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This is one of those questions that are hard to give a definite answer to. There are lots of different and powerful abilities, but which one do you think is the best? It doesn’t have to be the must useful in the competitive scene, but it could also be one you think that fits a certain Pokémon the best.

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  • Happy




    • Leo

      The same for Defeatist and Truant.

  • Janter23

    So many good ones, but the ability I’ve made the most of is my Scrafty’s Moxie. Combined with his high defenses and speed increases from Dragon Dance, he’s become a reliable attacker.

    • Love this combination.

    • Matt

      i’ve swept whole teams with a ddancing scrafty.

  • Leo

    I believe my favorite one is Milotic’s Marvel Scale, it just goes so well with her looks. Speed Boost Blaziken also rocks.

  • roy_vos


    nothing more to say.

  • Similarity

    I like some of the more ridiculous abilities, like Wonder Guard or Moody or Contrary. The bane of my existence, though, is Aftermath. Catches me off-guard every time.

  • craig

    really like reshiram zekrom and haxorus abilities

  • shellmurai

    definitely moxie took out the whole E4 in white with krookodile because of this ability

  • caleb

    Turboblaze because I have no idea what it does. Don’t ruin my fun.

  • Adam

    Prankster has become my favorite ability especially with whimsicott. That ability is just too good.

  • regeneration mienshao and zoroark illusion best combo ever
    also galvantula compound eye and technician cinccino
    great abilities on great pokemon

  • W1N570N

    Many pokemon are basically defined by their abilities, so there are a lot of great ones out there. Some of the best pokemon owe their success to being paired with an awesome ability.

    Drizzletoad (Poilitoed) and Droughtales (Ninetales)
    Dragonite and Multiscale
    Scrafty and Shed Skin (Or Moxie, but I prefer Bulk Up over Dragon Dance)
    Scizor and Technician
    Espeon and Magic Bounce
    Heatran and Flash Fire

    Other abilities are just great, and really enhance pokemon that get them.
    Speed Boost, Mold Breaker, Sheer Power, Poison Heal, Dry Skin, Swift Swim, Chlorophyll, Sand Rush… etc…

  • Not many comments. This place needs more rumours about the upcoming games that were just released;;’;.;;;?????

    Anyhoo, obviously the best ability is Levitate and plenty of Pokemon put it to good use.
    I also like Mold Breaker, especially on Haxorus. There is a reason they gave it that name.

  • Nuzamaki90

    (In BW – Japanese version) My Scrafty’s Moxie ability came out of nowhere when I was training for the Elite Four on Victory Road. I had no idea what it was but what I did know was that it was helping me a ton.

    I’m serious, if it wasn’t for Moxie, I would have been smashed by Grimsley and Marshal.

    I def think Moxie is one of the greatest abilities ever thought of and whoever pitched it should be showered with good looking women.

  • Mummy. Try to make your ability work against it.