although his name wasn’t revealed, his design was enough to get some Twitter users excited. His outfit is certainly stylish and he has more flair than Cheren and Bianca of Generation V, at least in my opinion. Where you can tell this image was fake though is the kanji, or Chinese characters used in Japanese. In magazines such as CoroCoro, which are targeted at children, furigana is always used beside any kanji which show the reading of the character in the native Japanese hiragana characters. If you can read Japanese then you’d also realize that this had been done through an internet translator as there were obvious mistakes in the text. Like? Dislike? Have any hopes for the rival character(s) we’ll see in XY?

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  • Lugia


  • XanderO
    • Fake obviously.

      • XanderO

        It earned its own announcement either way lol.

        • Indeed. Which is cool. I mean I like fake stuff too, it’s just that is indeed that, fake.

    • Roy_vos

      I hope its real, I’ve had enough. i dont wanna hear anything more about the type speculation of Sylveon!
      The Pinsir Pre-evo looks cute. its the first baby pokemon i like 🙂 (and magby & Elekid) hope we can caught it in one of the first routes in the game!

  • Hold3r

    The rival had to have been fake. We haven’t even seen the protagonists yet. Why would they show us the antagonists first?

    • His color scheme also followed Yveltal, which would mean 1 of 2 things. 1) There is another rival with Xerneas color scheme. 2) Same rival with different colors. That is to say if it were real.

  • Jenny

    Well that certainly is an..interesting concept for Chespin xD

  • Josh Omega

    uh it looks like chespin fused with guru off dragon ball z lol

  • Why is the dude on the left different from the rest of the picture?! Creepy as heck lol

    • belmad

      You’re right! There’s some metaphysics shit is going on.

  • Beartic

    The rivals outfit an pose is a little too much like Cheren’s. Glad its fake

  • Mucrush

    Nothing ever said that guy was a rival… where do you have those infomations from? -_-

  • belmad

    The rival has got style, that’s what all the girls say.
    All his suits are custom made in London.

    • Exploud

      “Get the London Look”

  • Reece

    No Chespin, just no -_-

  • pokedol

    Somehow I found this:http://mamarocket.deviantart.com/art/Artist-305350834 this was made last june

  • vanninho

    horrivel! ainda bem que nao vai ser assim!

  • disqus_e4Wp5g6Dgz

    If that Chespin evolution was real, I’d have to kill a few kittens and puppies.

  • George Costas

    what’s nintendo’s deal, do they think people are blind!!!