Coming soon to the Japanese 3DS eShop is a title by Game Freak (known primarily for their development of the main Pokémon games). This game, called HarmoKnight, is a rhythm-based title which has you hit buttons to attack, jump, and run in sync with the music.  Luckily for us Pokéfans, Game Freak has decided to throw in several Pokémon-themed levels with accompanying music for us to play 🙂

No word on a release outside of Japan.  Could be a fun game.  I’ve personally never been impressed with eShop pricing however, the iPhone has much better games for much cheaper.  If I had to pick a dedicated gaming handheld however I’d go for my 3DS.

<3 pokejungle

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  • miJ

    talk about “lame freak”. lol

  • I would really like to try game out, it kinda looks like a lot of fun. lol

  • Peter

    Well we got ourselves one more candidate for the Smash Bros lineup!

    • Reece

      Personally, since of the arrival of Sonic and Snake, I’ve always wanted Sora to be in Super Smash Bros (I mean Keyblade…need I say more?)

  • caleb

    I need this game. Like now.

  • Aaa I love rhythm games! 😀 I’d love to try this one out!