Welcome to our “Dae Asks” replacement series! We’re very sad that he had to focus on non-Pokémon endeavors, but his idea of having a column based on reader comments and feedback will live on!

On to the question of the inaugural post! Out of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in any main Pokémon game, who would be your best friend and why?

For example, I think Cheren would be my best friend because of his logical reasoning and passion for battling 🙂 Don’t forget about earlier games which had characters such as Wally (Generation III) and “???” (Generation II).  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

<3 pokejungle

  • Reece

    The legend of ‘Dae Asks’ Shall live one!
    I like Wally as I think as 2 new Pokemon trainers, it would be an even match between up making the journey fun and exciting =D

    • Yeah, I can see that being really fun 🙂 Also his kickass Ralts would be a cool companion for your group.

  • Red’s mom. MILF.

  • Ria


    I have no reasons.

    Only feels.

    • The anime probably tainted my view of Gary, but I don’t know if I could handle his personality ;p

  • miJ

    hopefully skyla, for obvious reasons. -_o

  • I think Erika. We both love nature and grass types, so we’d have a lot to talk about 😀

  • michael spiller

    volkner hes really cool, if i had to choose a rival i think id choose hugh just because i cant wait for black and white 2

  • Ariel

    Cynthia…probably because she could help train me as an apprentice 🙂 and because she reminds me of my best friend haha

  • Any of the hot girls, preferably Misty or Skyla 😛

  • belmad

    I would say… Dae ;(
    Where are you? I miss you.

  • Hm…I could see myself being best friends with Bianca. She reminds me a lot of some of my good friends. x3

  • MrGriszell

    I’d say it would have to be Giovanni. He’s a mobster and I’m from New York. He’d probably act like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro

  • Shinobi M

    Guys: Lance cos his oozes coolness!! and Steven 😉
    Girls: Flannery cos she’s a babe, and Crystal 😉

  • Similarity

    Definitely Chuck. I love the way he’s so severe, but also has a fun side. I think he’d be an awesome guy to sit and listen to; he probably has some cool things to say about training methods and inner tranquility and stuff. Also I get the feeling he’d be beast at football.

  • butsukoy

    The jigglypuff that sings to you in the Pokemon center.

  • Briant

    Hmmmmm……….. tough decision however i would choose Elesa & Dawn from the girl side and Barry & Brock. These are my choices so deal with them 🙂 LOL.

  • redgenesect

    definitely Giovanni, We are both evil but smart and love cats lol

  • hanshotfirst

    any of the girls i could seduce LOL

  • Definitely a better logo than mine, but I never had any talent for working with Photoshop/GIMP. Will do a post later about my first two weeks of university, when I have the time.

    And to answer the question, I would be friends with all those very rich people. I’d drive accros the country in a sports car, fly with their private jet to another region and buy the most expensive food for my Pokémon, like Relicanth Caviar.