For those UK and European Pokémon players out there, GAME and Gamestation stores will be distributing a Keldeo event from September 1st to October 11th for the Black and White games. Whether or not this is linked to the Japanese event remains to be seen. So what about you guys? Do you like Keldeo’s design and forms? Would you have it in your team? Comment and discuss below!

As a little side note,  it may be hard for some to receive the event due to GAME stores closing down all over the UK. Just hope there is still one in your neighbourhood!

And for all European, the Pokédex 3D Pro will release on November 8th, keeping in line with the American release. The original Pokédex 3D will be removed from the eShop just the day before BW2 launch, being October 11th. If you ask me, it’s a handy little tool but a bit overpriced, especially as you can easily look up that data elsewhere on the internet. They could easily shave off half the price, but I guess they don’t want it to compete with normal guidebooks. What do you think of it?

~Daedardus~ & Silver, out!

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  • Reece

    I think I’ll be happy with this distribution seeing as how I live near a Game and 2 Gamestations (Gamestation is owned by Game or by the same company if you didn’t know), so I think It’ll be easy getting this one, well for me anyway

    • I know Game and Gamestation are essentially the same company. That makes it even more awkward for some people as I heard that lots of Gamestations also closed down near them.

  • belmad

    Keldeo is slowly killing me. Oh, sweet bitterness, how a fugly Pokemon this is.

    • You’re just jealous that you can’t be a pony with a haircut that looks like an old hat.

      • belmad

        BURN! This is heartbreaking!!!!1!

  • tlm

    I hope I can get this. They hardly ever have events near me. I thought that they only did Wi-Fi events now anyways?

    PS: Anyone know the list of stores that are getting it?

    • Full details are coming in on August 22th for the UK, when the ‘mysterious Pokémon’ will be officialy revealed. So keep your eyes open 😉

  • Mike

    I see everywhere that Europe and the U.S. are mentioned, but what about Canada? Our version of gamestop is EBGames, I hope it’s available there.

  • craig

    i hope i can get this event
    there is only ONE game within 25 miles of where i live :/

  • Steven

    i hope the distribution is in all game and gamestation stores. when it was the celebi event last year i had to go all the way to preston to get a celebi coz it was only certain game stores.