Halloween C-Gear Skin that was available in the Japanese Global Link is now available internationally! No password or hassle is needed for this guy, it will simply be added to the “promotions” section for you to get until November 15th!

Can’t say I’ll ever use this C-Gear skin, I’m too in love with my Keldeo Resolute Forme one. ;-;


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  • miJ

    bw2 needs a zoroark skin too.

  • Mike

    I agree, I love this new C gear skin but I can’t part with my Keldeo one!

  • Ro

    will we be able to get the hugh´s pokedex skin?

  • Java King

    Okay soo i know this one doesn’t need a password, but can anyone please tell me where i put in the password to get a new c-gear skin, i just set up an account and i’m pretty confused on certain things, so it would be really appreciated if someone helps me, thanks! (: Ohh and btw it tells me to go to the promotion page to put in the password but it doesn’t have a place to enter the password?

  • Keldeo Resolute forme c-gear skin is way better. I’d love to see a Mew one, though, as it is the most powerful pokemon (and my favorite)

  • miJ

    upon further analysis, i have to admit that i strongly dislike the new c-gear compared to the original. it’s not as customizable and the rings really detract from the picture behind them.