I don’t usually like to do “Asks” posts so close together… but I can’t help it! I want to know how my visitors are doing in their playthrough 😀 Here are some things to consider when answering (and remember, I read all your comments 😉 ):

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  • What’s your current team?
  • How far have you gotten? (We also have Gym UNTAMED guides!)
  • What’s your opinion of the game so far?


Please mark spoilers with some sort of indicator so people don’t accidentally see story details or something that they may not want to.

<3 pokejungle

ps- My boyfriend bought me a leopard gecko for my birthday 🙂 It’s of the “Jungle” coloration variety and is awesome.  Sadly though… my praying mantis is dying because of a molting problem 🙁

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  • TalKeaton

    Alright, I’ll bite.

    CURRENT TEAM: Servine, Lucario, Elekid, Growlithe, Azurill (not really using), Koffing (not really using).

    HOW FAR: Castelia City Sewers. I’m a bit lost.

    OPINION: Feels the same in a lot of ways, though I did like the new towns and Roxie’s gym. I think I’ll have to travel Unova more to appreciate the differences, but Castelia City feels very much the same. Got Genesect, but told myself I wouldn’t use it or trade anything over – Play the game standard, as it were.

  • I would love to play Black 2…… If my parents had the money to buy it. But alas, i guess i’ll go retro with Emerald.

  • EliteEmperor

    I already beat the game with my Japanese version for Black 2, but I don’t know what to do next after beating the Elite 4. xD

  • Vrdnt25

    Servine, Crobat, Whirlipede, Magnemite, Growlithe on Black 2, just about to face Elesa~

  • So I’m loving this game. lol On my team I currently have Pignite, Grovyle, Emolga, and Flareon. I traded over Grovyle and Emolga so I could have them on my team early on. Right now I’m traing in the desert resort.

  • michael spiller

    im in britain waiting for my game to come i dont think i can wait much longer

  • shellmurai

    currently have 2 badges and just got to castelia city. current team is servine lv 17 riolu lv 17 servine lv 17 . yeah i know my team is behind in levels lol actually training on route 4 right now. and my opinion on the game is that its much better than black and white 1 and i really love pokestar studios 😛

  • M

    My team has Genesect, Lucario, Dewott, Magnemite, Growlithe, and Pidove (just for Fly). Genesect is just too powerful so I try to train my other Pokemon more.

    I just beat Castelia gym. So far the changes have been quite nice and refreshing.

  • The UK is still waiting 🙁 Friday’s gonna be good though hopefully. Unfortunately now I’ve started college I don’t get much free time (hence the long absence of Virizion’s Vision). I’ll do my best to get back into things soon though. I still need to plan my team O.O

  • belmad

    Petting a praying mantis was my dream! ! ! ! !

  • srandarad

    Current team:
    Snizz( servine) lv.31
    Azu( Azumarill) lv.30
    Nine ( arcanine) lv.30
    War ( braviary) lv.29 ( love how you can get this guy at lv 25 on route 4.
    I just beat elessa and raided my first hidden grotto
    Would play with my skill link mincinno but the nature is wack
    Also got my genesect but gonna wait till post main story so i can ev train him and memory linked to my white version had my first flashback with n in chargestone releasing his pokemons
    Not sure if his pokemon are available to catch yet or if i have to wait to speak to the sage in dridtviel but i want his scraggy.
    Other than that i am loving the game.
    It seems more difficult maybe i am so excited i am forgetting to grind as much
    But i lost to roxie once and cheren twice. I never loose like that. Of course ichallenged cheren with a lv 13 snivy and a lv 11 azurill eh.
    Cant wait to get deep in the main story though and woop up ghetsis

  • Currently im at route 4. When ever your rival follows you i take him on a walk since i explore everything…that poor boy xDD Ive been taking my time going into every building and talking to all the npcs xD last night I did almost all the pokestudio movies. My team right now is:
    Locke the Dewott lvl 25 adamant nature
    Viviana the shiny vulpix lvl 24 jolly nature
    Alina the Glaceon lvl25 modest

    Im absolutly loving the game especially all the big and small details from the 2 years inbetween! Ive been having an easy time with gyms so far.

    Also the memory link cutscene is my favorite part so far xD well im hoping to add trapinch/vibrava

  • Keruso

    still looking for a shiny Oshawott, so i havent gone anywhere

  • Roy

    Emboar, Golduck, Krookodile, Roserade, and Skarmory. Searching for a sixth, and about to battle Marlon.

  • Similarity

    My current team is Servine Lv24, Lucario Lv22, and Eevee Lv18. I’m still training to face Burgh’s gym; I want to try and catch a Darumaka before I challenge him. So far I really enjoy the game, but my biggest complain is that Cheren and Bianca are no less prevalent or annoying. The way they always popped up everywhere in Black and White was infuriating, and now, even when they’re not your rivals, they seem to be everywhere again. And I’m honestly getting tired of them both.
    Also, is it just me, or are 75% of the spoken lines in this game punctuated with exclamation points?

    • Keruso

      are you just realizing this? did you know Gamefreak specializes in the exclamation?

  • Cfarown

    I’m in Virbank and my current team is Dewott (Zephyr), Elekid (gigahertz), Growlithe (Vulcan), Riolu (nickname not chosen yet). was just grinding and found a Shiny Audino (violet) first shiny of the 5th gen. exstatic!!!!

  • Davester

    Team: Pignite Lv. 26, Riolu Lv. 26, and Magnemite Lv. 25

    How Far: At Nimbasa Gym training to fight against Elesa.

    Awesome game!

  • TheMaster

    TEAM:dragonite lv61
    Keldeo lv44
    Shiny charizard lv52
    Blastoise lv54
    Shiny venosaur lv54
    Pignite lv34 (not really using)

  • TheMaster

    I’m heading to the Pokemon league

  • BleachFan2010

    Im still waiting for the game in England. Im really excited for it im going to make Snivy my Starter. And how do you people keep finding shinies ? XD How do you get them ?

    • Keruso

      a lot of patience helps

    • TheMaster

      Traded from my old game

  • Ugh, working full-time really hinders the Pokemon training progress. I just made it to Cheren and I have:

    Blackjack (Purrloin) lv 8
    Nimbus (Mareep) Lv 10
    Tepig (no nickname YET) lv 11

    This is the hardest Pokemon game I’ve played yet. The first time I ever failed to my rival at the start of the game. :C

  • Reuniclus

    As of now, I am in Lacunoso town (I had a LOT of free time)

    My team is

    Zazz, Ampharos, lvl 39
    James, Vaporeon, lvl 35
    Pepper, Emboar, lvl 38
    Whippers, Vibrava, lvl 35
    Jilly, Duosion, lvl 36
    Rosalina, Lilligant, lvl 37

  • Briant

    I am in Reversal Mountain!

  • Matt

    I’m in Chargestine Cave, my team is:
    Wotter(Samurott) – lvl 37
    Lucario – lvl 38
    Magmar – lvl 38
    Zoroark – lvl 37
    Volcarona(for fly only and it was caught in the relic castle) – lvl 35

    • Matt

      *Chargestone not Chargestine

  • Cbandgeek

    I’m in Route 4 trying to get a shiny Braviary! (named MURICA!)
    Three badges currently.
    Current team:
    Drifloon (dream radar)

    • Cbandgeek

      Just got my Braviary! After less than 100 SRs…fastest hunt ever and I’m super excited! Gonna switch Azumarill for him and take on Elesa. I’m loving this game.

  • Just got out of Chargestone Cave and I’m so happy to already have the members of my team.

    Growlithe (waiting for it to learn Outrage)

    Basically I’m just training my team up to the mid 30s so Joltik, Trapinch and possibly Axew will have evolved before leaving Misralton.

    *Getting Riolu early on is the most helpful thing you can do.

  • Java King

    Juat started playing monday haha soo im pretty late commenting but

    Lv 34 Excadrill Adamant
    Lv 33 Vaporeon Modest
    Lv 34 Magmar Modest
    Level 34 Magnezone Modest
    Lv 33 Trapinch Adament
    Lv 34 Lucario Modest

  • I beat the freakin’ game. lv.67 Samurott, Gamestop Resolute Keldeo lv. 37 Lv. 72 Black Kyurem (Zekrom lv. 70) Reshiram lv.70, Dragonite lv. 100, and Lucario lv.53 My 2nd wild pokemon capture was a shiny lv.5 Mareep! 🙂

  • TEAM:

    Samurott (74)
    Braviary (73)
    Volcarona (69)
    Drapion (70)
    Garchomp (71) (not the shiny one, just traded it)
    Bastiodon (69)


    In the Dragonspiral Tower, searching for Reshiram.


    I love it! I have already played it in Japanese, but it is cool to see how the story goes!

  • Corbin

    My current team is Serperior, Lucario, Electivire, Arcanine, Zoroak, and Aggron I really like my team too. I wish Aggron was faster but I like the defensiveness of Serperior and Aggron the speed of of most of my team and the high special attack of Zoroak.