MEW! For those of you wondering what this was about, had been holding a voting contest to see what legendary would come out on top as a contest between 35 of them. Now that the voting has finished we have our winner 🙂 Mew will be taking over the official Pokémon website and there will also be a “digital prize pack” up for download starting on September 6th. Hopefully Mew will also be distributed via WiFi as well.

Happy? Sad? What Pokémon do YOU think should have won?!

<3 pokejungle

  • I’m not disappointed, but I’m not really happy either. I’m just glad it wasn’t mewtwo or Arceus. Out of all the legendary pokemon I was rooting for Latios or Latias, but it would have more useful if it was shaymin or Deoxys though. XD

  • i was routing for mew jirachi or deoxys since i missed every distribution for them and i also want mew to be distributed with a move it normally can’t learn like psyshock

  • Terravexo

    Im not too happy. I mean, why Mew? If the reason is because the last mew event was such a long time ago, then why nt vote for Jirachi, Deoxys, Manaphy or Celebi. Plus, Mew isn’t even that useful other than being able to learn every move. /rant

    • They never stated they would distribute the Pokémon via WFC, so I wouldn’t hope on that. That was just some speculation on PJ’s part.

  • As long as it wasn’t Arceus, I was okay with anything. I was expecting a Mew vs Mewtwo at the end, but I was kind of surprised to see Rayquaza getting more votes.

  • But can the prize pack contain something as sexy minimalist as this wallpaper ?

  • Reuniclus

    YAY! Mew won! Mew is my 2nd favorite legendary, so this is good 😀

    My friend was rooting on Rayquaza at the end.

  • Leo

    I was rooting for Deoxys but I am not sad though. It’s better than Rayquaza at least.

  • Hejiru

    Awesome. 😀

  • Though Mew isn’t my absolute favorite, it’s absolutely up there, so I can live with this result. 🙂

  • Reece

    I’m….. happy it’s not Arceus, lets just say that…

  • Tnairb

    YAY Mew won!! I like Mew cuz he is AMAZING! i would have been satisfied with Rayquaza, Deoxys,Latias,Jirachi, and Lugia

  • Avateau

    I prefer Celebi out of all the legendaries, but Mew is pretty nice considering a lot of people tend to prefer the more “uber” legendaries.

  • belmad

    Cutey MEW, purr…

  • miJ

    oh yay, another pokemon that’s been given away numerous times. lol

    at least in emerald it had its own island and had to be chased ala lati@s in bw2.

  • Benny

    Didn’t they also say the winner would get a tee shirt at Hot Topic, or am I making that part up?

  • Vrdnt25

    Mew >.> ?

  • Uyi

    Oh I can finally say something starts on my Birthday!

  • miJ

    manaphy never gets any love and yet it’s in my top 10 pokemon. plus i usually don’t use water types!

    • Reuniclus

      I absolutely love Manaphy! 😀

      Too bad not many people like him/her :c

    • Wolfstar

      You guys know you can still get a manaphy in the old pokemon ranger games right??? It wasnt one of those temporary things.. Just beat the game and look up the code online. You need pokemon platinum to do this but all you have to really do is go to gamestop and buy a used copy of pokemon ranger and pokemon platinum. If you can beat it in less then a week and transfer your manaphy to your black/white game, you can then just return both games to get your money back! Thats what I did to get mine anyway..

  • Mewisaboss

    mew can learn psyshock for whoever said it can’t. mew is the greatest pokemon ever, and i’d love to see mew and mewtwo have a ‘friendly’ battle (ala Rocky III)to see who’s more powerful in the anime. Mew is undisputedly the most powerful and cute pokemon ever! I wish there was a Mew glitch on FRLG or RSE, though. Hail Mew!

  • I have a very important question that i would like answered please!! If i played pokemon white, do i go ahead and pre-order pokemon white 2 or black 2?? Im not sure if i get the game based on the name or the monster on it. Please respond, because i want to make sure that i get the correct version to continue the storyline of pokemon white!!!!

    • Obviously it’s the best to pick White 2, if not only to get a Reshiram, as you already receive a Zekrom in White 1.

      • OMG THS SO TRUE!!! I forgot that i caught zekrom in white so its logical to have to get white kyurem!!!!!! I did not think of that. And, DAE!!!!! Your still alive here on PJ!! Im so sad about your previous post, i probably got to know you the best of the admin here. Take care!!!

        • Ah, well I’ll still be here reguarly in the comments for a weeks until university really starts. That said, I’m not doing any new articles and newsposts anymore as well as not editing the other’s articles.
          I still have some influence in the team decision’s however, but that will last only for a few weeks, that’s when I fully resign.

  • As soon as I saw Arceus lost while voting, I was completely happy.
    xD Glad to see little Mew here won. c:

  • RoyalSerperior

    Yes I can get mew again. The first time I got it, I traded it for a blastoise because then I would have all the kanto starters! Biggest mistake I ever made! Well the blastoise I got is pretty good I guess so It’s not a total waste.

  • ferrari458italia

    unfortunately ive looked and there is no distribution of mew unless they haven’t gotten that ready yet but there is currently no mew distribution. sucks

  • Maiya

    Funny and sad that they didn’t give away Mew via WFC .-.

  • TheSkyclanCat

    Only animated thing and wallpaper for the prize pack. They knew we’d be expecting to get a Mew in our games and then they troll us like that. Not cool Nintendo.

  • In case I miss it, can you let us know when the exclusive Hot Topic shirt becomes available? I’d like to get in on that!

  • Wolfstar

    Biggest fail ever!!!! If this was Japan, we would end up with a shiny level 100 mew that knows V create… North America gets the shaft yet again… 🙁