To coincide with the abundant release of C-Gear skins, I’m curious to ask which skins you use and which one is your favorite. Do you keep the same all the time, or do you rotate them periodically? And do you find it hard to choose which one to use? Tell us about it in the comments!

This is rather a quick and short Dae asks because I’m really busy with life and stuff, but I’ll make it up with a nice and shiny article from Sirwaddy tomorrow. So check back then!


  • Austin Rich

    I don’t have a favorite, really. They are all super awesome and I love them (still waiting on KANTO STARTERS). I usually use the most recently released one until another comes out. 😀

  • craig

    my c gear skin has always been charizard
    it looks AWESOME
    the zekrom one looks cool

  • Leo

    I only have one so xD

  • Well looking at the list of C-gears, I have to say I really love the Pokemon Cafe design out of all of them.

    I just normally change it either when I get a new c-gear, or randomly happen to be on the site and use dream world…which is rarely done :v.

  • miJ

    ever since its release, i’ve used the zoroark skin, but i may very well switch to the equally awesome (and another unova favorite) crustle skin!

  • Pikachu! And the Deerlings! 🙂