Above is the official boxart for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: MagnaGate and the Infinite Labyrinth. Its release date has been available as well, which is November 23! The title will be sold physically in stores and also on the 3DS eShop.

Definitely looking forward to this 🙂

<3 pokejungle

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  • Is there any reason why Dunsparce is on the box-art (or plays a more or less important role in-game)?
    90% of the potential buyers (so excluding the hardcore internet fanbase) won’t even have the smallest clue as to who this Pokémon is or which game he came from. Although, you can argue it gives him some much needed attention, so that maybe everyone will keep remembering him in the future.

  • Compared to the other, previous PMD game covers, this cover looks a bit generic and bland in my opinion

    • farfetch’d

      Yeah, the sugimori artwork gives it a certain charm that 3D models just can’t emulate.

  • meh

    lol… Dunsparce on the cover…

  • Reuniclus

    I’m looking forward to the release of this game. I also hope there is more starter choices than the five so far. If they don’t, that’s fine. I’d love to have Axew as a partner 😀

  • Briant

    Can’t wait for the game to come to the U.S. I don’t know why Dunsparce is on cover though… Never liked it much….Still it looks cool! (the game, not Dunsparce) 🙂