Smash! aired in Japan and we were here to bring you live updates as the show aired. As always thanks to ZephyrSonic for his stream.

With Sylveon being “revealed” on the show last week, we don’t think we’ll be seeing much this episode. But there’s a slim chance something could pop up. Follow along below with our live updates. What are you all hoping the episode will show, if anything?

LIVE updates:

  • Anime reairing this week is Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan!
  • Having fun with faces…
  • Usual weekly Double Battle…
  • Finished. Nothing new shown.

Smash! has finished and shown nothing new, so the slow news time continues.

[spoiler show=”View Stream”][/spoiler]

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  • platygeist

    Not expecting much from Smash, but you never know! On another note,
    I’d say the site’s speed and responsiveness have definitely improved. 😀

    • moving

      Nope, pretty much nothing at all! And glad you’ve noticed it! There are a few reports that people aren’t seeing the site at all, so it’s good to know it’s at least up for some people.

  • Ariel

    No news…shoot me in the face.

  • David Schinkel

    Did anybody noticed the preview for next week’s episode?

  • Peter McKennon

    What do you mean guys? A question mark cue card was held up in the preview!

    • moving

      Feel free to show me where? Because I didn’t see anything.

    • David Schinkel

      Yeah, and I also saw two images that appear to be from Pokemon X & Y. One of them appears to have Lucario in it.

      • XanderO

        The picture looked like it was B/W style instead of X/Y style but that could be because of the bad quality. If anything I’m thinking either Lucario download or another one of those battle card scenarios that they did a few weeks back.

        They had “?” over the kid’s Yo-Yo and the guy getting blasted in the face then too. Not to mention the cards from the battle quiz.

  • Mucrush

    There was something shown in the preview for next episode. They showed some boards with some pictures on. One of them was hidden behind a question mark. There will be something shown next time, so there wasn’t shown “nothing” XD

    • belmad

      After all there’s a difference between seeing, looking and watching.

      • moving

        Okay, I completely missed that. I will add that in.

  • mystery