Very little right now, but it does confirm that the issue is in the hands of some people at least. Information courtesy of our friends at Shellspider 🙂

[list type=”arrow_bw”]
[list_item]Distributed Mewtwo will know Hurricane, Psystrike, Aura Sphere, and Thunder. Will be level 100 and holding a Custap Berry. Has its Dream World ability of Unnerve. Has max IVs in Special Attack and Speed[/list_item]
[list_item]Pokémon Rumble U to hit Japan on April 24th. Will utilize NFC technology to use purchase-able figures to appear in game. Base download will cost ¥1800. Figures will retail for ¥200. [/list_item]
[list_item]Best Wishes Season 2 to air after N arc. Will feature new ‘Decorora’ Islands which Ash ‘n Co travel to. Subtitle is Dekorara Adventures or DA. [/list_item]

We will continue to watch for more information, although it may not come tomorrow. Early postings on Twitter and 2ch indicate that the issue may not have much new information about Pokémon X & Y.

<3 PJ

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  • Vrdnt25

    Hopefully we get some new Gen VI news 🙂

  • XanderO

    WHOO! Leaking time!

    That Mewtwo surprisingly is very uninteresting compared to the last one.

  • Number

    I got excited about this for some reason. Unnerve is useful. I’m not sure what Hurricane would be useful against, though.

    Anyway, apparently the scan also mentions has a fixed maximum Special Attack and Speed – in other words, fixed 31 IV in SpAtk and Speed (CSV). That’s what everyone (including Shellspider) is saying, though I can’t see the scan well enough myself.

  • •Carl Angelo•

    I am starting to get annoyed bout the slow gen vi news -.-” XDD

    • TheSlimyDog

      Think about it in a different way. Suppose they only told us that there is going to be a Gen 6 on Jan 8th. Then every week after that we would get a small amount of information about Gen 6. In the end we would only have as much as we already do. I think it’s better that they gave us all that information in the beginning to think about.

    • Aren’t we all? Given it’s planned for an October release even in Japan, it only tells us that the wait for it is going to be torture.

      • Retro Gear

        Its alreadybeen a torture, but soon more info will be release just got to be patience pawdawa lolol

    • XanderO

      Could be worse. They could tell us absolutely nothing like most gaming companies until the release day.

    • Seph54

      Most likely the reason there is a lack of news is because Japan is getting the games the same time as everyone else so everyone going be getting updates around the same time(Japan usually get their games 5 or 6 months earlier then NA and EU). It wouldn’t make sense for japan to be getting info early if they getting the release the same time all the other countries are. North America don’t really get info until we like 4 months close to release then start updating with “new info” on new pokemon. By then people that visit sites like this already know about that so we never pay it any attention. I too noticed the lacked of info because when Black & White was coming out we already had game play from beta versions of the game by now.

  • Diamond

    i really hope that there is finally something about X/Y. i’m not interested in mewtwo event that probably won’t come to the West.

    • Diamond

      i reply here ’cause i don’t know how to edit my comment. i just saw in other website the cover of this corocoro, and it seems there will be something about X/Y, as it is indicated in the upright corner:

      • Daedardus

        Yup, it says that there will be XY stickers in the issue.

        • Uyi

          Didn’t someone leak that they’d be new Gen VI pokemon as part of these stickers? Exciting

          • Shiva64

            If by leak you mean 4chan.

            The supposed rumors from 4chan are the new pokemon revealed on “March 15” were that of Heracross and Pinsir pre-evos.

            It’s 4chan, take it with the tiniest grain of salt you can find. 😉

  • fffire24
    • Ellie


    • PJ

      As Ellie said, it’s fake 😉

    • Z

      he’s pretty cool looking o.o

    • •Carl Angelo•

      Look closely and you’ll see a white stain in his shirt IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
      Also look at his left hand. It doesn’t seem to go to his pocket… IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN AGAIN XD

  • Hold3r

    Wow…this is all we get?

    • It hasn’t fully leaked yet, so I think there could be something in it as time goes on, otherwise the information drought continues…

  • Vodusaur the Chespin

    And so it begins…

  • Snowfall

    If there was anything new in it, we’d likely have seen or at least heard about it by now.

    We had a lot of information about Gen VI far sooner than we usually do with new game announcements and considering the release is still over half a year away, things will probably be quiet for a while now.

  • XanderO

    I’ve been hearing people say that there isn’t going to be any X and Y news in this issue because March (April) always talks mostly about the Anime and Movies. If there isn’t any news doesn’t that make CoroCoro liars? Serebii had a translation on their site saying last CoroCoro said there was supposed to be more Sylveon info in this one and obviously Mr.XY’s rumors were all fake as there was supposed to be some big new Pokemon update with this one.

    Any confirmation that there isn’t any game info in this one?

    • Mark James Colgan

      Mr X Y said “CoroCoro seems to have retracted the information they were planning to put in this month’s issue at the last minute.
      The Heracross and Pinsir pre-evolutions will be in the next issue guys I promise!” …..

      • themonster6893

        HA! How timely. Mr. XY just needs to save face by admitting that he was trolling everybody. I wanted to believe in him because I actually liked some of the ideas he said, but this is a little ridiculous.

        • Mark James Colgan

          Mr XY just said he was trolling ….no way ” Well, yeah, it was a fake. But it wasn’t a mean-spirited fake exactly…I kind of was surprised when it popped up on that Leviathan website (and incorrectly, which goes to show you how bad games journalism is when it can’t get rumors right), so I tried to see how far I could go.
          I was actually planning on doing Japanese AND English names, and this was inspired by the XtraordinarY rumor (which I think is quite good, and wonder about it…however, XtraordinarY was the name of that XY Anime Rumor so I think it’s a joke).

          Anyway, I did put a decent amount of thought into it, and a lot of the ideas were ones I legitimately would like to see…DLC Event Legendaries and Miiverse functionality, which Nintendo claims will come to the 3DS, is stuff I really expect to see. “

      • FACK YEAHH

        well i hope so because if its gonna be proven that mr XY (wait why am i calling him mr LOL) if it is gonna be proven that that XY asshole just talked a piece of crap he is gonna be hated!!!!(srry for bad Eglish)

      • moving

        Well, anyone who believes this…just well…

        Pulling things that big from a magazine would completely mess up the formatting and layout of it. That’s why that have editors and proof readers, to ensure it all works. The entire magazine would have been held back rather than a last minute pull out. That’s from my knowledge of publications.

        • XanderO

          I was going to post this until I read your post. XD

          Also all that work going to waste just because it was leaked? Ya right. I’m sorry but CoroCoro and magazines get this information in advance. That’s at least a month of planning and proof reading and processing proper layouts. Retractions don’t happen just like that, besides TPC or Gamefreak would have had to file the retraction. If he had said either of those forced CoroCoro to retract the information THEN it may have been a little more believable.

  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    What happened to the ‘big XY supplement’?

    • XanderO

      What “big XY supplement”? I keep seeing people say there was supposed to be more info this week, but I cannot find any new article that backs that up.

      • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

        It was promised on the CoroCoro website and the previous issue, apparently. It was Serebii confirmed and he usually doesn’t confirm stuff unless it comes from a reliable source, so it looks like CoroCoro pretty much trolled everyone on this one.

  • Naoto Shirogane

    mewtwo…great that’s freaking underwhelming

  • Beartic

    I don’t really care about news relating to the movie. Please leak done new Pokemon soon! Beartic

  • Naoto Shirogane

    the fake news was more exciting than the mewtwo event

  • Samuel

    No news this month. Wait until June.

    • blubbel

      I am so disappointed =(

  • Silver

    I sometimes think X and Y is a big joke because of how ridiculously slow information is being released.

  • So… no news… so we have to wait another WHOLE MONTH for something? -sigh- This sucks Nintendo.

    • actually, can release new stuff and trailers whenever they want 🙂 That’s my only hope.
      It’s not like CoroCoro gives information to GF and the Pokémon Company but the other way round

      • How often do they release new stuff?

        • dunno, but Sylveon was released February 14th

        • XanderO

          about once a month, usually before CoroCoro IF CoroCoro has any relevant info on the new games.

          • Daedardus

            I wouldn’t call things that happened twice ‘usually’.

  • Mark James Colgan

    We should get something…even a little bit D; but hearing that Mr XY was a fake made my day!!

  • thatoneguychris

    ……DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS???? THAT GUY WAS WRONG! The one who predicted all the pokemon talked about one being revealed this week.

    • you don’t say!

      What about reading the comments here first?

      • Mark James Colgan

        Hahah, yea he’s a little late XD

  • themonster6893

    All I want to know is whether there is anything at all in this CoroCoro. I mean even if it’s the tiniest thing in the world and can hardly be called news I’ll take it. I find it surprising that there isn’t at the very least something about how there will be something for the next issue of CoroCoro. I guess I’m still clinging to the very little hope in my heart that the leakers are just being slow with the scans or they missed something tiny that could hint to something bigger………….dreams are being crushed for now i guess

  • XanderO

    New Orange Island like arc to start soon~

  • •Carl Angelo•

    Random thought: because almost every Pokemon fan is irritated by the slow gen vi news, the upcoming CoroCoro issues are about the gen iii remakes XDD

    • Daedardus

      I hope you’re not going to run any business.

      ‘Buy our iPhone 5S this summer. But wait, here we have the iPhone 6 releasing this fall!’

      • people who buy iPhone because of…well, why do they even buy it(????)… would still buy 5S AND 6 😉 ^^

        • Daedardus

          That a part of the demographic would buy doesn’t mean the whole market will respond to it well.
          I’m pretty sure that there are lots of kids who rely on their parents to buy the games for them, and I don’t think that their parents will buy the games right after the last ones.

  • joker901

    we need pages 99-100 yet..

  • Chespin

    Ok where’s the x and y news at that has to be some. Nintendo is taking there sweet time lol

  • TCMets

    No XY news is extremely disappointing.

  • SilverHornedStag

    Well, we can all say that Corocoro are a big bunch of liars…..

  • Are there more scans to be leaked? or is this everthing this month?

    • Daedardus

      Well, we got some Inazuma Eleven and Little Battlers Experience, if you’d want that.

      • Well… Inazuma Eleven.. meh… LB seems very interesting though.
        But i actually meant news concerning Pokemon.

        • Daedardus

          Oh, in that case, do you like stickers?

  • Daedardus

    Corocoro has become a hard drug for Pokémon fans as of late. They try to absorb anything they can find into their brains, constantly craving for more.
    When they can’t get any, they freak out, saying that their live is doomed and nothing can help them except new news.

    • 😀
      You’re right… I really don’t want to know anything about the new games until i play them, i like the surprise of encountering new pokemon. But on the other hand, i want to know everything.. :/

  • Louka

    aren’t we still missing a page ’cause there’s 1,2 and 4 but where’s 3 ?

  • belmad

    Nothing, nothing. We have nothing… Nothing, nothing. We have nothing…

  • funguy10

    I’m strongly led to believe this is fake and the “fake” bits of news we’ve gotten over the past two months are legit.

    • Daedardus

      Believe whatever you want to believe! The government is trying to oppress us! We need a rebellion! Burn down Gamefreak, burn it down!

  • David Schinkel

    What’s the point of a Pokemon Rumble Wii U game and a rehash of the Orange Islands?
    P.S. Didn’t CoroCoro promised new info on Sylveon?

  • Dregoon

    I’m not surprized at all. This time of the year, corocoro talks more about the new movie. I can’t wait for friday, It’s been nice knowing you mr XY.

  • Bonsly209

    A friend of mine on DeviantArt tells me that the X and Y main site is down for Maintenance, and one of the Facebook pages is promising big news tomorrow. Not sure if this is true or not, but its worth checking out.

    • Bonsly209

      Actually I just checked the Pokemon FB page and I’m 100% sure they’re talking about the Pikachu 3DS.

      • David Schinkel

        That doesn’t sound like big news to me. :/

  • sugarcityradio

    i tired check this site, need some fresh pokemon x and y news -_-

  • Bonsly209

    Is there anything at all? If there isn’t anything tomorrow i’m gonna be pissed.

  • FlyingScizor

    well i can’t get worser than this… -_-

  • Yveltal

    Still no XY news. This is starting to piss me off >:(