Pokémon.com has officially revealed the mythical Pokémon Keldeo for English-speaking gamers. It will be distributed before the launch of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 and will be available to download at Gamestop starting August 27th when you bring in a copy of Pokémon Black or White with your (3)DS(i). Keldeo’s form names have been officially revealed as Ordinary Form and Resolute Form. Another localization revealed was Floccesy Town, the English name for Sangi Town.

Who’s excited to get this ‘lil water-horse?! Let’s see (sea? ‘cos it’s part water? get it?) a show of hands!

<3 pokejungle

  • XanderO

    Floccesy Town? Floccesy Ranch? EWWWW! I don’t want my future Riolu to be from a place called Floccesy.

    • Don’t worry. When you can finally transfer it to Amethyst and Topaz in three years, it will just say ‘Unova’.

      • xDD

        Should be even less than 2 years.

        Surely they haven’t been working just on BW2 the past years, and taking main games to the 3DS is unavoidable.

  • I’m excited for this cutie! I’m going to have to kidnap my gaming friends and drag them to GameStop next weekend, ha ha!

  • Reece

    I don’t want to put my hand up so I guess I’ll just wave… XD
    Floccesy Town… how on Earth do you pronounce that?

    • I’m guessing either FLAH-KEH-SEE, FLAH-CHESS-EE, FLOW-KEH-SEE, or FLOW-CHESS-EE. Personally I think the first one seems best, but the way pronunciations work in Pokemon for all we know it could wind up being pronounced weirdly like FLOSS-KEH-SEE or PICKLE.

      • Reece

        Well when I first read it FLO-SES-SEE popped into my head but we shall see in 2 months…Or less

    • Flocessy comes from the Latin floccus, which is pronounced with a ɔ and a k. See here for a clearer look at it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-mid_back_rounded_vowel.
      So I guess it will be the same for floccesy

  • belmad

    “Who’s excited to get this ‘lil water-horse?! Let’s see (sea? ‘cos it’s part water? get it?) a show of hands!”

    You wouldn’t see any of my hands, even if I were Lakshmi.

  • Mike

    It says America, any word about Canada? Our Gamestop is called EBgames.

    • August 27th till October 6th at EB Games according to the Canadian website.

  • Leo

    They should do a wi-fi distribution so the people who are not in the States can get it. But don’t worry!! If you really want it just go to pokecheck and you can download the pokemon via gts. Just choose one that’s likely to be legit ( they have a legit check feature). Most of the pokemon are RNGed so they are mostly flawless 🙂

  • Reuniclus

    I’m going to get Keldeo when I get Black and White 2… I’d expect there will be a line :3

    • One important note, the distribution lasts until October 6th, which is the day before BW2 release.
      So you can’t get them both at the same time

      • Reuniclus

        OH. Okay thanks!