Pokémon Smash! aired in Japan and we covered the episode LIVE. Check our updates below. We didn’t expect anything this week and that’s exactly what happened.


  • Charizard’s Burning Ambitions is this weeks anime episode.
  • Episode has ended.
  • Smash is holding some sort of Pokémon related party.
  • Hosting a quiz game
  • Putting on a song a dance performance.
  • Finished. Nothing of interest was shown.

Comment along with us below and look out for the second part of our speculation post going live soon!

Thanks to ProVictini for the stream!

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  • belmad

    People were saying that there was a question mark or something like that had been shown?

  • I expect nothing and I’ll still be let down 😀

  • anything new showed yet?

  • themonster6893

    Well I don’t think we’ll get anything that is super important this episode. I however did see the question mark in the preview for this episode and think that maybe there will be a little reveal. I’m still not getting my hopes up for anything too important.

    • good attitude!

      • themonster6893

        I try to keep an open mind without letting myself down too

  • TaintedSeraph

    Yeah, there was a question mark in the preview along with what seems to be gameplay footage (half blocked by one of the hosts) with a little silhouette too. While I’m not 100% sure if the latter part is accurate (I could’ve just been seeing things) I definitely saw a question mark board.

  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    Can someone pls link a good livestream to watch? Zephyrsonic doesn’t seem to be doing it this week.

  • Luca

    link plz

  • MaysJedi

    No Livestream? :/

    • moving

      Live stream is now up.

      • as usually, it doesn’t work in Germany 🙁 So I have to check your LIVE Updates from time to time

        • You can still use KeyHole TV: – this programm works in Germany too 🙂

          • Thanks man, but it’s not my laptop I’m online with so I won’t use it.

        • moving

          As our live updates show not a huge amount has happened, so you’re not missing out on anything big. But sorry it doesn’t work for you 🙁

  • themonster6893

    Pokemon pizza? I think I’m in love! lol

  • Chicolombia

    I wish there was Pokemon Pizza in the US!! 🙁

    • tell me more about that pizza. what are it’s toppings? how does it look like?

    • themonster6893

      You and me both haha

    • MaysJedi

      I’am hungry for pizza now.

  • belmad

    Omg, I haven’t seen bunch of weird things together like that before!

  • Peter McKennon

    Well Shoko apparently said something that needed to be question marked. Never seen someone’s lips being question-marked before.

  • Strawberry_Pocky_Moose

    Looks like Shoko-tan blurts something out in the preview for next week (a question mark covers her mouth). Course it’s probably a tease like last year, when they promised BW2 info and then Shoko-tan ‘left it at home’ but still, I’ll be tuning in again! I’m a glutton for punishment.

  • themonster6893

    Well now that that’s done I’m gonna go back to hoping CoroCoro has something worthwhile.

    • it could start leaking in 1 week 🙂 I’m very excited about that

  • zii

    what stuff was that that they said about Lucario, sableye, and octillery?

    • dunno ’cause I couldn’t watch it. Bu I found this. Some are speculating that those 2 may get an evo

      • David Schinkel

        What does it say in the picture?

        • dunno. I was hoping that someone could translate it.

  • Bonsly209

    Wasn’t expecting anything in this episode. : When will you be posting the X and Y Rumors Part 2? 🙂

    • moving

      When do you want it? 😉

      • Vrdnt25

        As soon as possible would be awesome xD

      • Bonsly209

        Very soon. 🙂

  • XanderO

    Since all the news has technically been released internationally, and there was no update this week for X and Y I didn’t expect anything. if nothing shows by Thursday, I don’t expect anything to show up next week’s episode either.

    As for the “?” thing, that most likely has nothing to do with anything. Last few weeks, almost two months or so, they were putting “?’s” on a lot of things that held no importance at all. That “?” is just for show.