Fans rejoice! An English version of the very well received BW2 animated short has been released. Other than new English dubbed voice there’s nothing new to note. Talking of which, how do you guys feel about the new voices and are you pleased with the English version or do you still prefer the Japanese version?


  • caleb

    I’m ok with most of them except maybe the rival and N.

    • Bobby Surrey

      But it’s Sean Schemmel… It’s Goku’s voice!!!

      • Bobby Surrey

        The rival, anyway.

  • PatrickB

    I don’t like how Sean Schemmel did the voice of the rival Hugh. I always suspected Hugh would have more of a serious tone of voice. I mean they are only 10, but still I am not quite satisfied with Hugh’s voice. All the others are pretty much perfect. My favorite is Mei’s voice I do believe that was Tara Strong, but I am not entirely sure.

    • Nuzamaki90

      They’re older than past MCs so of course they need older voices.

      Black, White, Cheren, and Bianca were all 14 in the manga so 2 years later = all 4 being 16.

      I’m guessing the same goes with Mei, Kyouhei, and Hugh, they’re younger than Cheren and the others, but older than past MCS (who should by now be at least in their late teens)

      • Stego

        I had thought Hugh was badass, so I find it strange how everyone is disagreeing

  • PatrickB

    Sorry I meant to say I thought the voice of Bianca was Tara Strong, but I am not entirely sure.

  • Xander

    I know the voice for Mei but can’t put my finger on what character from the Pokemon Anime had her voice!

    • totodile921

      The voice actor who voices Mei is Lisa Ortiz, she also voices Serenity in Yu-gi-oh!

    • X

      She’s also currently voicing Oshawott in the pokémon anime

  • I had more issues with the dialogue than the voices, and the voices were only okay. Even so, I’m satisfied, but Japan’s is still my preference.

    • moving

      I hadn’t actually fully watched the video before I posted it. But after watching it, Hugh’s “I’m about to unleash my rage” just sounds really, REALLY bad.

      I think it may be because they’ve taken more of a literal translation route from the Japanese. Keeping much of it the same.

      • What can we do? 😛
        At least B2/W2 looks like an exceptional game.

  • Bobbyo

    Mei was Dawn’s voice.

  • tlm

    The protagonists sound okay I guess… Mei is pretty good. But I do not imagine Cheren or N sounding like that at all. All the guys are way too manly 🙁 aside from the protagonist. And the script is rather clunky. Oh well, back to the sub for me!

    PS: Do they really say “Pokemon” like that all the time in the main anime too?

    • Χ

      Wouldn’t know so I couldn’t answer your question, but if you mean that pokey-mon crap, I can’t stand that either(?).

    • Leo

      The girls sound worse than the guys tbh.

  • Χ

    Does N not talk as fast in Black2/White2 or something, because that’s WAY off from what I might’ve gone with given the original.
    I’m, at least in my opinion, the same or similar to him (at least regarding this), so it could always just be me…

  • Leo

    The voices are really irritating and the trailer lost its magnificence. Those are some of the reasons why I only watch subbed anime,

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Honestly, I’m ok with Sean Schimmel voicing Hugh, but there were a few things that pissed me off:

    1. I was upset that they didn’t use the same voices of Bianca & Elesa that they use in the actual anime
    2. N’s voice sounds too low and non-mysterious to me
    3. I always imagined Cheren to be voiced by Derek Stephen Prince (Ken Ichijouji from “Digimon”)
    4. I always imagined Colress to be voiced by John de Lancie (Q from “Star Trek” & Discord from “My Little Pony”)

    • Claus H. Luíz

      “I was upset that they didn’t use the same voices of Bianca & Elesa that they use in the actual anime.”

      Well, that’s what they did in the Japanese version.
      Characters that appeared in the anime got a different voice actor.

  • Uyi

    They nailed Cheren’s voice.

  • Reece

    Hugh needed to be more mysterious (kinda like Riku from KH). Colress needed to be British. Cheren needed to be more sophisticated while male MC needed to be more normal, does that make sense?

    • tlm

      LOL @”British”. You mean English right?
      PS: If Colress is English then Hugh must be Welsh!

  • Claus H. Luíz

    I’m just happy this was dubbed at all.

    Who gives a damn if the dub wasn’t up to your own •personal• standards. Everyone has their own tastes.
    Regardless, the dub was pretty good. It sure as hell could have gone bad, maybe not “4kids One Piece” bad, but more like “1st season of Digimon” bad. Thankfully, it didn’t go down either of those routes.

    Some people get way too caught up on the foreign exoticism of Japanese voices. Aren’t those people called…? ➜

  • s

    Is the voice of the female player the same as Mars and Oakley? It sounds a lot like her!

    I’m not keen on the English speaking trailer tbh.. the Japanese one sounded more euthentic..

    • Claus H. Luíz


      Your welcome.

      • You’re.

        I hope that was intentional. 😛